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ali baba and the 40 thieves

No description

gabe servin

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of ali baba and the 40 thieves

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves Gabriel
Simon Irony: The ironic thing about Ali Baba and the 40 thieves is that the thief got robbed and he was trying to steal what he originally once stole. Imagery: The author used graphic imagery to get his thoughts across. For example the way he displayed how Cassim was cut up into four pieces and nailed to the cave wall in order to scare off others that came. Conflict: The conflict is when the captain finds out that someone was stealing his gold. Also the poverty that led Ali Baba to steal the gold from him in the first place could be seen as another conflict. Setting: The setting takes place in Persia, you could even say ali baba's house towards the end of the story, but no specific time was given. TLW:
Understand the literary elements in Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and the plot of the story. AP Stem Question:
1. The Attitude of the passage is one of greed, suspense, death, and a bit of pity in the beginning of the story.

2. The author uses this image of his brother nailed to a wall for the purpose of displaying that the thieves are ruthless and will stop at nothing to kill anyone who touches their gold.

3. In relation to the passage as a whole, the statement in the first sentence gives the reader the setting, the conflict (one of them), and a contrasting character to highlight ali baba's poverty. Plot: There a lot of climaxes and high moments of suspense and different conflicts but the main background of ali baba is that he was once a poor man who found gold and had people trying to kill him for it. In the beginning of the story
they introduce ali baba and his brother as characters that contrast each other to highlight ali baba's poverty and establish how he had come to know about the thieves' tomb of gold Ali baba is working when thieves come his way and scare him into a tree. He then finds out where they keep their gold and takes some home. Cassim, ali baba's brother, finds out ali baba has found gold and wants in on the action too so he goes out to get some as well but ends up being caught in the act, cut into four pieces, and nailed to the wall. His brother's stupidity leads to the main thief finding out that he's been getting robbed (irony) and when ali baba goes searching for his brother he STILL takes gold after finding his dead body in pieces and lets the thieves know there's a second person involved so they go on a manhunt to find out who it is and kill him One of the thieves finds out who it is that's taking the gold and off the thieves go to try and kill ali baba who is then saved by his slave/housekeeper because of her keen reaction to finding a thief in a barrel. After the first attempt on ali baba's life failed the main thief decides he wants to try again and has to do it solo due to all his men dying in the first go. So he disguises himself and ends up being friends with ali's son. Again, the housekeeper's eye for trouble and slick ways of dealing with it has payed off and she ends up stabbing the thief before he gets a chance to kill ali baba and saves his life for the second time. Ali baba who is completely astonished rewards her for her actions and offers her to his son in marriage and in the end they keep all of the gold to themselves and live a plush life for generations to come. Symbolism: The gold symbolizes death for all that aren't worthy of it. Ali baba's brother dies, and so do the thieves.

This is also sort of displayed in the beginning of the disney movie when a thief tries to enter the tomb and is killed because he wasn't the one who was worthy of entering. Tone: The tone throughout the passage was suspenseful. The entire story was either someone getting killed or someone about to be killed and escaping death. The overall theme: Greed. Comparing ali baba and the 40 thieves to aladdin in regards to theme, the two are completely different.
Ali baba and the 40 thieves has a theme centered around greed whereas Aladdin has a message that's more along the lines of don't be someone you're not.
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