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Brandon Blair

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Saxaphone

The History of the Saxaphone Who invented the saxaphone? Adolfe Sax was born in Belgium
1814. His father was one of the
finest instrument makers in his
city. Because of this, he learned
how to build and play many
instruments. Adolfe Sax created the
Saxophone in order to bridge the gap
between woodwinds and brass instruments. Adolfe originally invented the C Bass Sax. In 1841 Hector Berlioz modified Adolfe's design to a more modern model. The saxophone quickly gained popularity in bands worldwide because of its unique sound. Saxaphone has been a vital instrument in jazz
ever since the first jazz musicians. Famous Sax Players: Charlie Parker:
Born in 1920, Parker was possibly the most influential player in Bebop. He died in 1955 due to a drug addiction. John Coltrane:
John Coltrane was born in 1926. He pioneered styles such as free jazz with Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk. The end
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