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Character Analysis Notes

No description

Tara Callahan

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Character Analysis Notes

When analyzing a character, we look at:
• Character’s words
• Character’s actions
• Character’s thoughts
• Narrator’s description
• Other character’s thoughts, words, or actions

Examples of character traits: caring, arrogant, stubborn, demanding, neat, possessive, lazy, etc.

Not examples of character traits: (physical descriptions) – tall, old, young, wearing a red sweater, having brown
hair, etc.
Choose a character that changes in the story (usually the protagonist).
Describe the character's traits at the beginning of the story, the obstacles and challenges the character faces in the story, and how they change by the end.
Character analysis is a description of one's understanding of a character.
Character Analysis?
What is
Character traits
How to Write a Character Analysis
are adjectives. They describe a character's personality or qualities.
Journal Entry: Choose a main or supporting character who changes in the story. Write two traits about the character at the beginning of the story and two traits that show how the character changes by the end of the story.

foul-- "Dally was getting impatient. He put his feet up on the back of the redhead's chair, winked at me, and beat his own record for saying something dirty" (Hinton 21).
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