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Human Resources Branch

No description

Nelson Estupin

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Human Resources Branch

Annual Santa Clara County Teacher Recruitment Fair
Did You Know?
Affordable Care Act
Who We Are
What We Do
Human Resources Branch
About the Fair
1,000 teacher candidates
350 district and charter school administrators
28 districts including the SCCOE
12 charter schools
Largest teacher fair in Northern CA
Where We 're Going
Golden Bell Award Winner - CFL
December 16, 2014
43 teachers progressing to HQT status
6th year of Champions for Leadership Program
Total of 104 CFL Graduates
24th Annual Staff Recognition Event
27th Annual SCC Teacher Recruitment Fair
Monthly Meeting for district HR administrators
The Bottom Line:
How Our Work Impacts Students
The Human Resources Branch ensures our students receive quality instruction through the selection and assignment of qualified leaders, teachers and support staff. The Branch supports school districts and their students through the provision of services in teacher credentialing, fingerprinting, unemployment insurance and teacher recruitment.

Employment Services
Credentials Services
Talent Management
Employee/Employer Relations
Performance Management
Workplace Compliance
Unemployment Insurance
Special Events
Personnel Commission
Employment Testing
Job Classification
Substitute Staffing
Human Resources Branch
In 2013-2014:

484 new employees
Certificated Recruitment
Enter/Exit Employee Processing
Position Control
Certificated/Classified Employment Status Changes
Benefit Plans Management
Credentials Management
Assignment Monitoring
School Districts
Charter Schools
Williams Act
Staff/Organizational Development
Champions for Leadership (CFL)
HELLO - Staff Orientation
Employee Wellness
Volunteer Program
Contract Personnel
4,165 UI claims
4,800 credentials customers
5,000+ educator assignments
332 staff welcomed through HELLO
47% staff participated in wellness activities
2,308 fingerprinted
Flexible Spending Account / Wellness Rewards Program
Classification Study: Office Workers and Program Staff
Classified Recruitment Fair
Oct. 24, 2015
years of SCCOE service
Employment Assistance Program
Deferred Compensation
Commuter Benefits

Increased wellness engagement by staff
2 Bronze Telly Awards in 2014 for the video:
Paraeducator: The Backbone of the Teaching Team
Health Care Options
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