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Meg's Chat Prezi

This may turn out badly... Shade wants me to make it quickly. o.o

Megumi Taylor

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Meg's Chat Prezi

Strangers, Waiting, ...I feel sick to my stomach...

...I don't want to hurt her...

...but i don't feel the same about her anymore... Meg http://prezi.com/_4nmhfoqyfxo/edit/?auth_key=y5c9t9o&follow=tfumckjqq9qp&kw=edit-_4nmhfoqyfxo&rc=ref-4723783 Sorry for being absent for a few weeks everyone... Prezi kept kicking me off. >.< SO here's the new Prezi that people have been waiting for... I guess. :D hey Shade :D konitchiwa :D Shade i love this prezi! its beautimous! ...sarcasm?... so pretty... no not sarcasm! it really is pretty! pretty :) gaylord likes <3 Gaylord thank you ^^ sorry, I just wasn't expecting a compliment on a Prezi from you. :D By the way, I left you the black font, even though I almost took it. I figured you would want black. :) you know me so well... :D Hahaha I do :P do you want the thing that happened yesterday that will forever scar you? :P :D Haha sure :) okay... prepare yourself... *prepares self* sorry my internet died :\ it's fine :D i was just confused it does that occasionally. if it does, chances are im not being rude and just left, but my internet died :) lol, okay :) and you're hardly ever rude, so I never think that. thank you! :) so... thats what happened yesterday. that was... interesting Who would have known we would go so far a day after Shade admits her love for me... hi rag :D Hey Rag :D I made the red font for you, I figured you would like red. And Shade hasn't told me that story yet... Hello, Shade. Hello, Meg. I enjoy your prezi. And thank you for the font. so kind <3 :) ^^ wait... did Shade just put a heart?... O_O i cant help it... im twitterpated. thats the cold hard truth. Twitterpated...? O__________O I never thought I'd hear you say "twitterpated"... especially when referring to yourself. no disney movies for you i guess. its basically puppy love <3 i dunno how else to say it. Shade... you have to tell me the story :D Whatever way you say it is fine with me. umm... i dont wanna copy paste all that stuff again so can i summarize? Yes :D Just tell me, and give me a few details pleaaase. You know how much of a sap I am :D okaaaay... well, it started when ninja commented on how obedient i am when it comes to ragnorok. She said that Shade was "whipped". Lol... that's different... yeah so of course i argue against it. She got very angry. and we keep going on like this until he admits to "training" me. She goes on to say that I wasn't "training," I was "teaching." so blah blah blah i get so mad i start tearing up a little bit and get even angrier... She rushes over to me and lays her head on my chest while hitting it... XD/awwww "goddammit i love you okay?!?!?" Exact words. <3 <3 <3 <3 This is ridiculous, but I'm a sap so I love it anyway :') <3 <3 <3 YAYYY FOR YOU BOTH She also called me a "deity of lust." shaddup! ..............*awkward turtle* Well you did. *refrains from commenting* i was reffering to when i came in and all he had on was leggings and there was a huge snake crawling around on his shoulders... *drools* XD I read that... LOL your reaction, Shade... snake fetish? What is with the snake fascination? i dont know! i think its my egyptian roots coming back to haunt me... Egyptian? You have Egyptian ancestry? dark hair dark eyes pale skin almond shaped eyes lives in desert reads dead language likes the idea of mummifying things worships cats... the list goes on. Huh. Never put those things together. I didn't know the last two... hm. Well then. :D also i have gone five days without water. thats something only a true desert dweller could do! :D XD did you eat anything in that time, though? You could have gotten water from your food... Hmm... excuse me, but Osborne doesn't seem like an Egyptian name... barily anything and i was ready to die. i dont remember why that happened though. strangest thing! i remember the gnawing hunger and thirst but i dont remember where i was or when... .....hmm. okay. and the name isnt my actual last name my last name should actually be Wagner. Why? Speaking of hunger and thirst, I'm fasting tomorrow, so I'll be right back... need food. my dad was adopted. his real dads last name was Wagner. okay! ... Hmm... My egyptian ancestry i think comes from my moms side because her maiden name is Jordan. we arent actually egyptian as far as we know, but our physical features and skills fit it perfectly!! and my mom is obsessed with egyptian stuff so that might be part of it. Hmm... now that you mention it, I do remember seeing many cobra statues imported from Egypt in my time as king. ive always loved snakes and thought they seemed like a symbol of... that. so thats why i called you a deity blah blah blah and attacked you when i saw that. And that's why the snake sleeps with us? well that and i like the little guy! i think ill name him Doomfang. Doomfang? That's absurd. well what do you wanna name him? Hmm... Draconis. as in the snake constellation? isnt that a bit.. overused? I don't want Doomfang. That's a bad name. I like Rag's name :D but draconis is overused! How? It's a constellation. Nobody really knows them. well... okay fine, but if we get koi were not naming them Pisces! Funny. But I have all the Pisces I could possibly want right here. *hugs* :D whoo ..........? I don't understand. you remembered im a pisces... ah, okay. Of course. How could I forget? ......I feel like a third wheel O//o ;_; your such a good person... i dont even know your sign... aw crap why are we doing this in front of meg?! get off me! *pushes* O____O I'm gonna go now... where ya going?! I has a sad... off Prezi. To read the two book club books... I'm a third wheel here :) no ur noooooooot stay heeeeeeere... I don't want to interrupt anything >.> and you! go away your making meg feel bad!! Sad. No, not bad, just awkward XD go away i say! well have time later! Fine. *teleports* I'm sorry ;-; did someone say awkward? .....is that you Nameless?... dont be i was waiting for an excuse to get rid of him -_- yep. hey there. *reaches for a grope* No, I don't think so, Miss "I'm twitterpated" :P But it's fine.. *slaps Nameless away* Leave me alone. >:( lol derp derp derp!
prezi is derpy. Prezi derped.. lol, yeah.. aww come on... just cuz im with gaylord... I'm not into that stuff anymore. Stop it right now. nameless go away. not into WHAT stuff anymore? You know very well what, Nameless. oh. like how we "rate" each other? that kind of stuff??? >:) lol rate... wait howd you know that joke...? Yeah, sure. And I only find it funny with Shade, to be honest. When you come ino he picture... just no. i was listening >:D really you dont like that anymore? oh you think its funny cuz i pose no threat :) Yeah, and because you're one of my best friends. Nameless is not. And I'm trying to be a cleaner person. becuz i actually have the guts to DO it. meg is afraid of little nameless.... >:) trying to be cleaner... no more of my stories??? I've done it with roleplaying with my ex-boyfriend. I will NEVER get into that again. I'll want to keep up with what's going on... but summaries would be best. :) role playing? like through the computer? how is that possible? ** actions...? I call it roleplaying. okay... no more stories for meg... And Nameless, I'm not afraid of you. But don't mess with me. so... that doesnt count. nyah. >:P When you go as far as I did... yeah, it does. full penetration? lol doesnt count :P Nameless, you try anything... I will freaking maim you. Shut up. It counts to me. And I regret it all. havent you noticed? i ALWAYS control myself around you. cuz ur my favorite <3 You BARELY contain yourself. poor meg. like the first time i ever read a hard core fanfiction? i regretted it for days afterward, thinking i had soiled my purity :| Leave me alone, you perv. I don't want to be your favorite. I don't care. I DID soil my purity. I went to the bishop in my church about it. favorite favorite favorite <3 <3 <3
0_0 i gotta stop talking to debbie... what?! you crazy!! i would never tell anyone no matter how bad i felt!! Nameless. Right now I seriously hate you. And I don't even know where all of it is coming from. I told him, because things that bad need to be taken to him to fully repent. It's my faith. whoa whoa whoa there... dont know why i deserve all that... Gaylord! meg is being mean and i need to be consoled! *runs off* i dont know how people do that... i would never tell any one...
delete what? It was embarrassing, but I felt better afterwards. My bishop is very understanding; I'm sure he's heard worse. And now I feel clean again, and I can fully participate in my faith. Go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, eventually get married in the temple, etc. You deleted something about shedding blood.. anyways... i wouldnt be able to tell anyone because i hate admitting i was in the wrong. you know this -_-
eeeeww i hate the temples of christian faith. hate hate hate HATE HATE.
but thats my opinion. meh. forget you saw that. Haha I do know this... "I'M PERFECT" You hate them? But they're so beautiful.. yep, the bad thing is i believe me most the time. :| okay... I read the entire thing, btw. before you deleted it. i think they suck. they dont appear beautiful to me. now Buddhist Shrines are something to see! that is true beauty! It would be best for your safety to forget that. I was not thinking as I typed. You believe yourself when you say that? And I've never seen Buddhist Shrines.... oh theyre beautiful!!! the cherry blossoms (sakira) the incense lighting ceremonies, the monks... all so beautiful... *sigh* i wanna go to japan just to see one... it sounds nice :) Idk I love my church's temples... it's so peaceful inside. you say this is terrible? i dont know why, but i get instantly uneasy when visiting christian temples. dont make a joke there, i really do. absolutely. to me that is the worst sight i have ever seen. why?... what's wrong with it? I would never make a joke about that... well, not anymore. I'm sorry... i dont know. its just... wrong. okay... i'll take it off, if you want :) i don't want to make you uncomfortable. i happen to like gothic cathedrals and would like to visit one someday though. thats the only exception. its fine. im just quirky like that i guess :P those scare me... it's too much. too much decoration and finery. in my church's temples, it's fairly simple on the inside.... yet still made of the finest whatever since it's literally (and i know you won't believe this) a house of God. So I feel way more comfortable with it. :) buddhist shrine garden, Japan oh wow, this is beautiful :) pretty colors. I loooove Japanese maples i feel more in tune with nature when i visit gardens and shrines. with your people's temples, it is more about dominating the nature around you than becoming one with it. maybe im just an old hippie. Well the one I showed you was the largest one... but the most well known. And we're not trying to dominate nature... just trying to do our best for God. :) It's His house, after all. i know this. but... i just dont agree with it at all. if god really wanted you to do whats best, why would he have you topple trees and disturb nature for a house he cant even live in? :) just a question, NOT TRYING TO OFFEND!!! hmm... i just thought of skychild and gave myself a weird feeling. guilt? meh. No offense taken. :) (Note here that I can't speak for my church, this is what I think) But when I said "our best", I meant make a home for Him that's worthy for Him. It will never happen, but we try. And our temples are in highly populated areas, anyways. And He can't "live" in it, necesssarily, but He has visited some of the temples... there are stories from the early days of the church. :) lol, I'm sorry if you feel guilty. I feel bad for him, but I think you were smart. (Sorry if you read this skychild!) i wants to hear his poetrys T_T SHHH! I never said anything! >.> sorry for being raised in a house of skeptics :) i guess ive just learned to be that way cuz the "have you heard the good news" people annoy the CRAP out of me -_- meh, not everything christian is bad i guess. they do have food drives and stuff so... they cant be all bad. poetrys T_T haha, it's fine :) i'm surprised you can still be my friend with this big of a difference between us... lol "they have food drives so they can't be all bad" :D do you consider me a bad person for being Christian? lol, that face... he called it a "romeo moment" himself, soo that should give you an idea... lol "poetrys" not a bad person per se, but religion as a whole is flawed T_T thats all im saying. you know, one good heretic can ruin your whole day :) poetrys T_T i want to see it. lol im totally gonna make that face if he comes on here :D XD it makes me laugh. I can just imagine your expression... LOL hey, go to jusquas prezi for a minute, i wanna show you something i just found... okay, I accept your point of view. :) But may I add that I have been a Mormon my entire life, and I have never found any... discrepancies in our doctrine. It all knits together perfectly. I know that's what every religion says, but... idk, I've looked for faults myself. And I consider myself at least a little logical, so... idk, if I had found a flaw, I would have left my church. :) Not that I'm trying to convert you O_O Just explaining... *grumble grumble* okay :) whatever, no one could EVER convert me :D
meh, religion makes my head hurt... AWW SUCKERPUNCH IS SWIMMING AROUND!!!
hes my new sucker fish and hes ADORABLE!! XD sometimes I think you have ADHD... sorry for making your head hurt.. that wasnt you silly! and maybe i do have ADH aww! look my fish just bumped suckerpunch off the wall!!! Nameless Lord Ragnorok lol... ohh your poor fish... hey did any of you guys call me? my phone went off and when i looked at it it said "no number" Ninja Nope.. Jusqua Ugh... sorry people, I was no-internet-browser-stuff over the holidays...

I'm sorry because I took advantage of my holiday freedom, I'm grounded from videogames, but I got let off the hook over the last two weeks, and kinda just forgot about you all... i am taking the day off because my hip hurts to the point where i dont think i could get up the stairs more than once. im fine though, so dont worry :) Lord Debbie im sorry you got hurt shade :\ what? did shade get in a fight? not surprising <3 >:P so BOARING... lol u guys need more interesting convorsations. dontcha hate it when ur fingers type by themselves -_- i always thought these things looked cool. buuuuut.... i dunno... maybe its just cuz i really really like old castles and shit like that :) i missed you <3 ever wondered what i look like in booty shorts? lol lol lol lol i look damn good in them. Y am i teh onwy 1 on heer... nice prezi you got here meg.
now watch as i fill it with unneeded yet hallarious pictures. the dumbass who made this poster spelled my name wrong. its Lord Ghirahim damnit! i bet anything shade won! Sky Child Deb why you so perverted... -_- i like mai pic moar! Need i run away again?
*summons an army of illusionary people and hides in the crowd* well sorry :| GAH NOT AGAIN! THE KAT KILLED MEH WIT ITZ LAZERZZ :\ ...sorry.... ...Is ok... I HATE EMOTIONS!!! Yes... I know the irony in this... ok then... i feel like i'm broken... dont die.,..... aww! skychild i looove your pic! :D we wanna make a band poster like this!
the band has it. e_e no no no no bad debbie...
what am i saying!? shade approves. actually it wasnt really a fight and... i lost regardless :/
that is the ONLY time ive ever lost a fight and been tackled to the ground though, so im not too disheartened. OH DEBBIE! *hugs* you poor thing! you must have been so lonely to put such a SAD kitti kat on here! lol debbie. a <3 within a heart... isnt that going a little overboard? :D soo cute! we need moar kats >_< MOAR! >:U im so sorry for you jusqua... i really want to help but i dont know how T_T here you go! :D i dunno if it helped or not, but its true eh? :D its a girl huh jusqua? i feel you dude, i felt broken when shade epically friendzoned me on ninjas prezi. life goes on. im gonna feel really stupid if this isnt about a girl >_< he means nothing by it :) relax jusqua i got your back! if he keeps pestering you ill convince him to stop it, you can be sure of that! :) deb i texted you like six hugs yesterday theres no way you want a hug! you lost a fight...?
and got TACKLED?!
*rolls up sleeves* thats it, time to kick some ass. here you go shade :3 you wanted moar i give you moar. lolz thankyou skychild! :D where you go????? i just saw your friggin guy!! ... im all alone... maybe ill text deb to get on... wh- who texts while there in the shower?! i think hes lying to me. ich bin alein... or something... cant... remember... must... stay... on... in case... shade... comes back... Hi. hi! :) shade put something up earlier but its not loading :) shade sed her internet died and i just got her mesage that u were on.. ok... oh thats what happened? she was here for like two seconds then disappeared :\ i was so sad. i told her u miss her and shes stutering..lol stuttering? what does that mean?!?! could it mean...???!!!! no wait she friendzoned me... it was one or our "friends".. she tackles me once a year since 9th..i HATE it.. :( ya ..sorry bout that... aww i made myself sad... why thank you shade! LOL... hes totally got that attitude too :) eeeeeww... don't be sad sky child... oh shades pic finally loaded. lets move. yes. lol i has shade chasing a laser light 3:) unless ur trying to get a grope in...lol she is a kitty cat isnt she :3 yes... ... Debbie if you grope shade i will never speak to you again. so has debbie told you that hes sean shade and me walking befor...? here kitty kitty! ... no... since when...? not sure...but he sed he knows what she looks like and some of her walking buddies..lol im one of them but i didnt say witch one.. good choice... if Debbie ever goes near shade, punch him. immediately. for me. why?? and how would i know it was him? just... well... i dont know! i cant stand the thought of deb getting close to shade! youll know him when you meet him, trust me. for all i know i may have... were i work i see LOTS of people every minit.. this song reminds me so much of shade its scary o_o :D shes going to hate me for this but...
Hey there Tiana what's it like in East Wenatchee I'm a thousand miles away
But girl tonight you look so pretty,
yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you,
I swear it's true black harley, black helmet, black hair, black clothes grey eyes. his eyes pierce your soul o_o wow...ok so havent seen that...yet.. i just heard it on the radio i couldnt help it >^< O_O..thats deep...wow.. well he often wears sunglasses too so... not really :) im just sad shes not on and wanted to make her all cute and flustered... well if he goes to the mall ofter then i would see him... lol...well shes trying..probably bout redy to kill her computer... he doesnt go to east wenatchee often as far as i know, but keep your eyes out for him and protect shade in my place okay? :) shes cute when shes embarrassed :) she uses like sixteen exclamation points and caps all the letters... so cute it makes me laugh :) *saluts* yes first sargent hes a good guy and a good friend but... i just dont know... i really dont want him and shade to meet. ya...she can be funny..and ur prabably going to be dead wen she gets on and sees this...lol ...well in other news...i want his bike... well yeah... Hey there Dalilah isnt probably one of her favorite songs :P but who cares :) omg she just texted me saying shes going to kill her computer...lol.. i do too >.< but i have a truck so i cant complain... o.o telepathic connection...? i has a truck to but still want it..one of my G-pa's that passed away wen i was younger had a harly and wen we moved we had to leave it behind... :( i miss that bike.. yep.. we even say the same thing in unison..lol *sighs* i had a bike too, but mom made me sell it so we could move and i was soooo pissed D:< like they do on the movies? ya...our work of the day was "popularity contest" kill the woman....u never make someone sell a bike unless ur broke and starving... i know! i wanted to kill her!! SELL YOUR OWN GODDAMN STUFF! LOL is it like on the shows where you just look at each other and are like, "popularity contest" :D
o.o do girls naturally know what each other are thinking? my dad has 2 bikes..but thear reallly old lookin..cant remember the years but they were used in the ortcherds and sold really chep. im not really sure..but we do. it was an electric blue Suzuki GSF 650 - Bandit... ugh it was my BABY..... you might still see it around town, i think the guy who bought it off me still lives there. sorry..i has dishes..ill be back in 20 min. ;_; i cry for u... you know from all the stupid disney shit my brother watches it seems like that happens a lot. i didnt think that happened in real life o_o alright ill watch anime. and wait for shade... ok. A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way...
Our friends would all make fun of us
And we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way... HI!! OMG SHADE YOUR ON!! yes... yes i am :D wow... this is so cool... wait... whats all that stuff up there...? read it... i dare ya ;) okay...? wot. iz. dis. :D .... SKY CHILD STOP THIS NONSENSE... what nonsense? im totally serious for once >_< seriously, i friendzoned you so this would... not... happen... what would not happen? a guy cant hear a song and think of his friend? this.. isnt a friend song. well im sorry. no your not. your right im not XD ... poetrys? you wanted to hear them? uh, not really i was just making fun of meg. shes a sap for romantics dont ya know. really? well then shell love this... oh wait, how did you know about the poetry in the first place? umm... well, i uh... meg told you didnt she...? no. its okay, im not mad. in fact... *clears throat* ?????? who is this black haired beauty that haunts me so? ...? and lo such pale flawless skin! its not flawless... far from it... ah, but the face, the face! i cannot see her face! how fickle fate can be when she chooses... .............. is it destiny? is it mine? perhaps it is my fate to live in longing... ............ *bluuuuush* is it naught but gods devine plan that i should live in constant longing?! ................................... for when will her beauty grace my vision? when will my eyes behold that which i so yearn to see? ............................................ perhaps... i will never see her... perhaps i am doomed to toil in this fit of selfish desire for all eternity until my bones have returned to the earth and turned all to dust... o_o O MY GOD..<3<3 and the light of day shall shine never in my heart until i see her... *bluuuuuuuuuussssssshhhhh* thats it shade were going to idaho *pulls to truck* why... WHY FATES?! WHY MUST YOU PLAY WITH MY HEART AS IF IT WERE NOTHING! DO I MEAN NOTHING? ... ... For what am I if I am not at the side of the one I hold dear...? shade do u even know what hes saying? i... i... i... POPCORN!!!!! I am nothing. Nothing but dust upon the breeze... Nothing but the sand along the shore... A mere tree in a forgotten forest... .... *at a loss for words* sky child can i has ur adress so i can take ur "beloved" to u? no... she has made it clear that she will not have me... you made me cry! dammit! :( so ur just going to give up? (meg's not the only romantic shade knows.. but me and meg are diffrent...) theres nothing i can do... i live here now, and i cant leave until im eighteen... and even then i wont have enough money. i just wanted shade to hear that at least since i couldnt meet her before i left. i had no freaking idea... are you a descendent of Shakespeare? he could be...O_O i actually just made that all up on the spot. thats how i feel. god... what am i supposed to SAY after all that... aww...<3 ur saposed to say " I love u to sky child" you dont have to say anything. ive never met him!!! how can i love someone ive never met?!?!!??! and its useless! were an entire STATE apart! Im so dead in the morning for saying that...arnt i... shade you dont have to say anything. just... just... what? acknowledge my feelings? im so tired of being ignored by you. how do i acknowledge you!? i dont know what to do now!! .... no adviec...sorry...jusqua ate me advice of the day... ... i just... ugh, i think this stuff all the time and... i dont know how to get over you, so im not going to. holly quit watching me and lolz about the advice thing. :D ????? whos holly???? huh? you have to get over me! (god that sounds bad) so you can move on with your own life! i caaaant... well you have to! you cant just grow up and refuse to date anyone but me! and i know no sane guy would do that! *sighs* ... im not selfish enough to ask you to wait for me. OMIGOSH!!!!!
ALMOSTEVERYONEISON!!!! i am sooo stupid for asking for the poetry why couldnt i just SHUT MY MOUTH AND GET ON WITH LIFE... Jusqua....chome hear... yep :) Was...? ...? take this* hands over key* and dont give it back no mater what... i will not have my mind changed by poetry dammit! but... i am extremely flattered by all this and i even cried at parts... do you enjoy making girls cry?!??!? Ok...
*puts it in a pocket of space where no one can get to it* no... but i cant stand it! i always come up with poetry and lately all ive been writing about is you! so its your fault!! *signs* ty. *poof* Meow :3 its my fault you made me cry??? *poof*
Ok i has stuff i wants to put up... *pulls out lazer light* ah pleh, its your fault for being cool! but im not cool... or pretty... or anything! yeah whatever. meg took a very bad picture and i saw enough to know your prettier than you let on. meg told me about that. last years year book picture... your not mad? just confused as hell... with all that you make me sound like some sort of goddess or something! what the hell?! i cant speak anything but the truth!!! lies all lies -_- y u no believe me. after all that your really going to question me? its just cuz that was a bad picture! you havent seen an up to date photo, then you would run screaming! no one on here agrees with you. you suddenly speak for everyone? bblblblblb objections anyone???? what do you want??? no objections. ... ksfjajsdf;asflksj;flkajsdfjksf fine. muu..muu....* jusqua has key to voice box* you make me laugh :) why? why? ...... meh. *sigh* anyways i am totally embarrassed now... *signs* get key from him if u want* im just makin' funny noises, sorry... ill stop... give me the key to ninjas voice box!! ._. gib mir! want! *holds out hand* *pulls it back out of pocket of space* *chuckles* meow. now to find out what she wanted to say. Ugh.. i forgot i had a slime beast in there... *the key is covered in slime...* O_O.... dont care i wanna know what ninjas laughing at. *takes* eeeww... *unlocks voicebox* here, someone get a rag. (no not -norok) ....? lol WOW...u two argue like a maried copel...lol lol M- married?! ._. THIS WAS A POEM NOT A MARRIAGE PURPOSAL!!!!! I gave jusqua my key to give u privacy...kinda..i keped my opinion out... more of a love confession but whatever... and as they say "poems today purposal's tomrow" *BLUSHES* no, im not THAT crazy.. shes only sixteen! and im only seventeen! we have our whole lives ahead of us. Only sixteen is a song good song too... every time i see or hear "Only Sixteen", i have to tell everyone was my opinoin wanted?? i dont know what to do with myself now. i feel like im supposed to say something back but i dont know what to say... never heard it you dont have to say anything, i told you. i just had to get that out before i exploded >.< Lolz your opinion was... interesting o_o LOL... LOL FREAKING LOL I couldn't put the other one up :( Link dont break the pots!!!!! wel that was just a coment..my opinion was diffrent.. .... jeez i never thought that... i mean wow... what was your opinion? i told you i like you shade. multiple times. you chose to ignore that and now your feeling blindsided by my feelings, yes? a LITTLE bit... >:| shads really prety...no mater what she says..and if she wouldent kill me id put the only picture i has of her on hear...but i has lots to live for...sorry. This is Koume, she throws bombs at you in ths game i've been playing, but she looks a lot like someone else i know... you have a picture? does it have her face? i dont think so. she looks like italy... only a girl.. namely add a curl off the top of the head, and remove the bun, and make her smiling, and she looks like him... oh yep, i didn see you say that... totally... weird... kinda..but shes smilying... >_< put it up 0_0 ........ you can ninja. if you want to. I WANT TO LIVE!!! wait what... shades okay with it???!!! after all that how can i say no...? (btw i took this picture from the game) O_O...r u sick or somthin..usualy ud never aprove of it... ......... 0.0 put it up put it up put it up!!!! before she changes her mind!!! ill try...its on my phone... he just wrote sometihng that tore my soul to pieces and if he were here i would hug him. *hugs* Shade likes meeeeeeee! aww...*hugs* *pushes off* i never said that!!! ;_; no hug? i wish i had my bike with me.... no hugs! why? sad ninja why? ugh not this again. lol... ill print out a map. ill get back to east wenatchee...
if i still feel like this at eighteen. you wont. besides i want to date someone i go to school with so i can see them every day. This is Yukinosuke, he actually has some things in common with ghirahim that i noted.

1: Grey hair.
2: He fights you at the begining of the game, and doesnt kill you, even though he's able to.
3: the person you play as to fight him uses a sword. (Kage, the character from the game, uses a katana) *sigh* still one sided eh? or do you already have someone? there are no guys at skool that DON'T FEAR you... LOL ghirahim is like my favorite character in all the Zelda series :P sorry.. isnt ghirahim a demon? the fuck do you know?! i know plenty of guys that dont fear me!! why do people fear you? ok..sorry....but u scare lots of people.. I don't fear you because i trust you not to turn on me! :D see? this proves my point. well yeah... but once you give me a chance im not that scary... yes he is. a Demon Lord to be exact. i know this -_- well its not dead on but another similarity to add, then... you never know! i might meet someone or know someone who likes me and not even know it! you dont count sky child. pleh :P 4: Yukinosuke is 2nd in command to the lord of the demon army (i don't know if he is a demon) its just... sky child your an INTERNET friend... FRIEND... YOU ARE A FRIEND.... NOT THE DREADED FRIENDZONE AGAIN!!! im sorry! i dont think of you that way okay?!? i cant change my eelings even though your poetry is beautiful!!!! you been friendzoned too jusqua? by who? aww... and here i thought i had half a chance... remember that freind that i asked if she could be poland? oh how sad... sorry Jusqua. well... you cant blame me! you really cant! :( that sucks... BEING FRIENDZONED SUCKS!!!! SHE EVEN USED TO HAVE A CRUSH ON ME ;_; I HAS A SAD. she grew out of it... and then i kinda started to feel that way about her... THAT SUCKS EVEN MORE. i feel bad for you... AND THEN SHE MOVED TO KENTUCKY! i cant help it!!!! i want to see someone who i can hug in person and not through a computer!! that is strangely simular to my situation with shade... i realized i liked her then up and moved :( ... i cant do anything about that... exactly... *sighs* i should have met you when i had the chance. i guess ill just have to accept that that oppertunity has passed me by. yeah... im sorry... ye... i've got her skype, and i've been able to talk to her, at least... *heavy sigh* well... you just make sure you find someone who will... be good to you, okay? and ive still got this with shade and everybody! :D
im still sad though. need i put the picture again? i wish. i wish someone would give me a chance like you. but i guess im just too intimidating and weird. no no it helped :) it just really really sucks thats all. "I hate emotions >:(" - Jusqua :D hay.. i asked u out and u sed no... hmm. well dont do anything stupid and date some dumbass just cuz your lonely. i wont. and ninja im not gay no matter what people rumor about me >:| AGREED!!! :P by the way hows that going? i think that anyone you might be interested in must go through my approval first. as i said i don't want to hurt rachel, but on the same token, i just don't feel anything for her anymore... eh, what? never sed u were..i was just saying i asked u out.. I AM FRAKIN BRILIANT!!! shade. i had that once. i just called her up and explained it to her, and she was pretty understanding, but she did cry. that made me sad. your hair is so... LONG! LOL Yeah... the wind was blowing...sorry. more face! MOAR! but shes smilying... you cant see my collar in that one either. i only has that one picture...sorry.... she is... just gonna kinda... save this to my computer.... what about the bridge? waht bridge? Bridge, The. we took pics on a bridge once. O_O..i forgot..let me check.. whats so special about the bridge? super hero pose. thats whats so special about it. lol :D ur face is to far away to see in the picture... even with me zoomingin :( i just noticed... you have a red pendant. i feel like ive seen that somewhere before. yeah my friend David gave it to me. he found it somewhere. i will take ANY picture of shade!!! ... kay. i has one of the party we had a few days ago...but her backs turned to the camry... do it o_o desperate much? want. okay then. i feal like a drug dealer...lol Rachel and I went out before, and then she ended us, and moved on, and i was dying because i wanted her back, but then i moved on, i met another girl, Mina, and went out with her, and then rachel started to try to get me to come back to her, and i said i never wanted anything to do with her again, because i still felt hurt from her breaking up with me(yes I'm extreme when it comes to emotions) but my concience won out and i decided to apologize, and then i told her, you can be my FRIEND again, and then Mina told me she felt more like we were just friends so then i didn't have a girl friend anymore, and rachel still continued to hound at me, trying to get me back, and i told her that I still wanted to just be friends(holy cow did she scare me, though, as bad as she was crying over me, i thought maybe she'd kill herself as bad of a mess as she was), but then that night there was a music concert, which she invited me to, and when i'm listening to music, My emotions are like water of an ocean during a hurricane, and i ended up deciding to go back out with her, and we've been together since... and then now... this... xD DO EET!!! DO EET NAO!! dont let girls guilt trip you into dating. that isnt love, its selfishness. if shes done this before shell do it again unless you tell her straight. DO IT. JUSQUA SAYS SO. shes right. and on top of it..sorry but i see her flirting with other guys.. and its really sad that she was doing this one day while holding your hand in the hall.... listen, i had a girl like that too once except i didnt make the mistake of letting my stupid emotions get in the way. i know its really REALLY hard, but if you are adamant enough shell leave you alone trust me. shes probably one of those, "if im not dating someone i dont feel right" kind of girls. dont become a toy jusqua. THAT SOUNDS SOOO RONG.. MY EMOTIONS GO FROM ONE FREAKING THING TO ANOTHER!
ITS NOT BECAUSE I FELT SORRY FOR HER! DOOOO EEEEET FOAR MEEEEEEEE....... I wanted her back... wear not blaming u wear warning you.. enough of me missed her... I couln't help but want to be with her again.. exactly! i just dont like seeing you hurting jusqua. seeing you hurting makes me sad. hear..sico. ... I need some tea... i wish i was at the manor... you gotta find someone who treats love as a mutual thing. obviously if she flirts in front of you she isnt "the one." call me a sap but i believe in "the one" Mint tea?? Yes, Sky child, don't follow me to tea time... run away! *runs* finaly some one who shares my belifs... lol poor sky child... allergic to mint of all things... pictures up... on "the one"? yeah people say it dont happen no more but i think it does... i see meg!!! I was just saying that, its something i have to say when some one says "Do It!" ... she showed u a picture of her... well ull never ges what one's me..lol the one laying down on ur back? or are you taking the picture? i was gonna say that! who is dat cuz shes blending so well i didnt see her til just now. NINJA. not sayig... Russia.. i went to school with meg. she was my german class. ._. im sure im right! am i right shade? Canada. not saying... thank u. yeah im right... i think im right. ITAAAAAAAAAAALLLLYYYYY? Japan lol thanks for the label... Sealand your welcome :D Ukrain. IST DAS GERMANY! PASTA!!! PAAAASTAAAAAA!!! :D dos boots were made for woking... PAAASTAAAAAAA! AND THATS JUST WHAT THEYLL DO. Some day theas boots are going to walk all over you. Scumbag Steve: THE EYE OF THE TIGER! lol :D its the eye of the tiger its the thrill of the fight... rising up to the challange of our rivals! and the last lone survivor stalks his prey in the night, and hes watching us all with the eeeeeeyyyeeeee of the tiger.... *plays bass* Ya no wat? i dislike the fact that we're puting song lyrics, because they're reminding me of somebody that i used to know... now your just somebody that i used to knowwwww! lol! :D but you didnt have to cut me out! make it like it never happend and we were nothin! guessing i dont need that though! now your just sombody that i used to know somebody! i used to know... somebody! The Eagles: Hotel California On a dark desert highway,
cool wind in my hair i used to now... Warm smell of colitas,
rising up through the air My head grew heavy and
my sight grew dim... and then she lit up the candle, and she showed me the way, there were voices down the corridor, i thought i heard them sa-ay: welcome to the hotel california! such a lovely place such a lovely face... off* plenty of room at the hotel california... I had to stop for the night Make out* There she stood in the doorway
i heard the mission bell Any time of year you can find us here... i see that sky child too has a mind for lyrics... (Any time of year) i can here a song once and remember all the lyrics! Shuffle on my Iphone's music just gave me another song... .... what song? challange us! YOU CANT TOUCH THIS! the lyric nerds can take any challenge. da nene ne nah neh nah ne! any challenge? sing a dubstep song's lyrics, then. my my my music hits me so hard
makes me say "Oh, my Lord"
Thank you for blessing me
with a mind to rhyme
and two hype feet ._. WAIT I GOT SOMETHING! bring it on! *hand motion: bring it on* This was a triumph...
I'm making a note here: Huge Success!
Its hard to over state my satisfaction ..... Still Alive :D ._. never heard it. ;_; fine ill just go... nooooooooooooooo jusqua dont run away! im chasing you. ROAR >:U I CHASE YOU! GET AWAY FROM ME DEBBIE 2.0!!!! HUH? he started chasing me around the prezi lol :D RAOAR!!! Oh quit terrorizing jusqua... I got another idea, but its over used... such as? and i am not debbie! i asked him to leave you alone and you call me DEBBIE 2.0?!?!?? what a way to repay me. whats going on?? "Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going any where..." just a city boy born and raised in south detroit
he took the midnight train going any where... I sowwy... it just that "Im chasing you" reminded me of my days in hiding... *Plays Guitar* a singer in a smokey room
the smell of wine and cheap perfume! for a smile they can share the night
it goes on and on and on and oooon up and down the boulivard their shadows searching in the night! streetlight, people, living just to find emotion hiding somewhere in the niiiiiiight *Guitar* Working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill OH SHIT DEBBIE! derp. thats not the lyrics. NO! ITS DEBBBIEEE!!!! SUP MY PEOPLE?!?!?! OH HELL NAH *turns into a tiny cat, then hides behind ninja* lol *lazer light* wow, everyone except meg is on tonight! whats the occasion? WAHHAHAHAHA *chases* hi debbie :D aww jusqua so cuuuute <3 :) im amased shads not folowing it to...lol im trying to resist... and failing. and this is how i pass my time.... 3:) ... awkward silence... not awkward... *turns into a giant cat of death and smashes at the light on the ground* i asked you not to bother jusqua remember? be nice okay? I'm fifteen for a moment MUST KILL DA LITTL THING!!! yeah yeah... just because i like you... <3 *turns it off* there ist dead aww... can i pet the cat? Debbie. what? i just wanna pet it... ...no coment... *unsheathes claws larger than debbie's head*
DO NOT TOUCH ME bad idea you get scratched. WAAA I FORGOT YOU COULD TURN INTO A CAT! *jumps into skychilds arms* the cat dont like me! lol...well i brb..i must get mountin dew.... well obviously! lol Debbie i made some comparisons to Ghirahim, and a guy in a game i've been playing, they're up a ways Hmmm??? is it that guy from Kage? i know him. YUS I'M PLAYING KAGE my friend plays that game so i already know the demon dude with white hair... or maybe im stalking you... either way i already know <3 Debbie. oh dont be such a kill joy its not like im raping him. still.. be nice. *pulls out Katana, and kindness* STAY THE HECK BACK, I may be a cat right now, but still know how to use these! i is back >_< MOUNTIN DEW!! aww skychilds got your back jusqua :D relax Jusqua we struck a deal. 0_0 want. a very good deal. <3 HHHHHIIIIIIIIYYYYYAAAAAAAA!!!!
*cuts a tree down with his swords*
HAHAHA I'M A CAT WIT SWORDZZ!! :3 can i pick you up!?!??! your overloading my senses with adorableness!!! *hands one to shade* hear. call it rent...lol.. I don't want to cut you, so let meh put dem away... *sheathes * now i pick you up??? noms. *takes* meinen. your still lucky im not anyhthing like Akihiko. you pay rent with soda :) akihiko as in junjou romantica akihiko? hey guys! meow rawr. <3 you both appeared at the exact same time... weird! awwww! soo cute :D your reaction to seeing me i presume? lol debbie :D no the reaction to me saying "pleeeeaasee bee peooppllee on preeezzzii!" actually working lol thats awesome! lol you make me laugh and spill soda :D sorry...

but at least you're not the one that has someone crying because of them... oh... so you finally broke it off? how are you feeling? skychild ur such a sap. heres what i think:
Jusqua, in my unproffesional opinion, you don't need someone like this. It seems to me like she's using you, and for emotional people like you, you need someone with lots and lots of PATIENCE. Pardon me for making an inference, but it seems to me like this girl has very little patience based on her "hounding" you. I would suggest finding someone else and breaking it off completely, stand your ground, without any doubts. indifferent, but upset that she's crying, I hate when anyone i know crys... me too... it makes me so sad. seeing people like that. i feel like it should be my responsibility to make it better. gah! that little spiel i typed over there just now was worth nothing?! oh well.
anyways, good for you jusqua. good for him? how can you say that? well its like that ecard over there... better to have loved and lost than to be with a psycho the rest of your life. oh i put that up :D next to my kittis. cats and funny pics dont exactly make problems go away you know :\ well i didnt know what else to put >:U i dont have any experience in break ups! i will admit the cats were cute <3 thank you! hmm... now what...? i know not... .... should i text Sky Child to get on here? well i dunno... i still feel kinda bad for epically friendzoning him yesterday :/ also... jusqua sorry for keeping you up so late last night, ninja told me you had to get off or get yelled at... actually, I got yelled at to get off aaack! sorry! i dont want you to get yelled at, but i friggin love talking to you and everyone T.T what to do what to do... my dad was pissed at me too if its any consolation. im sorry for you too, but not as much. well >:P" to you too. lol you guys ever listen to Caremelldansen?! its epic XD ... thank god for youtube... f*cking lol. it is epic. XD my stupid pants are static clinging to my legs >_< ... i must remember my promise to skychild not to abuse you jusqua but when you say stuff like that... im sorry about your "stupid pants" lol :D debbie you be good or ill tell sky child on you T_T i didnt say anything! i like it. like in pokemon -_- why is there no level 200... lol thats funny. the power of cosmetics? and pokemon gets boring after you beat the elite four anyways. yeah i stopped playing after i beat pokemon blue. whaaa??? i still play my fire red game! YOU HAVE TO CATCH ALL 700+ OF THEM NOW! pokenerd. 0_0 WHAT? thats how many there are now!?!?!!? I wish i lived in the Pokémon world! well, they just announced generation 6, which will make it that many omg i wish i did too! i would have an Umbreon and a Sneazle! oh and a Persian... my favorite was always arcanine. dunno why. and a Gengar and an Arbok... *daydreams of Pokemon self* I would have to have a Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevior, and Gallade, they're my favoritessss thats too much. i stick with the good old 150. *Psybeam* are you kidding? I LOVE GARDEVIOR! :D ppthf my Arcanine would blast those to bits. Fire blast. win. well... i have an empoleon... *Sludge Bomb* I've chosen water in every single version, when i played it the first time ugh. thats a penguin right? Raichu, thunderbolt. i always chose fire. i just love the charmander, its so cute! but then, ive only played the Indigo Region games so... *FREAKIN' HYPERBEAM!!!!* Gengar! Use Earthquake!! and flygon! use Earth power!!! normal moves do not effect Gengar! Shadow Ball! *flygon must recharge* aaah SHIIIIT!
this is why i quit while i was ahead! *hands over money* Okay! Gengar, use Thunderbolt! you guys are battling pokemon on prezi...? *it doesnt affect flygon* (hes ground type!) FFffffff-- never played a game with Flygon in it! burn. sorry... *dragon tail* (it forces you to swich pokemon) oh crap. umm lets see... *looks* okay he said it was a ground type... so that means...
Go! Weavile! WAIT WEAVILE? I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU'VE ONLY PLAYED INDIGO REGION? in fire red you get an extention on the pokedex which allows you to find different pokemon than you would normally on the Sevii Islands. Sneasel is one of them, and if you have the right stuff, you can evolve her. didnt know that... b-but weavile, was added in a version made after firered/leafgreen then explain how i evolved Sneasel using a Dusk Claw a friend traded me with her! eeheehee! shade your evil. its my job. i wanna battle you for real! what game system do you have?! i have an advanced. I have all versions, except emerald :\ i have a game boy color... wow your awesome ;_; I have an awesome? grammar nazi... YOU'RE AWESOME! lol shade once again burned... awww... i wanted to have an awesome... :P i named my baby Meowth awesome :D SHADE HAS AN AWESOME! and Ragnorok named his possum Awesome. Awesome Possom. fff really?! so the human white board has an awesome too :D human whiteboard? he went into "dragon sleep" and has been asleep since last night. he wont wake up for anything so im using him as my own personal white board. *holds up erasable sharpie* after all, he is white enough. lol but what the heck is dragon sleep? i dont really know... i just know that once every other month he will sleep for a straight day and a half almost and not wake up for anyone or anything no matter what you do to him. Generation 1: Red, Green/Blue, Yellow (FireRed, LeafGreen)
Generation 2: Gold, Silver, Crystal (HeartGold, SoulSilver)
Generation 3: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
Generation 4: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
Generation 5: Black, White, Black 2, White 2
Generation 6: X, Y (Comes out in october this year) i had silver but it was glitchy and wouldnt save! my sister and i want these so we can trade with each other. << Weavile was added here theres a 2?! *no longer cares for pokemon* FireRed, and LeafGreen, were made just after these oh really? maybe i just got a sneasel then... its been years since then! yus no way i had no idea... party pooper :P hey hey i have things that are a lot more entertaining than pokemon now... >:) Its same region, just different character, and two years later (you see people from the 1st ones) wow cool... i have no idea what those games are like at all... do they really tell time? dont wanna know pervert! D:< It has seasons changing ingame now :D WHAAAAAT?! thats so awesome! i wanna play too ;_; with something as nostalgic as an advance? forget about it. ai wanna pway da Pokemons gamez tooooo! >.< Its for the DS (the Gen 6, will be for the flippin 3DS) but i only have an advance... i just wanna play something that isnt Indigo! is that so much to ask?! DA NEW STARTERS da frak they look like aliens. i like the fox! i want the fox!! i think the grass type thing is kinda cute... Fennekin Chespin i want Fennekin! :D Chespin for me if i even liked pokemon anymore. Froakie for you? you said you like water :D Froakie Squirtle, Totadile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Froakie Charmander.... Fennekin >.< Bulbasaur all the way! Charmander, Cyndiquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Tepig, Fennekin Cyndiquil is adorables... i chose him on silver for the day that i had that game! i used my link cable and played pokemon with meg once :D we had to quit before we found out who won though T_T Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, Chespin Water Starters: Fire Starters: meh. Bulbasaur is good enough for me, right Chlora? Grass Starters: Chlora: Bulba- saaaur <3! cute :3 I HAVE A SHINY FREAKIN' MEW BEAT THAT! ITS A FREAKIN' BLUE MEW!!! D: no. freaking. way. *jaw hits floor* lol Jusqua you totally got shade. how the HELL did you get a mew anyway?!?!?!? and a shiny at that?!?!!!?!!?!!?!?!!?!? im predicting she'll kill you for your mew. My first girlfriend was nice, and gave me hers,
I DIDN'T FEEL FAIR BUT SHE TOLD ME TO TAKE IT :\ well where did SHE get it?!?!??! nice. I believe through the Global Trade, seeing, as its OT was named Jeffrey, she gave someone something for it how does one aquire a mew in the first place? Nintendo Events i have looked all over and not run into a single shiny either and im pissed off about it. i dont have a wireless adapter either so i cant do Nintendo Events like that... my life sucks now... dude its just a game T_T shut up! i love pokemon! Shinys were added in Gold Silver Crystal, but they're like a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance to be found, in the ones before diamond pearl platinum get a life <3 your an asshole you know that? and yes ive looked up the statistics and its a 1 out of like 85000 chance if i remember right, and i have tallied how many pokemon i ran into for an entire month of play last year. i ran into 90054 pokemon and still no shinys. that doesnt include hatching eggs either. lol :D exactly!!! loving pokemon is nothing to be ashamed of dammit! maybe its a hint to put the game down and go look for someone to hang out with. GALLADE! :D <3 <3 <3 GALLADE! :D i have friends. and they love pokemon too. sad. that is a sad man. lol :D what do you mean no? are you allergic to the outside? ugh pokemaniacs drive me nuts -_- Umbreon! <3 mein lieblings Pokemon <3 of course ive never actually played with an Umbreon on my team... but they sure look cool! but my ultimate all time favorite pokemon since i was a little kid is...! PERSIAN!!! :D figures a girl would pick a cat. god what is your PROBLEM?! are you on your man period or something??!?!?! my emotions are not controlled by my hormones! im just a little irritated at everything! thats not my fault so stop bashing me for liking pokemon already >:( Mine was Eevee *sighs* alright,sorry. ill try to calm down. aww i like eevee too :) it has so many evolutions though holy crap @_@ from the original 150 thank you. 7 to be exact yeah, thats a lot. but Umbreon is still my favorite evolution :D heck, if that spriter guy, made his pokemon be real, there'd be 10 whaaaa?! what new type evolutions did he make? was one a ground? oh and i bet there was a ghost... Ghost,
and Normal evolutions Dragon 0_0 awesome... the normal built on eevee's stats and kept its normal type oh, by the way this could very well be the last time i am on here, as we are giving the laptop to the guys at work tomorrow. it is VERY possible i wont be able to get on after tonight. AAWW SAD DAYS... oh so sky child wont be able to talk to you anymore... i wonder how he'll feel about that. i want to text Ninja to get on and i cant find my phone >.< weren't you the one that came up with "Chat prezi" guess ill at least warn the poor guy... yep! i am the proud starter of all Chat Prezis.
as far as i know :/ i gave skychild a heart attack. I'll tell ninja the sad news for you, shade thank you. i cant imagine where my phone went... WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHADE'S LEAVING FOREVER?!?!?!?? huh, that was fast. not forever sky child! no way am i leaving permanently! im just giving back the laptop tomorrow. sorry! i was really freaked out for a minute! so when will you be able to get on after tomorrow? yea calm down well in german i guess... but i cant let her catch me again this year so only if we have a sub... well can i have your number then?! o_0 wot so we can keep in touch without the prezi! no. but shade... NOPE. well i knew it was a long shot. *sighs* man im going to miss talking to you till 2 a.m.... y u use my color T_T i am too but meh life goes on eh? i guess... well now that im on here... sup? wow you got over that fast. i dont wanna piss off shade by talking too much T.T ah. Jusqua! has debbie been behaving? T_T yus because shade has been threatening to tell you :P i is a tattle tale :D >:( ive been good of my own accord thank you very much! yeah whatever deb :) ninja :D everyones on again?! yay ^_^ prezi party! I told her about shade's no-prezi-no-more-ness and that she should try to get on so cute demented pokemon :D hi hi :D herro -_- hola comostas. so what i miss?? we played pokemon on the prezi :D thank you jusqua :D yus ...well then nothing really...i suck at that game..i played you-gi-yo wen i was a kid.. haaaah???? Yu-Gi-Oh! i love that show! eeeww you play pokemon and yugioh... >:P sorry havent speled it in a while..and it was the older version...not the crap they have on tv now.. play pokemon, watch Yu-Gi-Oh theres a difference. i like the older version better with Yami Yugi. o-o *totally lost.* i play Yu-Gi-Oh...still have all my cards too.. lol ^-^ i have a crap load of cards too but i never had anyone to play with... we could do a game night this weekand? someone text meg to get on... we must have everyone present for prezi party!! i dont know how to play anymore and im a stick in the mud so... nope! buuut if someone wants to play pokemon with me... *whips out advance and link cable* im game! I found my cards :O everyone? everybody???? o_O crap. Hmm... I guess I'll get the refreshments... awesome :D Charles, when did you get here...? and i has rag. *dragging seemingly dead body along, drops on floor carelessly* sorry if i dont respond emidiatly...i still working on homework... :( i hate english class... *Faceplants, no reaction* i hate english too, i suck at it T^T im better at spanish than i am at english. did you kill Ragnorok shade? no hes asleep. *kicks* Dragon Sleep. Zzzzz... *looks* ... Huh, so no reaction even to being dropped on the floor? no reaction. hes been like this all day. *stands on back* ... uh, doesnt that hurt him? MY FRIEND CAME UP WITH LYRICS FOR THE SONG OF STORMS:

"First some wind, Then some rain, Then a might hurricane, Lightning all around, Rain just pouring down,

Hear the song, Feel its cry, Teardrops falling from the sky, Now you've heard the Song... of Storms" not that i can tell! *walks around on back* Zzzzz.... :D i play that on the piano all the time! its one of my favorites to play! i sugested green paint and a fethered bouw...torcher 3:) lol i like the lyrics. i can play it... on the controller >_< ive already done some terrible stuff to him ninja. stuff he probably would wish he was awake for. Zzzzz... oh ya....lol..to bad for him...lol lol lol lol dragon sleep >:) o_O so if you dont need us at the moment... were just gonna go away for a while okay? okay bye :) .... naow wot...? im tired >.< Zzzzz... D:< shaddup down there! *kicks* *grunts* Zzzz... homework sucks... >.< i have to shower. can we all meet up later? i have to wash the dishes... aww come on everyone finally gets on again and you want to go do other stuff?! sounds good to me..maby ill be done.. and we wont have distractions! lets meet back here at like nine thirty okay? hmm... thats enough time to watch an episode of bleach... sounds good to me!!! I'll be back if i CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- *is falling into the abyss* i hate chores T.T see you guys in a little bit. abyss????? oh well knowing him he'll suvive -_-
okay so see you guys later. jusqua *reaches for* take my hand... anyone ever notice the characters all move there yeys and blink at the same time...thats so creapy man!!! *flys up out of the hole on the back of a dragon*
HUZZAH! RROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRR!!!! *jumps down off of the turquoise dragon* *lands behind him with a thud* Easy boy, don't want to make this cliff fall into the abyss on the others now, do we? *Telepathically* Yeah... I guess you're right...
So this is one of the others you mentioned... *inspects Ninja* Yup...
Ninja! Take a look at who i found down there! His name is Aethis. *grunts and turquoise sparks fly from nostrils* Not Very Responsive... Jusqua... ...O_O...hes a big fella.. Heh... well... see... *reaches into pack, and pulls out large colorful stones* He's also not even a day old... *scorches a circular area of the ground* logict in advisable.. *faints* Great... *sits the "Stones" in the scorched circle*
Ok there... *runs over and tends to ninja* Come on... wake up... Well she doesn't seem like she's gonna be waking up soon... at least she's breathing though... *sets up tents and makes a campfire, and puts Ninja in one of the tents, and then goes back and talks telepathically with Aethis, about the "stones"* *wakes up* where the hell am i...*walkes out of tent* jusqua is that you?? *yells over shoulder* Yea! *breaths a stream of bright turquoise flame at the circle, to heat the "stones"* Thats should keep them warm for at least a few hours... Hmm... yea... *notices his coat is on fire* WHAH *beats at the flame* Gah! *rolls around on the ground, and finally puts the fire out* sorry went to get popcorn...nom. Hmmm... where'd you get that when we're in the middle of no where? lol you havent even noticed me hiding in the shadows... :D *Snorts a flare at Sky Child* i alweas carry un poped popcorn with me...and it just got heated up by ur friend hear *points at dragon*..thanks :) aaah!!! *runs flapping arms, trips over something* ouch! huh? umm... Shade kinda left Ragnorok here... hes still sleeping... Hmm... *picks rag up and puts in a tree* hay sky child..want some popcorn?? *holds out bag* he still sleeps. i wonder... hey does your dragon know anything about, "dragon sleep"? yes! *takes some* thank you! :) yep...nom om nom nom nom! *eats* Well then that's a great sign, that you'd take kindly to have one of him for your self wouldn't you? lol to have your own dragon... that would be sweeeeeet... om nom :) a dragon of my own...O-O... THAD BE THE GREATIST THING EVER... *points at the scorched circle of colored "stones"* oh i know where this is going... good thing shades not here, shed probably try to play with them like a cat or something :) Remember, I'm not even a day old yet. hey you're a dragon, do you know about dragon sleep? or is that a demon thing? is there one thats turquoise?? o wait green...no maby blue..or one that matches my eyes.... Dragon sleep, is sleep, its no different than human sleep, or elf sleep 11 sleeps?? Theres an Amethyst, a Gold, a Silver, Sapphire, and a White one left... oh, well shade says that guy *points at rag in tree* is in dragon sleep and hes been sleeping since yesterday apperently. Sapphire is so mine!!!! i can has amethyst??? Well then try to see if it'll hatch for you. If it hatches for you. *suddenly appears* hoo boy am i late! confused... waaah! *falls over* you scared me! lol shade want a nom??? sorry there, sky boai. *helps up* Noms??? *does nom face* sky boai? huh? what? meh, its nice to see you too :) Another human... *picks up Jusqua and puts him on his back* Come on, I Want to fly! *takes off with Jusqua on his back* ^-^ so adorible *gives handfull of noms* Waaaiit! Aaaaeeethissss!!! *watches* ... okay its not red so im not worried. Noms! *noms* *nom* o_o that was the cutest face ive ever seen... Noms! *noms* speaking of, where is my sleepy dragon? we should have todaly takin that picture in class today...he would have died to see it... tree.. he be in the trees man o_o
no but seriously hes in the tree :) *points* awww i dont even need to see it :D *illusion of Jusqua*
well since he doesn't like to fly when im not on his back, i guess ill have to help as an illusion... so, to make a dragon hatch, it either has to be in its egg for 5 years, or a human or an elf that has a spirit similar to its, has to touch it. like that book i read o_o so we touch all the eggs and see witch one hatches?? *walks over to tree* Rag? you up yet?
... *kicks tree* wake up dammit! Zzzzz... Yup. that is, if any hatch for you at all *shrug* i wants touch amethyst first. can i touch? ok..*walkes over to Sapphire one and touches it* go ahead, see if it'll hatch. oh! dragon eggs gotcha.
o_o none of these are from him right? *points at Rag* no...i not sure where jusqua found them... *touches amethyst one* ??? Zzzzz... (pending..lol) *crack*crack* umm... i gues i'll try the white one... *touch* *crack*crack* *crack*crack* *ears perk up* omg..its hatching...^-^ :D wow 4 for 4, each of our first tries hatched! we are that good :) *opens eye* (they're your dragons, they're yours to name, and do what ever with now) *falls out of egg* ???? wa--*illusion breaks* *KA-THUD* aww sooo cute! come here you! *picks up* have a nice trip this fall? lol Warn me next time before you dive bomb like that... *walks over to white hatchling*
Sister... its so cute!!!! It seems, that since we're linked to them now, we're brother and sis, shade! O-O... ive always wanted a brother! :D *watches the hatchling*
what is her name? she cant speak for an hour yet... so you'll have to tell us. *turns to shade* *Looks over at ninja and skychild to see how there dragons are doing* hmm... i think shes trying to tell me... its Sercima. *toppled by dragon* hes enthusiastic. Sercima, I am Aethis, your brother. *sleeping with dragon on stumick* zzzz hi! your really really big big brother! Whats his name? he told me it... *turns* uh, what was it again? oh it was Izochel. they seem to be getting along :D You can talk already?? am i not supposed to? You souldn't be able to... Dragons cant talk for an hour after hatching... mystifying...thats probably means there's something special about you... ???
im hungry. shade is this raggys? i found it on the ground where i was sleeping..it hurt.. hmm. it looks like it could be... hey ra- what the hell? *sniff sniff* hmm? what?? *watching rag very alertly* *poke* eeheehee you tickle me! *flaps little wings* look... Don't Hurt Her!! *flames spark out of mouth a little* *telepathically* good job. now im going to tackle you again. *tackles* *looks*
*looks over sholder* *ignores Aethis, kneels, looks deeply into Serima's eyes* *innocent look* your a dragon too? O_O *narrows eyes* *pauses* ... i can hear you. your going to be my friend okay? *walks over* ... what the heck is going on? not really sure... *doesn't move, extends a single clawed finger* *extends opposite finger, touches Ragnorok's* *blinding light* my eyes! owww! *shelds dragons eye* *light fades, stands up, walks three feet to the left* *watches eagerly* 0.0 *falls over* Zzzzz.... aww seriously?!?! lol :) what the heck was all that?!?!? does anyone have an explanation?! i am so confused! some kind of ritual? thats my best guess. W-what... d-did... h-he... d-do...? *falls off of Aethis' back, and is passed out from holding Aethis back from tryng to kill rag* i have no freaking idea. He's my friend! *smiles* *telepathically* oh my... that was very special... Jusqua... Why did you fight me...? You know I must protect her... *also passes out* @_@....is u ok *talking to tree* ninja your dragons this way! *turns* huh? okay just what the heck was all that and why did a dragon just pass out??? *turns* Sercima are you okay? i cant see...... was protecting dragons eyes... yeah! I'm hungry though! Food? really? what was it? sure :) what do you want? Master Jusqua must have over exerted himself trying to hold Aethis back, and the link sapped Aethis' energy as well... I'll just move the tent... *puts a tent over Jusqua* Umm... I don't know... Fish? *telepathically* oh I shouldnt tell... It would ruin the suspense. *sniffs to see if ok* sorry about all that... i really have no idea whats going on here... T_T you really are a tease you know? *telepathically* exactly. why would i ruin everyones fun by just telling you? hay there girl...whats ur name nayway? Master Jusqua will most likely not be waking up again tonight, goodnight, Lady Tiana, Lady Nicole, and Sir Sankari.
*enters his own tent* okay hang on. *walks away* *comes back with fish* here you go! *gives* thank you! *eats* i feel like this should be moved to Jusquas prezi... *telepathically* I am Izochel. Sankari's Dragon friend. (Sure, you can copy it all :D ) can do! ((OK I LEGITIMATLEY MUST GO SEE YOU LATER!!!)) bye bye! thanks for the dragons! Stella aww..Latin for star...how cute.. lol Stella is a cool name :D hi shade... thank you! i like you. *blushes* and i like you too! lets be friends okay? ok :) wana play? *telepathically* oh! well i um.. oh gosh... lets be friends! lets go meet the other dragon and play with him! ok *folows* *telepathcically* oh well, so sudden, umm, okay! I am Izochel. nice to meet you! I am Sercima and this is Stella. *peeks out from behind Sercima* is it safe? *telepathicially* Hello. aww are our dragons making friends? :) *hides* certainly looks that way! i cant believe im technically Jusqua's sister now 0_0 lol.. dont hide little dragon! im nicer than i look i promise! shes just really shy thats all hmm, does that technically entitle me to some of his land then? :D just kidding :) ive always wanted a brother! this is awesome! *telepathicially* he is. i can see into his mind and he is telling the truth. *walkes over and sits next to* what the heck just happened? what the heck just happened???? i no know... i thought for a minute i saw another avatar but i guess not... ?? i didnt see anyone..and sky boy disapeared... maybe its time to get off -_- night? night Nii-Chan! i found this and thought of you!
oh, and this too :) *transforms, flies* I am a dragon. *sigh* i want to fly too!! are you really a dragon? you look like a person... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHEAHsfggRAHEHHEAHEDGKFAJFAJaegwbaAKFJDSGSIIRAeafgtSFNAFKDSFSKNaeaeFKSNFDFsggsDFFRFSJAFGdfgfASADHDJAKSKJAZAKAJAsrtAKJAEHsgsgsEWHAEHAgdfgGEGGKEAaLEEAAEAEealrakEAlalealLAELlaerfRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *poof* /\ /\
,,/,,/ \
CAAAT*twitch*NIIIIP?! SHAAAAAADE SOMEONE WAS ON TEH OLD PREZI!! :O really? who? yea it came up first, like all of the others do when someone accesed them! oh it was me i was looking up my old Japanese names on there :) oh... ok, phew... i thought someone was stalking us! i certainly hope not... not one of Debbies friends... D: D: i has a sad. not sure why :\ something bugging you...? well i guess... i just wish i could figure out what it was! make this stuff be smaller!
and more up than this! sorry D: ist ok, ich mag es klein, wir haben mehr (space) gut Deutsch! und Deutschland ist hier! Deutschland!!! HALLO DEUTSCHLAND! :D Deutschland! Geht over here!! my head hurts -_- KOMM HIER! Es tut mir Leid...! Tag! meh. i wish i could just feel better already. what is wrong?! if i knew that i could fix it!! pleh! :) Konit'chiwa! Wie sag (Japan) in deutsch? ich weiß nicht... stays the same. hey there peoplez. hi <3 :D wait who is that? nameless oh, i though you were a different color... A /-\
B |3
D |)
H |-|
I |
J _|
K |<
L |_
M |\/|
N |\|
O ()
V \/ well this is all i could think up was ist? letters, using symbols :D ....? oh i see :) meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. if you think of some you can add them :D HI! Hi. hi
hi D [) bye. lol.. bye! Hi! hi so....anything new? fyi i had to do some chores, and my phone died, so thats why i havent answered right back, sorry anyways, nothing much new no. its ok and same hear.. sorry about the dance being cancelled, you guys really wanted to go, and then "Oh, you want to go? WELL TO BAD, NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE WANTED TO!" :\ lol..its ok...sides the way shade was acting i might have hade to drag her in there.. lol.. hmm... i wonder what it'd be like, if our characters ended up in minecraft... Like, they woke up in the reality that is minecraft "Hey where are we?"
"I don't know... where's our dragons?"
"I cant sense mine... WOAH WHATS THAT?!?"
*creeper blows up, knocking everyone back, and leaving a sizeable hole in the ground* O-O .. that would be so fun. .... what? Am I being to... stupid... or something? no.. i just dont like the thought of being blown up. eh yea... ... so i dont really know what to talk bout... meh... everything has been talked out... i guess... lol... :\ i guess i'll see ya later, im just gonna go watch youtube... well i'm going to bed night AWWWW! <3 BRING IT :D hi. Finally, I get on here during class.... SO HELLO EVERYBODY THAT I DON'T TALK TO :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAY!!! hi there :D herro :D i have red hair!!!!!!!! :D cool story bro, tell it again :P (*one red hair) :| meg. :3 shade. I wisled at u.. i know i ignored it T.T THE POWER OF NAMELESS COMPELS YOU! O-O >:U hisssssssss! *hugs Shade* ^.^ lololololol nameless! put this on... *throws fabric* O.o okie dokey! *takes off shirt, throws on fabric* *indicates Nameless* Jesus Nameless Christ. XD ..was...not...expecting... that xD Nameless is no Christ. i am too! i could be Jesus! *folds hand, goes to Meg* Hello my child. do not worry, for i am your savior. LOL, sure you are. COMPLETELY perfect... *hugs Nameless, regardless* *hugs* Umm... Meg, stahp huggin me for a minut. *lets go* *lets go* sorry :P *backs away calmly*
GAYLORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *attacks* *watches* ooookaaay then... *walks away awkwardly* EEEEP! NAMELESS WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!? DONT TOUCH THERE!!! *fights* NOT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!! ...................... I cant help it Gaylord, Meg hugged me! *gropes* Meg id say its a good thing ur not his lover...lol *grope gropity grope grope* that hurts! stop it or im gonna-- QUIT IT!!! LOL omg, yes... that would suck (no offense, Nameless) Although, from Shade's drawings, Nameless is really handsome :D *looks up* why thank you meg >:) *faps gaylord* .................soooo awkward..... *walks away* *goes with ninja* Nameless stop it!! im gonna-! staaaahhp naowwwww!!! *continues* Namey! Namele-- *spazzes out* the end. *gets up* okay i dont feel like groping anymore. *calls from another room* go wash your hands :P *panting* dont do that!! ever again!!!! come on i didnt actually touch anything! ... Shade, hand sanitizer? here you go :D *gives* ...*carefully peeks around the door* hey, Rag's missing.... or at least, he's not here *is currently as a cat*
meow. :3 meow :D *HUGS* I. LOVE. CATS. MEINEN KATZE. What? YAY RAG! :D MY BFF IS HERE! ........ Hi? meroww... lett meh gooos... NEIN. meh fine. *puts down, pets* meow i cans turn back... *poof* *HUGS RAG* HI! *freezes up* what what what what what what the hell is going on here- *dusts off suit* It doesn't help that dirt in my fur gets on my suit... and i've been out all day... I has a Rag! ^.^ what what what what..... Did I break Rag? XD *roars, flies up and lands* Where've you been...? Yes you broke me. what what what what... ....*stops hugging* are you okay?.. been to cold... lolz aha! i was right! what what what *walks away* bye Rag! ^^ Brother?! You're back!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 If Nameless were Jesus... in other news, i made a cat friend yesterday <3 heres how i reacted :) ermegrrd ur gonna be my best frriend evrrr how the cat reacted - the sky child!!! Sky Child.
I do not like you. I never liked you any more than a friend, and I am not even sure I liked you that much.
Stop bothering me. You're pissing me off and making me want to go to Boise just to bash your head in for you.
You are an idiot. Get a life. Find someone else.
Oh, and by the way, I have a boyfriend.
Fuck Off.
- Your friend, Shade. o_0 what a harsh friendzoning... sounds like she wants him to go die to me... :x Shade's reaction to Sky Child's otter: She can be pretty harsh when she wants to be... ... wow... i... i was expecting an "aww cute otter!" or a "okay fine! if i be your valentine will you stop pestering me?!" instead i get an anti-love note... but i can handle it. im an adult. i... i can handle this... i can... *sniffs* i can handle this... oh god shes here... im not even going to question how thats possible. :D THIS MAKES ME HAPPEH lol.... mai reaction to finding a cat :D wish i had one... i like the cat's reaction better :P i luuuuv cats!! lovies! :3 hatsy watsy... wtf ninja?? i failed at spelling that... huh? o-o you mean Hatie Waties? ya... -_- ._. ...public humiliation by Frau L.... awesome >.< gawd meg waita pay attention :D *poof* I HEARD IT: "die Jugendherberge"! i just had no idea wth she was asking for are you a kittie now? Juzqua the cat feelz outz of plaze... meh. no one cares! :P whatevs. for why? am i allowed to pick you up? >.< *awkward turtle in the background* warum die Awkward Turtle?! Weil... weil. ja, aber ich bin nicht gut... .......... weil was???! .....weil. Ich habe kein zu sagen :D *picks up* why are you not good? doesnt understands... uns... jusqua has it :D no! no moar awkwardness damit!!! no moar awkwardness!! ....fine :P i win. for now. ok... aber ich bin nicht gut noch... meg, translate. >:| thats enough of that. (am i saying this right?) "I'm still not good"? yeah. i get it! ja... if its over and done now, theres no need to worry about it anymore right? not really you, so much just me... i've got my uncontrolable, unstable emotions driving me insane... what on earth are you thinking about to drive you crazy anyway? *Lands and roars* well ROAR to you too :) He does not want to talk about it.
I feel his pain now leave him be! *lets forth turquoise flame* his pain? HIS PAIN?! Aethis, shut the hell up! listen you, i was hurt too. I finished my history notes!!! good job! i put that in a bad timing didn't i... *climbs on Aethis' back* wow. really? fine, fly away. that is so irritating. i liked the timing :D you're only just now getting irritated? O_O lol..thanks.. aquirdness..... nah, ive actually been irritated before, but i am a VERY good actor. Who said i was flying... i just wanna lay here... oh, okay. I'm not, hence the lack of comments from me XD huh. well whatever. meh. *lays down* *awkward turtle* its like mom and dad are fighting all over again O_O *doesn't care* *sets the turtle on fire* Aaaah! stupid dragon, fuck off! set my fucking turtle on fire... im gonna kill you! whoa whoa whoa there, frenchy, calm down. Frenchy...y u so mad? fine... *walks away* poor turtle... :( <3 he set my "awkward turtle" on fire! everyone just calm down... im sorry.... i has 4..and they are ninja turtles... :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turtles ^^ <3 Turtles belong on fire. *sighs* whatever. im gonna eat icecream. *walks away* ....can we kill the dragon now? *growls at Aethis* ...turtles forever! *follows Gaylord* Aethis got into some trouble with a turtle when we were in that trench... he has a grudge still... lol lol lol turtle but anyways... no turtle violence T_T lol, Shade... you're great :D eeheehee thanks :) i agree...u hurt my turtles...they will kill you.. *perks up at the word "kill"* who's gonna die? :D jeez meg :) >:3 whoever jurte the turtles... ... nevermind... it was sort of a joke... im cold >.< orely where's Rag? :D he's the space heater lol! lol lol lol "oh really?" lolz. ...can't promise, they made a mistake, now they're my enemies... Hi hey there. so bored... mai laugh is LOUD O.O not really... meg heard it earlier from DOWN THE HALLWAY T.T we were both being loud... yeah but STILL. im not going to argue with you...i alredy had a bad lunch... *is cat* me coodn't talk wit ihr right dere... never mind o_O we need a new prezi!!! Don't Starve. It is sooooo fun. Of course, i've only ever survived 4 days. :\ ?????????????? this movie is geting borimg! :| nothin me can do bouts its *poof* *pulls out kindness, and channels magic into it* *flies in with Jusqua on back* *jumps off and lands, and stands up* *lands behind him* This place is growing to be a bore... Where do you plan on going? *stops the magic* I don't know... I really don't want to just leave everyone else and go... *channels the magic again* You're still leaving...? If I had a choice...
I'd stay...
The curse has been causing wanderlust, the cat in me wants to roam...
I have to go... Goodbye... Goodbye... *puts hand on the scaled nose* *turns and slams Kindness into the ground, and vanishes* ...?! *Looks around in all directions, and then starts roaring and breathing fire randomly* I HAVE TO FIND HIM!! HE IS IN TROUBLE!!!
*readys to jump into the air, and then roars as he leaps up at extreme speeds* Master Northwind has become lost in some place where the natives are hostile, again, it seems... sup. yo. y u no pay attention. hey. whatcha doin? YO! GODDAMIT TRYIN TO TALK TO YA HERE! clueless. so. nameless? whatcha doin? nothin. im dancing. *dances* If you wish to talk to Master Northwind, you'll need to find him, he seems to need help... u have been dancing since 1st period... im going for a record. *dances* ... err, the question is do i WANT to help him... im kinda busy... watching nameless dance... can i dance too? *dances* ya...same here... *watches* lol good job meg. XD SO MUCH WIN. whatwhatwhatwhatwhat grumpeh cat winns. grumpy cat <3333 Nice one Meg. whose turn is it to make one? can it be rags turn? :DDDD yes! because my vote counts the most XD Now wait, I didn't agree to anything here... *Ninja dies* c'mon rag! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase? :3 ....... for me? ..................................... *twiches* there is a disturbence in the force... she needs CPR! ill help! I live *sits up* XD ninja... aww. *continues dancing* Meg! ....What?! :D not today nameless.. -_- or ever. ...i forgot who yellow is... lol me, Meg.. i'm not a perv, like nameless ok...sorry *gives chocolate as apoligy* *takes chocolate* thanks, and it's fine :D i thought the confusion was funny :D ya...this class seems so quiet...O_O...its kinda scarry.. ...yeah... i'm afraid to talk.. >.> ya...lol Here is the link to the Prezi I was forced to make. :D XD I don't see it... Me neither... why isnt it showing up!? i hate prezi! nooot working.... Name: Brandt Thadius Gorschön
Title: Ex-Knight
Age: 17
Height: 7ft 17in
Weight: 250 lbs
Eyes: Cerulian Blue
Hair: Long White
Equipment: Broadsword, Crossbow, Brace-Guard of the Knighthood Irithim
(a wrist mounted armor enchanted to generate a magical shield) who? so...what hapined to not geting on? I am Jusqua's... Rival, his exact opposite, but we also are best friends, because neither of us would be here with out the other, I've kept track of the times we've saved each other's lives: J:463 Me: 439... .....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hmm you don't seem impressed by the number of times that J and I have saved each other.... boring >:U Magic: No magical attunement, can not cast spells *jolts* sorry what...was someone talkin? Other Skills: Giant's Strength, Pin-point Crossbow Accuracy, High Agility, Knowledge of the Blessings of Irithim, Survivalist's Training ich bin board >:U Weaknesses: No magic, Extremely Boastful Brandt
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