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Healthy Living

No description

Ashley M

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Living

Eating Even though the sound of the word 'chips' sends a sudden craving to your mind, too much chips can cause over time fattening. Carbohydrates in the lays bag can cause energy gain, but any unneeded Carbohydrates causes instant fat. 8% of your daily diet is found in a lays bag, which is 23.0g. Pop can be delicious, but very unhealthy. Too much pop a day can cause immediate weight gain, and can also cause unwanted health problems. Even the aluminum cans can lead to serious health problems. Yes, I know that hamburgers have lettuce and all, but do you really order all of those healthy things? If you think about it hamburgers are fat upon fat. Fast food around think that fatter the meat means more tasty the hamburger. Usually people also order bacon, which delivers more taste but more health problems. Water is the only edible liquid that has no sugar in it. It keeps you hydrated,
and keeps your body healthy. Most people would
prefer pop over water because of its flavour, but
really all that unhealthy things that pop brings you
just for the taste isn't worth it. Water is a much better choice. Apples are one of the many
fruits that are healthy for you.
People prefer chocolate over apples,
but a hard cold piece of dried
sugar against a juicy lush red apple that
burst into your dry mouth without harming your
body sounds much more better to me.
Fruit and vegetables are part of your daily diet. Instead of having junk food that fills your
fat cells, have pumpkins. Pumpkin Carving can be
a Halloween tradition, or it can be a
delicious healthy snack like warm, home made
pumpkin pie. There are easy ways to stay healthy
while eating tasty food, why don't you try? 75 %
Fat or Obese 25 %
Normal Weight Isn't this sad? 75% of worlds population is Obese or over weight, and this didn't have to happen. If only they took care of themselves. 25% is normal weighted, and thats only a quarter of this world. By keeping healthy, you could be apart of this group and keep the world clean by having less food consumption. Most food comes in wrappers or plastic and reducing food consumption means less of this. < UNHEALTHY
EATING > HYGIENE Showering is very good
for you, it keeps you clean,
it makes you smell good,
you will feel healthier and
happier, and it makes you
look good! SHOWERING Brushing teeth Brushing your teeth decreases chance of cavities
and plaque build up. Without brushing your teeth, your
smile will be very unappealing. Your smile is important, and you don't want to spend life hiding it.
Its very fast and easy to do brush your teeth, and doing this can keep you healthy. A
LIFESTYLE Bad Habits Exercise Shaving Now, you would not want to go around like
a hairy gorilla, do you? That is why shaving
is a good thing to do. Facial hair such as mustaches and beards are alright, but nobody wants to see a hairy bush under your armpits when you raise your hand to answer or ask a question. If you don't shave it could lead to more sweat. Deodorant Deodorant is a very good thing to have on.
It helps to stop you from sweating
and it helps you smell nice. You should apply deodorant each morning, before a run or a workout, or/and before you go anywhere. SMOKING This picture below me is a smokers lungs. Much
more scorched and black then a healthy persons lungs.
Smoking is a horrible thing to do, and a bad habit to get into. Smoking can be extremely hard to give up because of the addicting Nicotine found inside cigarettes. DRUGS Drugs can easily kill you. It might take a few,
or just one before you die. Think about it, being
curious and just trying it once can lead to your
death. You don't know what they put in these,
so don't try them. Alcohol Sure, drinking every once and a while on
special occasions is ok, but too much can
turn you into an alcoholic. Many people can
cause accidents with serious injuries or
death while drinking then driving, and
over the years lots of people died from car accidents
this way. WORKOUTS Workouts doesn't have to be going to the gym and doing sit ups and push ups, a workout can be a simple jog through the forest. By doing a simple active activity it can boost your strength, stamina and health! Laziness Watching too much tv and sitting down too long can turn you into a coach potato. Without any exercise plaque can build up in your arteries (around your heart area) and you may become obese. Congratulations! You now know ways to stay healthy,
and live a happier life. Just follow these simple ways to be healthy and you will complete your goal
of being healthy, fit, strong, and you
will live a longer life. Congrats! Thanks for watching,
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