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Gawad Kalinga


Ima Banisil

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Gawad Kalinga

What is the Problem? Non-Government Organization Gawad Kalinga Housing Program
in Barangay 649, Baseco Port Area, Manila and its Effectiveness in Poverty Alleviation Poverty Squatter Area HOMELESS Based on National Statistical
Coordination Board
on 23 March 2009 in City of Makati,
Metropolitan Manila or the
National Capital Region (NCR)
is the capital of the country and
home to more than 11.5 million
Filipinos based on the
2007 PopCen. Five Poorest Cities and Municipalities by District in NCR, 2003 Fire Incident on January 2004
at BASECO, Port Area Manila Gawad Kalinga VISION.

Gawad Kalinga is building a nation
empowered by people with faith and patriotism;
a nation made up of caring and sharing communities,
dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. MISSION.

Ending poverty for 5 million
poor families by 2024:
Land for the Landless.
Homes for the Homeless.
Food for the Hungry. Antonio Meloto or “Tito Tony” Organizations who joined hands from the private sector:
• Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP)
• Nestle
• Smart
• Proctor and Gamble
• Oishi
1. Who are the beneficiaries of this housing program of Gawad Kalinga?
2. How does this housing projects work possible?
3. What are the grounds in distributing Gawad Kalinga housing in Baseco, Manila?
4. How does the residents recognize the following issues?
A. Relocation
B. Terms and conditions
5. Did Gawad Kalinga improves the lives of the residents in Baseco? GENERAL PROBLEM
1. What is the role of Gawad Kalinga in the community? INSTRUMENTATION
• Interview
• Survey-Questions


% = (f/N) *100
f = frequency
N = total number of respondent STATISTICAL TREATMENT OF DATA Likert Scale Data Analysis
Demographic Profiles
•Length of stay in the Baseco, Port Area
•Length of stay GK Housing Program
•Size of family
•Meals a day Table 1
Rules and Regulations of Gawad Kalinga in Residing in the House

•4- Strongly Implemented
•3- Implemented
•2- Not implemented
•1- Strongly not implemented
4- Very Satisfied
3- Satisfied
2- Dissatisfied
1- Very not Satisfied
Table 2
Condition of the House Table 3
Community 4- Excellent
3- Average
2- Below average
1- Poor 4-Very near
3- Near
2- Far
1- Very far Table 4
Nearness Table 5
Programs of Gawad Kalinga 4- Very effective
3- Effective
2- Not effective
1- Strongly not effective Table 6
Multi-purpose Centers of Gawad Kalinga 4- Very effective
3- Effective
2- Not effective
1- Strongly not effective Table 7
Impact of Gawad Kalinga
in the Alleviation of Poverty 4- Gotten much better
3- Gotten somewhat better
2- Stayed the same
1-Gotten much worse 4- Excellent
3- Average
2- Below average
Gawad Kalinga’s role for the Philippines is to provide for a slum-free, squatter-free nation through a simple strategy of providing land for the landless,
homes for the homeless, food for the hungry
and as a result providing dignity and peace for every Filipino. They must pay with "sweat equity”. Role of Gawad Kalinga Specific Pr blem • Beneficiaries of the Housing program of Gawad Kalinga
 homeless and hopeless Filipinos

• How does Housing Program works Possible
 support of donation,
 supplies
 money
 marshals volunteers (sweat equity) •Grounds in distributing Gawad Kalinga Housing
willingly pay with "sweat equity"

•Residents regarding; Relocation and Terms and Conditions
Prohibiting animals around
Restricting to remodel the house
to build a Store
to hang clothes everywhere
Maintain Cleanliness and Peace and Order RECOMMENDATION... •Make a study where are the slummed areas and to take an action.

•And to also implement corresponding penalties to those who would violate the Rules and Regulations.

•Supervision and follow-up activities

•Government should to impart the spirit of “bayanihan”

•Provide decent homes, also provide education, livelihood programs,

•Government should also involve and coordinate with the different sector of the society especially private entities Conclusion One of the main reasons resulting poverty problem is the lack of opportunity. Some of the other causes are the unequal distribution of resources, inability to meet high standards of living and costs of living, inadequate education and employment opportunities.

The study shows that Gawad Kalinga did not just give land for the landless, homes for the homeless, food for the hungry, but also provides people living in poverty lack of resources both material and non-material. It educates the people having a different perception of the way of living.
The programs of Gawad Kalinga pushes people to think big, remove them from social exclusion and promote themselves and their values.
Individuals living in Baseco Port Area constantly learn and grow through Gawad Kalinga.
It is a building a nation made up of caring and sharing communities, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. This study proves that Gawad Kalinga Housing Program is an effective way in poverty alleviation. If these programs can be implemented, we will surely see a decrease in poverty problem in Philippines as well as economic stability.
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