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Social Media: Islands, Knowledge, Bacchanalia

Social Media for CWSDC

Soy Luv

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Social Media: Islands, Knowledge, Bacchanalia

Social Media: Islands, Knowledge, Bacchanalia

Who has access?
Barbados 77%
Grenada 37%
Haiti 11%
Guyana 37%
Jamaica 40%
Trinidad and Tobago 65%
St. Lucia 51%
St. Vincent 56%
U.S. V.I. 50%
Bahamas 77%
Belize 39%

United Kingdom 91%
USA 87%

Source: The World Bank Data Bank, Internet users, 2015

Tumblr, Facebook, IG, Wordpress and Twitter all have strong Caribbean networks and usage.

Virtual kinship is real, allyuh
Clapbacks reverberate to build stronger inter-regional ties

#YouSoCaribbeanBut (March 2016)

Been seeing Americans caping for Caribbean culture too often since that work song, sit down and go enjoy the fast internet we don't have

African American people tryna claim "patois" as black...u guys call us coconuts...u cant claim our shit either

U so Caribbean but embarrassed when ur REAL Caribbean comes up to visit with powder on her neck

#YouSoCaribbeanBut never send a please call me and get one back as a response

Source: Buzzfeed

Building bridges: between #BlackLivesMatter USA & the African-descent & brown diaspora: Puerto-Rico, London, Brazil etc.

Between the wider Desi community and Caribbean South Asian people, for two examples: #ReclaimTheBindi
Know yuh worth
Social media helps us create & foster:

Whey you from?
How representative is my network?
Can replicate class boundaries
Some dialogue is populated by those with access to formal education (though that is changing)
How safe are my online safe-spaces?
Why are they necessary?
How do they assist with self-actualization?
Online me vs. real life me
Online community vs. "real" community
Mental health
Handles help tell who we are!
Visibility: allows Caribbean people to speak for themselves and complicate long-held narratives; Show-'n-prove e.g. We have Wifi too
Connects us to one another (and is not limited to the “global south”)
Accessibility: internet + device
Maintaining a space can be nearly "free" vs. rent
Inter/intra island bacchanal
"Mapping Caribbean Cyberfeminisms", Dr. Tonya Haynes
"The price that I have paid (and still paying…) for creating and making
Gradient Lair
what it has become has been a very high price, and high in ways (i.e. rape threats, death threats, stalking, plagiarism, erasure, vile hyperconsumption without regard to safety, libel) that most people cannot fathom unless they’re in the same hypervisible, consistently exploited social position. Truthfully, this is only going to be handful of Black women and other women of colour who know what I mean here; acutely and intersectionally. However, despite not knowing what I mean, some of you are still kind, do care, and have been interesting to speak to (and for some, get to know) in these 3.5 years that Gradient Lair has existed.

However, after a series of mainstream media articles rolled out all summer long and now into autumn, using but not citing my years of work/framing on misogynoir (i.e. people will name that Moya Bailey coined the term [if even that] which she did, but plagiarize my years of specific framing and writing on it), post-mortem media violence (i.e. they don’t use my term, but they lift the entire framing regularly) and self-care (i.e. magically a slew of particular activism and self-care posts popped up after mine and my tweets on it, but framed similarly to mine), for example, I just feel exhausted. . . . I don’t want to continue to play this vile game of guess the plagiarist; guess the eraser; guess the troll; guess the abuser. I am not interested in this. I recently turned 36 years old; I am older than most of you who use this platform to blog/share on. I am…really tired."-- Trudy,
Gradient Lair
, "Farewell"
Can a conversation on social media have the capacity to be transformative?
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