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Online Instruction/Instructional Design Librarian

SUNY Oswego

Brandon West

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Online Instruction/Instructional Design Librarian

Brandon K. West
Online Instruction
My Plan
My Ideas for Online Instruction
What is Online Instruction?
What is
Instructional Design?
Technology Integration
ID in Penfield Library
Instructional Design
Instructional Design is the systematic approach to designing instructional activities and materials. I.D. blends learning theories and pedagogy to develop quality instruction.
Penfield's Current Technologies
Asynchronous: Not occurring at the same time
Asynchronous Services
Email reference
Tutorial Videos
Learning Object Repository for Angel
ACRL's Standards for Distance Learning
Goal #1 Establish myself as a part of the
Penfield Library Team.
M.Ed. in Educational Technology
M.L.S. Candidate,
Texas Woman's University

New Technologies
Synchronous: At the same time
Identifying needs of students and developing goals and objectives for instruction
Design lesson
Create materials (videos, handouts)
Evaluate student learning at end of lesson
Revise each step as needed
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Delivering instruction over the Internet.
Examples: Discussion threads, email
Examples: Instant messaging, chat rooms
Current Online Instruction
Synchronous Services
Telephone reference
Chat reference
Provide in-depth synchronous reference services to distance students.
Face-to-face chat
Screen sharing
Embedded Librarian
*Image retrieved from www.pcgameshardware.com
*Image retrieved from Skype.com
*Image retrieved from Oovoo.com
Online Library Research Course
Develop a credit-bearing interdisciplinary research course
Delivered through Blackboard
Provide synchronous & asynchronous learning opportunities
My Goals as the Incoming
Online Instruction/Instructional Design Librarian
Goal #2 Promote and integrate instructional
design as part of the collaborative
work culture at Penfield Library.
Goal #3 Develop online services for
students and be a leader for
introducing online instruction to
the library.
Google+ Hangouts
Out of the library and into classroom.
In an online environment, librarians can be embedded into individual courses to help meeting long and short term instructional goals.
How It Works
Professor contacts librarian for online assistance
Librarian gets added as a teaching assistant for the course
The Librarian:
facilitates discussion board conversation
regarding information literacy learning
teaches a synchronous instruction session via Elluminate Live in Angel LMS.
answers student research questions
helps connect students to library resources
Benefits of Embedding a Librarian
The library becomes more fully integrated into course/LMS

Moves student from shallow understanding of info. lit. to participants in their fields

More student-librarian interactions

Builds faculty awareness of library services and promotes collaborative relationship with librarian
Elluminate Live!
in Angel
Enhance Library Presence in Angel/Blackboard
Embedding Libguide Content
into Angel/Blackboard
Developing Library Modules for Blackboard
Linking Library in LMS
More interactivity
Provides more direction for students
Copy & Paste Libguide API html code into content area
*Image retrieved from elluminate.com
*Image retrieved from Blackboard.com
*Image retrieved from gettingsmart.com
Topics would include:
Locating and integrating library resources
Developing a literature review
Managing citations
Scholarly communications
Collaboration with Distance Learning Librarian
Implications of new online services for all librarians
Things to Consider
Marketing online services to
faculty and students
Unique characteristics of online learners
Professional Development
Work with instruction team to develop instructional design guidelines for library instruction
Look at student-centered learning, active learning strategies
Regularly scheduled professional development that focuses on best practices and new technology innovations

Model for workshops: Play, Create, Innovate
There are many different models of I.D., such as ADDIE, ASSURE, Backwards Design.

Each model contains these elements:
Example: Students will be able to critically assess electronic resources.
A basic instruction session might include:
A lecture on how to evaluate websites
Students working through a worksheet, using a computer to view websites.
An instruction session created with instructional design principles might look like:
A brief explanation of why it's important to evaluate websites
A problem applicable to students
Students select criteria
Small groups work together for solution
Class shares results/what they learned
You are part of an ad team making a pitch to the GVSU Office of Sustainability. In order to make a good presentation for your client's product, you must evaluate both yours and the competing ad company's client product.

Below are 2 "green" products--half of the class is working on behalf of SolarBotanic, half on Honeywell's Wind Turbine. Would you be able to recommend that GVSU buy into your client's product, and why?

Define evaluation criteria & evaluate each website below according to these criteria: price, quality, features, testimonials, easiness to use.


Instructional Design Principles
+ Existing Best Practices
+ New Technology/Idea
A new tangible product, such as a lesson plan or service
*Image retrieved from http://tradeinipad.wordpress.com
Example: Integration of iPod Touches into classroom instruction
Week 1: Give iPods to staff. Play with them, learn technical aspects.

Week 2: Break staff into groups and discuss ideas learn through play. Start developing ideas for a lesson plan that integrates iPod.

Week 3: Share lesson plans ideas. Role play a simulation of lesson.

Afterwards: Teach lesson to students with iPods, report back findings.

Revise lesson/ideas as needed
iPad Projection
*Image retrieved from learninginhand.com
Airserver (PC), Reflector (Mac), AppleTV, or iTools
Turn iPad into
Interactive White Board
Doceri can be used to:
Annotate presentations
Create screencast lessons
Flipping classroom instruction
Student Response Systems
Flip Cams
Web 2.0 integration
Student Feedback
*Image used with permission of GVSU Libraries
Prezi, Slideshare, Youtube videos
Poll widgets, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms
*Image used with permission from GVSU Libraries
Use student feedback to customize Libguides
Use of images, content layout
Formative Assessments to guide teaching
Summative assessments (pre- and post- tests)
Gamification of Instruction
Creating instructional videos, which can be edited with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
Assessment of library services: students film their experiences
Record instruction for reflective teaching
Google Docs
*Image retrieved from http://bcs.whfreeman.com
*Image retrieved from http://aulibmedia.blogspot.com
Similar use as clicker
Allows for written feedback
Mobile phones, laptops, tablets
*Image retrieved from socrative.com
*Image retrieved from doceri.com
*Image retrieved from tlt.its.psu.edu
Creating documents
Embed editable document into Angel and Blackboard
Web 2.0
My Vision for Instructional Design at Penfield Library
Instructional design will be integrated into the work culture at Penfield Library.

Penfield Library will be a campus leader when creating instructional design initiatives.

Faculty will turn to Penfield Librarians as a collaborative teaching resource for designing quality instruction and technology integration.
My Vision for Online Instruction at Penfield Library
Penfield Library will be active in developing online initiatives for distance students.

Penfield Library will be a leader in innovating online instruction and services for distance students.

Online information literacy instruction will be as ubiquitous as face-to-face instruction at Penfield Library.
Action Steps
1. Learn job essentials
2. Build relationships
3. Identify current needs for online
instruction/instructional design
4. Begin developing new services
*Image used with permission from GVSU Libraries
*Image retrieved from cloudmagic.com
*Image retrieved from infogr.am
*Image retrieved from teachem.com
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*Image retrieved from glogster.edu
Tools for the Classroom
*Screenshot taken from sbuniv.edu
*Screenshot taken from usc.edu
*Screenshot taken from usc.edu
*Screenshot taken from twu.edu
*Screenshot taken from twu.edu
Blended Instruction: Combining elements
of face-to-face and online instruction
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