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Album Genre- One Direction

No description

Alice Williams

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Album Genre- One Direction

One Direction
Album Genre Album Genre Promotional Material Website Album Cover One Direction has a target audience of girls in the age range of 13-18. I would say this because boy bands normally appeal to girls, also the lyrics in their songs are aimed towards girls, which normally appeal to girls. One direction is pop which is again typical from a boy band. Their album was released on 18th November 2011. They also released a limited edition album which included posters and bonus tracks.
In August 2012, they sold 3 million copies of their album worldwide.
They released their album in different medias; they released it on CD and digital download.

They also made a limited edition feature of their album, this was in style of a year book, which featured collections of photos, quotes and lyrics. It also features 2 extra songs. This appeals to their target audience as using the yearbook idea could relate to their target audience ages, as most of them are at school.
They also done a four month marketing campaign aimed at building a fan base through social media before releasing their debut single. This made them well-known and made their sales of their single increase. The banner is a direct link to
purchase their single, this is
effective because people will
want to support their band
and to see their music. This is
link to
single, this
the audience
want to
listen to it,
draws them in The main image used, mainly covers up all of the
website page, this makes the audiences attention straight onto the band themselves. The expressions on the boys faces shows them having a good time and looking happy, this can reflect their music and makes the audience want to be happy with them. The image can also show the ideology of the band which is happy and typical boys. The colours used are very neutral.
The white writing contrasts well
with the black background of
the banner. Also, the '1D' logo is
featured all throughout the
website, this makes them
create a brand idenity and creates
familiarity to their audience. The image
used is of the
band itself, they appear to be having and fun which reflects the bands ideology. Which is a fun loving boy band. This image isn't as artist as other albums, like adele and emeli sande, but this reflects their ideology better. The colours used in this album
cover, reflects the mood of the
album. As the album is from
a boy band, they want the
mood to be fun and enjoyable.
The light colours reflect this.
The white border used around the album
cover, creates a almost vintage feel to the album.
It also reminds me of a Polaroid picture, this creates the image of them having a good idea and again reflects their ideology. Album Postioning
Like Emeli Sande's album, the artists name and
album name is located at the top.
Also, like all pof the other albums the album has only one main image on the front. The albums typography used is unique
to one direction. This makes it easy and familiar for their fans to create familiarity to them.
I also think it is quite effective
when the band and artist have
a unique typography for their
band. Also, the contrast on
the black and the white makes
it easy to see who the band is.

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