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Theodore Boone: The Abduction

By Adam Ortiz

michel Gorden

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Boone: The Abduction

Summary Setting Theodore Boone : The Abduction Author: John Grisham The Setting of Theodore Boone:The Abduction is based in the City of Stratten-burg, Virginia. The book also takes place in the fall. Theodore Boone loves the courtroom and will become a lawyer one day. With attorneys as parents, he is honorable and heroic in this novel. He is great friends with April Finnemore who does not have a good homelife. She turns up missing and police, schoolmates and the townspeople begin to look for her. After a body is removed from the river, Theodore escalates his detective work to find April. In a frantic plan to find her, Theodore and his Uncle Ike are determined to bring her back home. The secrets revealed become the reason her parents go to court to keep her. Theodore Boone Characters Loyal to keeping April’s secrets
Smarts of attorney at 8th grade level
Has good detective skills April Finnemore 5 ft 1 in tall girl with pretty eyes
Loner mostly with lots of secrets
Likes pottery/painting
Hates family situation Mrs. Marcella Boone Very Organized
Family/Divorce Attorney
Supportive of Theodore
Good Lawyer May Finnemore Nutty
April’s mom
Crazy on drugs
Doesn’t tell the truth Conflict Theodore grapples with telling his parents about April’s secrets he’s sworn to keep.
The police are not checking all possible leads on the case which causes arguments between Theodore and detectives.
Theodore could break his parents trust when he chooses to involve Uncle Ike in anything he does. The conflicts are Man Vs. Self, Man Vs. Society and Man Vs. Man. Who would I recommend this book to? This book was very well written and described almost as if this was a real case.
I personally thought this book was very interesting. It would be a quality book for middle and high school kids.
It is both humorous and serious while including different types of real life situations that occur from day to day. The theme of this book was mystery/thriller.
The reason why is because Theodore has to search for his missing friend who ran away, Theme
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