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Mind the Gap: The Harries Universe

English 1102 Celebrity Assignment, YouTube, JacksGap

Ivie Osaghae

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Mind the Gap: The Harries Universe

The Rickshaw Run- India
The Mother Tukkers
The Universe According to the Harries
The Rainbow Centre
Sri Lanka
The Rainbow Centre is a school founded with the hope of educating children living in abject poverty in the remote countryside; the boys spent Christmas and Boxing Day with the students and their families.
Comic Relief
South Africa 2013
A thirteen day charity rally that spans
the Indian subcontinent from east to west.
Teams must make the 3,000 km (1,864 mi) in rickshaws, spending up to 8 hours in them.
The guys chose the Teen Cancer Trust as their
charity because the work they do affects
individuals their age as well as those in
their target audience.

The boys enlisted the help
of their friends and the
company Prizeo to raise
money for the Cancer Trust.

The Mother Tukkers
raised $153,231
exceeding their original goal of $100,000!
The Guys Behind the Lens
Fame Spurs Awareness

»"Finn Finn the Better Twin"
» Graphic Designer, Film Maker, Photographer, and self-professed
»Two minutes older than Jack;
never lets him forget it

»Creator of JacksGap
»Vlogger, Photographer, and Actor
»Got his start on British TV
comedy sketch show
School of
»Two minutes younger than his
identical twin Finn
Ivie Osaghae
English 1102/ Fall 2013
Mind the Gap
It All Started with an Idea...
Comic Relief, a British non-profit, invited the boys to South Africa to see the progress they have made there concerning HIV/AIDS awareness and to celebrate the organizations' 25th anniversary
Exceeding Expectations
JacksGap by the numbers
2012: 10,000 subscribers and invited to be a YouTube partner
2013: February- one million subscribers
June- 2 millions subscribers &
two year anniversary of the
Today the channel has more than three million subscribers and upwards of 128 million views!

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