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UNIT 28 P2

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on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of UNIT 28 P2

UNIT 28 P2
User side factors
User side factors
Download speed is a huge factor to consider when designing a website, download speed can effect how fast the website will be able to be viewed by people and how responsive the website will be.
People with a slow internet connection will have difficulty viewing websites with either a load of data on or limited bandwidth.
If you do not consider this factor and don't come up with a more basic or mobile version of the site then you demographic will soon lose interest, causing a loss in website hits.

User side factors:Continued
Web server capacity:

Available bandwidth
Bandwidth in a server side of things is the maximum amount of data that you can transfer in a certain period of time. This is an important factor to consider if your website becomes popular and you only have a limited amount of bandwidth then people trying to access your website will have huge difficulty. For example a website that is selling tickets for a popular show will receive huge amounts of hits. if your website has limited bandwidth this can cause problems for people trying to access the website.
Number of hits
The number of hits is the visitors that are visiting your website, if the number of hits get too high or the website get popular, it will become harder for visitors to view your website, if the problem isn't fix e.g improving server then people will soon loss interest.
File types
When designing a website it is very important to consider the file types, the reason for this is that different file types affect the way the website will load for example: a website with loads of PNG images will take more time to load than JPEG images,if the website takes to load then people to access the website will get annoyed and will lose interest,this can cause you to lose money. another factor you want to consider is that not everone has high speed internet connections , for this reason it is important to consider the types of files you use, as people with slow internet speeds will have huge difficulty access the website.
UNIT 28 P2
User side factors
User side factors are things that can be affected or changed by the user who is trying the website.
For example the device the user is using to access the website.
Server side factors
Server side factors are actions that are controlled by the person hosting the website.
For example the available bandwidth for a certain website.

Server Side Factors
Device performance
The device in which your website is going to be viewed is a very factor to consider and must be thought about before the design process for example; If your website is design for people in rural area where internet is most accessed by people on their mobile phones, then it is important to come up with a suitable website for those users.
Browsers view website very differently so it is important to test and trial different browsers for your website and design alternative versions, if this is not done then devices with certain types of browsers might have problems in trying to access your site. Causing them to lose interest and this can be bad for your website.
Cache Memory
Cache memory effects how the device takes in data, this can be bad for website that have large amounts of data or websites with certain file types on them.
When designing your website it is important to consider that some devices can not handle that data like other devices so you must come up with mobile versions of the site or come up with different versions of the website so people with these device can still access your site.
Processor Speed
Processor will affect how fast your device can comprehend data and how it manages that data, when designing your website think about the demographic that you're trying to reach, for example students who purchase clothes are now using mobile versions of websites to purchase items, because its quicker and more efficient so when designing you website think "Will people be able to access this website easily?"
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