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In 10 Years...

My life in 10 years.

Kaylee Owen

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of In 10 Years...

Forensic Lab Specialist:
Use modern science to analyze DNA, blood types, skin cells, and hair folicles.
Work in a crime lab for the city of Albany, Oregon and surrounding areas.
Job duties range from collecting and cataloging evidence to performing tests so we can know the
story behind the crime.
Requires an Undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree.
Sometimes scientists are required to stand as an "Expert Witness" in a court of law to testify to the science behind evidence or other things.
What Have I Done In 10 Years?
Age 18: Graduated Sweet Home High School, found a job as a dishwasher part time at a small restaurant.

Age 19: Completed the ACT Program.

Age 20: Finished all 90 credits to acheive my Associate of Applied Sciences degree at LBCC. Got married to a Biochemical Engineer student from OSU.

Age 21: Enrolled at OSU to acheive the Undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree, and began interning at the Albany Police Dept. as a lab assistant.

Age 23: Finished the program. Got a job at the Police Dept. as a Forensic Lab Specialist in DNA, blood, and hair.

Age 24: While working to achieve my Master's Degree, I continue to work here.

Age 25-28: Continued my education and employment.
Living In Albany, Oregon
There is an obvious size difference when comparing Sweet Home and Albany.

Because I was going to LBCC, a friend of mine and I moved into a small apartment complex called "Brookshore Apartments" at
1539 15th Ave Se
Albany, OR 97322
My roommate and I split the monthly cost of living there in half bringing us down to $400 each. This includes rent, insurance, cable/internet. utilities, garbage, and other costs.
After our first year living together, I got married and my husband moved in with us bringing our rent to $266.67 for each person (meaning my husband and I paid the bulk of the rent).
We will live here until both my husband and I have finished our education and can afford to move.
What am I driving?
1996 Honda Accord
My father purchased this car for me when I was 18 expecting that I pay him back. I paid $150 every month to him for 13 months and $95 on insurance.
How much are we spending?
Monthly Combined Income: $11,095.05
Tithes (10% income): -$1,109.50
Rent/Insurance/Utilities: -$533.34
Food: -$400.00
Car Insurance: -$180.00
Student Loan Payments: -$1,500.00
Gas: -$160.00
Cell Phone: -$80.00
School Supplies: -$1,000
Savings: -$1,000
Emergency Money: -$500.00
What is he driving?
1991 Toyota Camry
Purchased before we married at $750 in-full, and $85 on insurance.
-A/C and heat
-No working windows
-No shocks
-Sun roof
-Tape deck w/ radio
-Manual locks
-Automatic Transmission
-Worth $2000
-No A/C
-No CD player
-Manual Locks
-Manual Transmission
How much are we spending?
Annual Combined Income: $133,140.60
Tithes (10% income): -$13,314.00
Rent/Insurance/Utilities: -$6,400.00
Food: -$4,800.00
Car Insurance: -$2,160.00
Student Loan Payments: -$18,000.00
Gas: -$1,920.00
Cell Phone: -$960.00
School Supplies: - $12,000
Savings: -$12,000
Emergency Money: $6,000.00
By living frugally in an apartment with a roommate, using cheaper and older model cars, and using our eduation to earn a well paying job, my husband and I are left with a large amount of money each month to be spent on the lesser items that we can live without, save to go on vacation, or plan to buy a new home or car.
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