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Personal Narrative Incidents

Moments & Kernal Essay

Cassandra Loya

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Personal Narrative Incidents

Personal Narrative: Incidents
Today's objective:
1. Brainstorm a Quicklist .
2. Write a personal narrative .
3. Share a personal essay.
What you know...
What you believe...
Authentic & Creative Writing
Purpose: to help you create
quick topics for a personal narrative.
You will brainstorm a list of 7-8 important incidents that involved choices in your life. The incident may have included a major or minor choice that you made, or made for you.
Incident #1
List an incident where
you did something
you got in trouble for.
For example: I kicked my brother. I
could lie about it or tell the truth.
Incident #2:
An incident where you had
to choose between two
different things or people.
For example: I had to choose between
staying with my boyfriend or keeping
my best friend.
Incident #3
An incident where you found
something that wasn't yours
and you had to choose to keep
it or turn it in.
For example: I found an iPod at the
pool and I had to choose to turn it
in or keep it.
Example: I felt scared laying
in bed and I had to choose to
face my fear or hide under
the blanket.
Incident #5
An incident where you had
to share something.
Example: There was only one cup of coffee left
and I had to choose
to share the last cup
or drink it all myself.
Incident #6
An incident where you
had to face a major

Incident #7:
An incident where a choice you
made had a huge consequence.


Is a distinct piece of action, as in an episode of a story or a play. It is a moment in your life.
1. Where was I when
the incident happened?
Example: Involved me and my
dad; a doorknob and string; 5
years old; my loose tooth needed
to come out; a slamming door.
Now, explain in the 2nd column what
choices were involved?
(who, what, where, when, why, and how)
What happened first?
What happened next?
What happened last?
What did you learn or realize from this incident?
Answer this question by starting
your statement with:
"I learned that sometimes..."
Incident #4
An incident where you felt scared.
Lastly, look at the last
column and put the events
in chronological order.
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