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Introduction to Higher History

No description

Mr Farrell

on 8 June 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to Higher History

Paper 1
Paper 2
A Guide to Higher History
A study of population movement and social and economic change in Scotland and abroad between 1830 and 1939, illustrating the themes of empire, migration and identity.
Paper 1
Paper 2
British - Britain 1851-1951
European and World
USA, 1918–1968
A study of the development of the United Kingdom into a modern democracy and the development of the role of the state in the welfare of its citizens, illustrating the themes of authority, ideology and rights.
How important was the role of pressure groups in Britain becoming more democratic between 1851 and 1928?

Britain was a fully democratic country by 1918.
How valid is this view?

To what extent were the militant tactics of the suffragettes the main reason why women achieved the vote by 1918?

To what extent did the Liberal Government of 1906-1914 introduce social reform due to the social reforms of Booth and Rowntree?

How Important were the Liberal social welfare reforms of 1906-1914 in tackling the problem of poverty?

“The Labour Government of 1945-1951 met the needs of the people from the ‘Cradle to the Grave’. How valid is this view?
A study of the growing tensions in American society, focusing on racial divisions, economic difficulties, the growth of federal powers and the struggle for civil rights, illustrating the themes of ideology, identity and rights.
European and World
1. What were the reasons for the changing attitudes towards immigration in the 1920s?

2. What were the obstacles to the achievement of civil rights for black people up to 1941?

3. Why was there an economic crisis between 1929-33?

4. How effective was the New Deal?

5. How did the Civil Rights campaign develop after 1945?

6. How effective was the Civil Rights movement in meeting the needs of black Americans, up to 1968?
4 main elements
Migration and Empire, 1830 - 1939
You choose an essay title yourself from any of the topics that we have covered in class, research it, draw up a plan and then write up the essay in 1 hour 30. You have a plan in with you to help you. Both the plan and the essay are sent off to SQA.
The Assignment is the coursework element of Higher History and counts for just under one-third of your overall grade – 27%
1 hour 20 mins
British ~ Answer one essay from a choice of three. 20 marks.

USA ~ Answer one essay from a choice of three. 20 marks.
British ~ Answer one essay from a choice of three. 22 marks.

USA ~ Answer one essay from a choice of three. 22 marks.
Paper 2 Sources : Answer 4 questions based on four areas. 36 marks.
Evaluate the usefulness
Two Source Q
How Fully
8 marks
10 marks
10 marks
Migration of Scots
The experience of immigrants in Scotland
The impact of Scots emigrants on the Empire
The effects of migration and empire on Scotland to 1939
Later Modern History - Britain 1851 – 1951
USA 1918–1968
Paper 1
3 hours/ two papers
We will not throw you in at the deep in first. You will be given time and practice to develop your essay skills throughout the year in order to make sure you are fully prepared for writing 2 essays in the time allocated.
These are the same question types that you were asked @ N5 – the difference is that you are required to write more and read longer sources!

Paper 2 Question Types
How fully… (10 marks)
Evaluate the usefulness… (8 marks)
Two source question… (10 marks)
This video looks at the relevance of one particular topic we will look at in the European and World section of Civil Rights....
What would you do...?
3 Civil Rights topics
Great Depression 1930s
New Deal
44 marks/ 40%
1 Explain Question
30 marks/27%
36 marks/ 33%
Explain an Event... (8 marks)
30 marks
With regards to sources, practice makes perfect. We will be covering content and source skills simultaneously where you will be assessed on each of the 4 areas and question types.
Timed essays will form much of your assessments in Higher History.
8 marks
June: Women and the Vote
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