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Marketing Matrixes

Ansoff, BCG, TOWS,

kate pill

on 31 July 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Matrixes

Marketing Matrix
Matrixes are an important part of a business' strategic planning -. Effectively applying matrixes enables business' owners to identify and evaluate what is working, what is not working, and devise measurable strategies that optimise the ability to meet business objectives.
This tool is used by businesses to help
set strategies for growth. It clearly identifies
different directions and elements of risk.
This matrix allows businesses
to look at each product in their
portfolio and identify each product's
relative market share and market growth.
Competitors can also be placed on the
This matrix is derived from the SWOT matrix. It helps businesses make the:
1. most of their strengths
2. Avoid weaknesses (minimise)
3. Optimise opportunities
4. minimise threats
TOWS - helps a business identify strategies
that help them evaluate diffrent options
such as:

1. SO - How can a business use its strengthes to take advantage of opportunities?
2. ST - How can a business use its strengths to avoid and minimise threats?
3. WO - How can a business use its opportunities to
overcome weaknesses.
4. WT - How can a business reduce weaknesses and avoid threats.
A Marketing reminder!
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