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madyson mcphee

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of stress

There are two types of stress:

Good Stress
Bad Stress
Good Stress
Good stress is when you are stressed about a driving test or a competition or going for a job interview. This type of stress is good for you because it motivates you to do your best. This stress can exercise your brain and make you a better thinker. This stress actually helps you relax better after the event. Good stress keeps your mind focused and your body in good physical condition.
Bad Stress
Bad stress can cause a lot of problems with the body. It can cause depression, weight gain, memory loss, etc. Bad stress happens when the stress you have is ongoing everyday and you cannot get away from the worry of your problems. For example, someone who is being bullied, a tragic loss in your life, high demands of a job, etc.
Personal Reflection
I can relate to this because if I feel stressed or angry I try not to let it show and I keep it bottled up inside. When I do this after a while I end up having a break down. I start crying and mumbling to myself. To get it to stop and for me to calm down I usually have to listen to music and be alone.
Things that stress can do to you
* Headaches.
* Can't sleep.
* Depression .
* Rapid Breathing.
*Hart attacks.
*High blood pressure.
*Hart pounding.
*Hart burn.
*Stomach aches.
*Back aches.

by sierra
These are only some of the things that stress can do to you
Thanks for watching
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