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Sports Lab

No description

Alexandra Volkova Jurema

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Sports Lab

Sports Lab
Transparency Honesty
A closed group that analyses and promotes the understanding of important issues in the world of sports.
The group will meet for open and free discussions covering various relevant topics of the sports industry.
The Sport Lab will promote intellectual development and become a source of new solutions to the world of sports.
The SportsLab aspires to unite the sports industry at large on conceptual and practical brainstorming that are relevant to the daily professional activities as well as to the governance and overall management of sports.

1. Promote intellectual collaboration among sports professionals
2. Develop solution-oriented critical-thinkers in the sport domain
3. Keep sports industry professionals up-to-date on current affairs

Sports Lab
Thinkers and Challengers
Any SportsLab member
Lead the session
Introduce the discussion topic
Provide situation analysis
Extract the most from the guest-speakers’ view
Generate an exchange of opinions among all present
Wrap up the session
IF executives, current/former elite athletes, sport researchers and scientists, educational institutions executives and other people known for their achievements in sports, sport administration and education (up to 2 people).
Share expertise and opinion
Make a presentation relevant to the topic
Answer the questions from attendees
Guest-speakers may use the space as a platform to test their ideas, projects and opinions among highly qualified professionals.
Club Members
IF executives, current/former elite athletes, sport researchers and scientists, educational institutions executives and other people known for their achievements in sports, sport administration and education.
Participate in the discussion
Challenge the guest speakers
Share experience and expertise
Guest Attendees
Selected sports professionals
Share expertize and opinion, participate in the discussion and challenge the guest speakers
SportsLab: the sports think-tank
Areas of Discussions
Sport Governance
Sustainability in sports
Development through sports
Sport for Youth
Structure of the Sessions
• Introduction and Situation Analysis - Approx. 5 min
• Guest Speaker - Approx. 10 - 15 min
• Discussion - Approx. 30 - 120 min
• Wrap-up - Approx. 5 min

Periodicity of the Sessions
The sessions will take place without any specific calendar established and will depend on the availability of guest-speakers.
The Moderator presents a short description of the day’s topic: it can be a situational analysis, recent research illustrating the data needed for the discussion, or a personal experience related to the agenda.
The agenda will be sent to participants before the meeting day.
All attendees are encouraged to discuss topics openly and freely.

Any outcome of the group discussions will be considered as a common intellectual product; therefore it will not attribute any information to a specific person. The outcomes will be shared with the club members and may be eventually published.
Guest-speakers are free to define the topic they want to raise and discuss.
Guest-speakers can choose the presentation format they wish to use
relevant to professionals
in the world of sports
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