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Fine-dining restaurant

No description

Mirna Elzeiny

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Fine-dining restaurant

Fine-Dinning Restaurant
3. Project Definition:
I. Project priority

II. Work breakdown structure

III. Project team hierarchy

VI. Organization Breakdown Structure
5. Project plan
I. Microsoft Project & Network diagram

II. Critical path activities


VI. Modifications

2. Deciding on a project idea:
I. Cairo sightseeing bus project scope

II. Fine dinning restaurant project scope

III. Comparison between both Projects
Topic Selection

Location decision and targeted market
4.Estimating Project Time and Cost
I. Activities cost estimation

II. Team salaries

III.Time Estimates

2. Deciding on a project idea
3. Project Definition
4.Estimating Project Time and Cost
5. Project plan
Presented By: Mirna Elzeiny
Under the supervision of: Dr Ziad Rotba

Critical Path:

1.Project Approval 2.Make a site proposal plan 4.Compare between offers 5.Buy the land 6.Make the architecture design 7.Wait for construction
10.Buy furniture 12.Set up furniture 13.Facility overall test
19.Hire interns for one month training 20.Project Delivery.
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