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No description

kayla steward

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of TEEN WOLF

Scott McCall
son of Melissa McCall
He is a werewolf
Goes to beacon hills high
Co-captian of the lacrosse team
Works at a vets office
Considered an omega
He feels the need to save everyone
protective, loyal, and caring
Allison Argent
daughter of Victoria Argent
trained to be a werewolf hunter and leader
moved a lot as a child
aunt named Kate
the need to feel independent
Stiles Stilinski
Son of sheriff stilinski
Scott McCall's best friend
dork, socially awkward, goofball
not a fighter, but very brave
his mother passed away
Lydia Martin
strong confident woman
finds dead people a lot
doesnt get along with her parents
idolized by stiles
best friend is Allison
Derek Hale
brother of laura hale
nephew to peter hale
family killed in a fire
allergic to stairs for a while
feels alone in the world
eyes blue because he killed his high school sweetheart
wants to be an alpha
Chris Argent
father to Allison
brother to Kate
married to Victoria
werewolf hunter's leader
prefers a bow and arrow but also uses a gun
pretends to be a CEO of a security company
Sheriff Stilinski
father of stiles
missed his wifes death
use to have a drinking problem
doesnt understand unsolved cases because of the super natural things that occur in beacon hills
loving father
Victoria Argent
strict and harsh mother to Allison
hates all werewolfs
makes main decisions for action of the werewolf hunters
Jackson Whittemore
feels the need to impress parents that aren't there
considered cold hearted at times
Peter hale
burned in a fire
half survived the fire
the life burned out of him
Dr. Deaton
intellegent vet
brother to the guidence counciler
assumed to be a druid
insane werewolf hunter who wants to kill everyone
grandfather to allison
Kate Argent
crazy aunt to allison
sociopath who burned the hale house down
stalks allison and controls a crazy monster that kills peoples
like photography
scared of water
Issac Lahey
abused by father
was taken in by Derek
be came a werewolf to protect himself
father was murdered
Erica Reyes
use to have seizures until Derek turned her
didn't have a lot of friends until Boyd
use to be on the heavy side
worked at ice ring
Cora Hale
derek's little sister that should have died in the hale fire
she's an alpha
refuses to wear shoes or get a predicare
probably loves ennis
He's really big alpha
killed by Deucalion
definitely loves Kali
Ethan and Aiden
they're twin alphas that can combine into one mega werewolf
Aiden likes Lydia
Ethan likes Danny
Melissa McCall
she is Scott's mom
nurse at the beacon hills memorial hospital
loving mother
calls himself the demon wolf
main alpha to Kali, Ennis, Ethan, and Aiden
he's blind, and absolutely crazy
Jennifer blake
use to be a werewolf in Kali's pack
Kali tried to kill her, but didn't die because of an old druid power
becomes a drach the evil version of the druid
Mr. Harris
some how he is always connected to the supernatural plot
science teacher
Coach Bobby Finstock
He is very sarcastic
also teaches econ
lacrosse coach
Best friend to Jackson
Goalie on the lacrosse team
Dated Ethan for a while
Probably secretly knows about all the supernatural stuff
Season 1
Main Couples
Scott and Allison
Jackson and Lydia
Episode 1 Wolf Moon
a woman is torn apart in the woods
Scotts best friend stiles drags him to the woods to find it
Scott gets bitten by something in the woods
Scott meets the new girl allison
Scott gets on first line for lacrosse
Jackson is suspicious of Scott
Scott goes to the jackson party with allison
he turns into a werewolf
Derek finds scott and offers to train him
Episode 2 Second Chance at First Line
After ditching Allison at the party he ask for a second chance
He discovers him being a werewolf can actually be a bad thing
Scott when angry gets Jackson and accidently hurts him
that her father is a werewolf hunter
Stiles and Scott hurt
Scott tries to pull out of the game, but coach wont let him
Lydia pressures him into playing the game because he injured her boyfriend
Derek threatens to kill Scott if he plays in the lacrosse game, so Scott and Stiles take him out of play by getting him arrested for the death of Laura Hale
Episode 3 Pack Mentality
Scott has a violent dream about killing Allison and is scared that it actually happened
the dream slightly did happen accept a bus driver was killed
Scott turns to Derek for help against Stiles wishes
Scott gets stuck bowling with Jackson and Lydia
Scott was terrible at bowling, but Allison's encouragement helped fix that
later on Scott fights Derek and loses
then Derek explains how his sister was murdered by the alpha that turned him, and how he came there to avenger her death
Episode 4 Magic Bullet
Allison's aunt Kate comes to town, and almost killed by the alpha, but she is able to fight him off
Kate instead of shooting the Alpha she shots Derek who was tracking the Alpha
Scott and Allison has a study date that involves a lot of kissing
while Scott is about to score with Allison, Stiles has to watch dying Derek
Scott has to find a bullet to help Derek
Kate makes Scott stay over for dinner
stiles almost has to cut off Derek's arm, but Scott saves the day just in time
Episode 5 The Tell
Lydia and Jackson have a close encounter with the alpha that bit Scott
Allison gets a family heirloom from her aunt, and is led on the path of becoming a hunter
Scott and Allison ditches school for her birthday and miss there school conferences.
Derek gets a visit from Kate at the hale house
a mountain lion runs around the school parking lot and Chris shoots it freaking people out
Episode 6 Heart Monitor
Stiles dad got hurt and is mad at Scott
derek refuses to help scott with his new ability's unless he stays clear from Allison
like a hormonal teenager scott ignores Derek for some action
Stiles annoyed with Derek gets over being made at Scott to help him with his ability's
Jackson is feeling strange from the scratches on his neck, and creepily confronts Allison about wanting to be friends with her and Scott
Episode 7 Night School
Scott howls to the alpha to try to figure out who it is
derek disappears after being stabbed by the alpha
they are trapped in there high school
a text is sent to Allison supposivily from scott and drags her, lydia, and jackson to the dangerous scene in the high school
scott freaks out about it and has to lie to the three of them to protect them
at the end of the episode allison dumps scott because she knew he was lying
Episode 8 Lunatic
Stiles take Scott out to get drunk
it is Scott's second full moon and he is acting stranger than the first time
he gives into one of his urges and makes out with Lydia
Stiles to get revenge locks him to the heater that night
jackson continues to try to be friends with Allison
in his wolf state Scott sees Allison and Jackson together but pictures them playing tonsil hockey
the Argent's find out Scott knows Derek
Episode 9 Wolf's Bane
Jackson discovers he has aconite poisoning which happens when he was exposed to wolf's bane causing visions and discovers what Scott truly is
he dumps Lydia and forces Scott to get him the bite
Derek hides out in Stiles house
Stiles uses Derek to get Danny to do things
Scott tries to steal Allison's necklace for Derek to identify the alpha
Jackson and Allison continue being friends
Episode 10 Co-Captain
the alpha reveals himself to Scott and it is Peter Hale
peter takes Melissa out to dinner and Scott has to protect her
he gives Scott a hint on why hes been killing people
the argent's think that Jackson is the second beta because of the claw marks.
Allison learns more and more about her family and at the end learns they are hunters
Stiles has a moment with his dad when he is drunk and they both miss his mother
Episode 11 Formality
Allison is dramatized by finding about werewolfs
Kate is holding Derek captive
Kate reveals the affair between her and derek when he was in high school
Scott is banned from the school dance but goes anyways
Lydia goes to the dance with Stiles because of Allison
Allison goes to the dance with jackson who spends the entire time being a jerk
Jackson disappears and lydia looks for him while looking for him she is attacked by peter and given the bite
Scott and Allison dance together then wander outside to the buses
Jackson reveals to the argent's what Scott is
they try to run Scott over with a car but he changes into a werewolf and Allison sees
formality pictures
Episode 12 Code Breaker
Victoria argent forces Kate and Allison to leave town after they find out about Scott
Stiles gets the alpha to spare Lydia because Stiles agrees to find Derek
Peter hopes she will become a werewolf
Jackson has to run Lydia to the hospital and the sheriff blames him
Scott is freaking out about Allison knowing his secret
Allison and Kate decide not to leave and try to track down the alpha
everyone is against peter
Allison learns that her aunt was crazy and burned down the hale house
Derek kills peter becoming the alpha
Code Breaker pics
characters in this season
season 2
main couple
Scott and Allison
Side couples
Erica and boyd
Chris and Victoria
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