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College Knowledge Month: How to Implement a Successful Program at your School

Presentation given by Beth Barsness & Angie Johnson at the 2014 MSCA Conference in Brainerd, MN

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of College Knowledge Month: How to Implement a Successful Program at your School

must devote time and space
during the school day
for college exploration activities - including support for seniors to complete college applications.
College access programs
can host CKM events and serve students within their pre-existing program structure.
2011: College Application Week
National campaign under the American Council on Education
17 high school sites participated in Minnesota
2012: College Application Week
106 high school sites participated in Minnesota, serving approx. 16,000 seniors
38 Minnesota postsecondary institutions waived application fees
2013: College Knowledge Month (October)
Explore. Plan. Apply!
141 high school sites participated, serving approx. 25,000 seniors
All Private Colleges, University of MN campuses and MnSCU institutions agreed to accept NACAC fee waiver for qualifying students
(Available to registered sites)
List of Participating Postsecondary Institutions
Toolkit Items
Promotional Materials
May 20 | 1-3pm Office of Higher Ed, St. Paul
(webinar option available)
September 12 | 9:30-11:30am MDE, Roseville
September 15 | 9:30-11:30am MDE, Roseville

Learn/share ideas for implementing CKM activities
Get the latest application fee information
Receive information on working with volunteers
Pick up promotional materials

To help schools establish and/or build upon a culture of college-readiness.

To communicate to all students the importance of preparing for and applying to college.

To provide a statewide message and excitement about exploring and planning for college.

To increase the number of Minnesota seniors who complete the college admissions process.

To engage and inform underrepresented students (first-generation college students, students of color, and low-income students) about postsecondary opportunities, culminating in the application process.
Site registered by preferred deadline of
June 15
will have access to a database of volunteers.
Private Colleges
University of MN campuses
MnSCU System

CKM Steering Committee will publish a list of schools accepting NACAC fee waivers or offering a CKM promotion in June.
admissions representatives
retired teachers
college access personnel
CKM: How to Implement a Successful
Program at Your School
Beth Barsness | Angie Johnson
Minnesota Department of Education
Office of College & Career Success
Participate at any time during the month of October.

New sites:
Establish CKM at your school.
Returning sites:
Improve upon and expand your CKM programming.

Establish relationships with volunteers in your community.
Complete a Site Coordinator Survey
Site Coordinators across the state can post questions and share ideas.

Site Coordinator

The collection includes:
24 interviews
15 students
5 parent / student stories
4 foreign language parent stories (Hmong, Somali, Spanish)
5 themed montages
What I Wish I Would’ve Known in High School (students)
Why I Chose College (students)
Asking for Help (students)
Getting Involved (parents)
College Why and How (parents)

for a successful CKM
Create a Team
Main Tasks
Integrate existing college going activities
Generate Hype!
Volunteer Coordination
Share Ideas
Start Small!
College Fairs - National and Local
ACT Test / Preparation
SAT Test / Preparation
Virtual College Visits
Who at your site can be part of your College / Career Readiness team?
What activities occur in the fall that can be part of your CKM programming?
Ideas from other site coordinators:

Create a kick off video with teacher and student stories.
Student news team reported on CKM.
Counselors launched initiative in senior classes.
Kick-off event in auditorium
Integrated college planning activities into classroom activities and assignments
Involve the local community.
Host a career panel with business people or parents or alumni.
Use Volunteers Effectively
Working with Volunteers:

Contact volunteers as soon as possible when the list becomes available.
Availability is first-come, first-served.
Make your volunteers feel useful
Contact them and communicate tasks early.
Schedule longer time frames for volunteers to participate (2+ hours).
Two Types of Volunteers . . .
Admissions representatives, financial aid specialists, college access personnel, etc.
(those with specific expertise in the college exploration/application process)
"College Experts"
parents, alumni, school staff or
community members
Ideas for Utilizing Volunteers who are "Helpers":

Hang signs
Direct visitors
Answer general questions about college or share their story about why they went to college
Student sign-in, incentives
Logistics with planning
Ideas for Utilizing Volunteers who are "College Experts":

Help students complete applications
Provide general information about college
Assist with transcript requests
Provide presentations - common application, financial aid/literacy, 2 year college admissions process, importance of college
Get Staff on Board
Generate Hype
Event Planning
Beth Barsness
beth.barsness@state.mn.us | 651.582.8336

Angie Johnson
angie.johnson@state.mn.us | 651.582.8478

coming soon . . .
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