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Animal Testing

No description

Jennifer Garcia

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Testing

Doctor Who
Jennifer Garcia
Including those animals the number is about 17.2 million animals in the USA
11.2 million animals in Japan
2.8 million animals in Great Britain
In USA, 1.2 million animals are tested on (excluding mice, fish, rats, birds, amphibians, & reptiles
The Doctor and Rose travel to New Earth
arrive in New New York in the year 5,000,000,023
Go to the New New York Hospital
the Doctor receives a message to go
Hospital is run by the Sisters of Plenitude (AKA Cat Nuns)
found cures for supposedly incurable diseases
Cassandra takes over Rose's body
The Doctor and Rose discover the ICU is full of human test subjects
injected with every disease
euthanized once they become too ill and begin to speak
Cassandra releases all the humans
One touch from a human infects you
The Doctor mixes all of the cures from the hospital and everyone is cured
More Research
Humans and animals roles are reversed in the episode
-Makes viewers aware of the issues associated with animal testing
"New Earth"
Animal Testing
Season 2 Episode 1
"substances are force fed, inhaled, or applied to the skin or eyes of test animals."
"poisoning for toxicity testing, burning skin, causing brain damage, implanting electrodes into the brain, maiming, blinding, and other invasive procedures."
-Humans represent real-life animals.
The End.
"animals used in studies receive the test substance daily, seven days a week, for up to two years with no recovery periods."
"standard lab conditions, such as small, crowded cages, lack of enrichment, loud noises, and bright lights out of sync with natural lighting."
Leads to stress
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