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Tour to India :)

My first project in English! Its official name is the "Tour to India." Enjoy watching :)

Krylov Leonid

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Tour to India :)

Saint- Petersburg You can choose one of three hotels in India : 1)Taj Exotica (5 stars, city Benaulim, GOA) is Hotel Taj Exotica Goa is located in a landscaped garden area of 22 hectares. The hotel is built in a Mediterranean style. Located along a private beach on the Arabian Sea. It features a golf course, a spa, a full-service, outdoor pool, and 6 restaurants and bars. Hotel Taj Exotica Goa is 3 km from Colva Beach and 12 km from the city Margao. 45 minutes drive from Goa Dabolim Airport. Parking is free.


The Lobster Shack waterfront restaurant serves fresh seafood. The restaurant Miguel Arcanjo offers Mediterranean cuisine. Allegria Restaurant specializes in traditional cuisine State Goa. Before going to sleep you can have one of a variety of drinks which offered by bar Adega Cameons.

Type of rooms:

- Double room with two single beds and a view of the garden
- Double room with a private pool
- Double room with 1 bed and a view of the garden
- Luxury Double Room with 1 bed
- Double room with a private pool
- Deluxe Double Room with 2 single beds and a view of the sea 1)Taj Exotica (5 stars, city Benaulim, GOA) 2) St Laurn Tower (5 stars, city Ahmadabad) 2) St Laurn Recep view from outside Tower (5 stars, city Ahmadabad) is the modern St Laurn Tower sits beside the Sabarmati River, a 15-minute drive from Ahmadabad Airport. It features a rooftop spa pool, a gym and 3 dining options. St Laurn Tower is less than 2.5 km from Sardar Patel Stadium and Hathi Singh Temple. Free parking is available for guests.


The restaurant. 24-hour Cafe 15 A serves a daily buffet breakfast, as well as international dishes in a casual setting. Other dining options include Asian dishes at Oriental Wave (Rare Eastern Dining) and pastries at Brownies Bakery.

Type of rooms:
- Suite (standard accommodation)
- Studio (standard accommodation)
- Executive Double room with one bed or two single beds
- Double room "Premium" with 1 bed or 2 single beds view from helicopter 3) Vivanta by Taj Panaji (5 stars, city Panadzhi,
GOA) 3) Vivanta by Taj Panaji (5 stars, city Panadzhi, GOA) is A modern hotel Vivanta by Taj Panaji is located in the city center, and from its windows there are beautiful views of the river Mandovi and hill Altino. It offers rooftop pool, a gym and a spa with massage services Jiva. Guest’s parking is free. Hotel Vivanta by Taj Panaji is 28 km from Dabolim Airport. Free shuttle service from / to the airport on request.


Latitude Restaurant serves cuisine of North India, Goa, and Italy. In addition, the restaurant Tamari serves pan-Asian cuisine, try the desserts available at the restaurant Caramel, and order cocktails is at the bar Tease.
Type of rooms:
- Double room "Premium" with 1 bed
- Double "Premium" with 2 single beds
- Superior double room with 1 bed
- Deluxe Double Room with 2 single beds
- Deluxe Double Room with 1 bed
- Superior double room with two single beds Information:

- Official language: Hindi, English
- Population: about 1.18 billion
- The difference with St. Petersburg in time: 1.5 hours ahead
- Dialing code: 91
- Currency: Indian Rupee (INR), 1 INR = 100 paise, 1 USD 45 INR, 1 EUR 64 INR
- Visa: required, visa fee 1915 RUB
- The cost of a "model" of dinner: at 4-5 * - 10-15 USD
- Tipping: 10%

1) “White city” Udaipur, located on the lakes, interconnected by channels, named the most romantic place of Rajasthan if not the whole of India. General information about the city, historical information:

City Udaipur was built in 1568 by Maharaja Udai Singh II. The city started building after Mongolian emperor Akbar destroyed his previous capital is Chittorgarh. According to ancient legend, the place for the construction of the new capital Uday Singh was stated by one of the monks. So at this place was laid a new city of Udaipur, was named in honor of the founder of the Maharaja.

Shiv Nivas Palace Hotel:

This hotel located in the palace. It is a former guest rooms of the Maharaja, they are decorated with great luxury. Some rooms with antique furniture, and in some there is even a fountain. The hotel is different from the others with his uniklnym marble swimming pool, where each holidaymaker can swim.
Ambrai restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants of Udaipur, which is located in the pictures quegarden setting. The restaurant is famous thanks to its classic vegetarian cuisine.


a) City Palace of Udaipur, in its architecture included the radzhpursky and Mongolian style, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Pichola, The facade of the building included many beautiful balconies, turrets and domes. This palace is considered to be the largest palace in the Rajasthan, the area it occupies 2 hectares, it contains a complex of several buildings of the palace. Nowadays, there are several luxury hotels and rooms in the main run tours. The palace had been building for a long time and erected it 22 maharajas. The oldest part of the complex was built in 1568. Inside the building you will see a maze of royal chambers, huge reception rooms and fine courtyards.

b) Bagurki Haveli. It is a museum where the exhibits on display as traditional crafts and Art of Udaipur, this is the traditional costume and miniature painting, and musical instruments. In Udaipur, there are two old citys Bapu Bazaar and Bara. There you will find jewelry, toys, paintings, textiles, and more.

c) Jagdish Temple in Udaipur is also one of the main attractions. The temple was built in the 17th century and is located north of the main gate of the City Palace. It is a large image of Vishnu, made of black stone and it is located in the main sanctuary. The entrance to this place guarded by stone elephants, a mythical bird - Garuda made of bronze stands in front of the Jagdish Mandir.

Preparing for the trip:

The climate of the city can be described as tropical. The hottest period is the beginning of April to the month of July, at which time the average temperature is 30 ° C. Monsoon rains and lasts from June and September. The winter period is from October to February, is characterized by a mild climate and temperature 15-18C. In the journey to Udaipur should not take a lot of clothes, because everything can be bought at local markets and shops. Clothing should be light, comfortable not too open. Shoes also worth taking on the principle of convenience. Do not forget about the bright and dangerous sun, so do not forget goggles, cream, and a hat. 2) Waterfall Dudsagar and spice plantation This trip is for one day, it begins early in the morning (leaving at about 7.30) and ends in the evening around 18.00. Tourists are transferred by comfortable bus or minibus depending on the number of people willing to go on this tour. However, the reserve is proposed moving by the jeep directly to the waterfall. The road to the reserve takes about half an hour, then another eight kilometers tourists should go by jeep through the jungle. Tour is designed both for adults and the children, but not very small, as for them trip can be tiring.

This excursion makes it possible to drive through the state of Goa as a waterfall is located on the border with the neighboring State of Karnataka. You drive from the west to the east, from the Arabian Sea to the Gatskie mountains. It is the second largest waterfall in India. Dudsagar height is 600 m, it is formed by the waters of the springs and the Mandovi River, the waterfall is presented by three stages, and ends with a small lake with crystal clear water, where tourists are always swimming, sunbathing on the rocks, take pictures of lizards and butterflies.

What to bring and extra costs.

You should definitely take swimsuits and towels for swimming in the lake, comfortable shoes without a heel, because the tour is designed for a long time, moreover tour involves standing in the jungle and on the plantation. It is also necessary to take socks, as the Indian temple you cannot go in street shoes. It is advisable to take a sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to prevent sunburn, heat or sunstroke. The price, which depends on the number of person, includes travel by bus or mini-bus with air conditioning, travel by jeep through the territory Reserve, Russian- speaking guide, lunch, water in transport, the use of the camera and the entrance tickets. Additional charges skating and swimming with elephants, (the cost is 600 rupees per person) and the use of camera (that is 150 rupees). It is also recommended to have any money to buy drinks, spices. In general, Dudsagar has most water during the monsoon, which lasts from May to September, this time, just perfect for this tour, but the problem may be the road to the waterfall. In this period rivers are impossible to go on foot because tropical rains constantly pour and the temperature is very high: it reaches +40-45 degrees. 3) The city of Fatehpur Sikri was built in
honor of Salim Chishti Sufi Sufi predicted the birth of Akbar's son. In years when thereAkbar rules in place of the town was a small village, where Salim Chishti and stone cutters lived. In 1568, Akbar paid a visit to an astrologer and Sufi, shortly after a visit his son was born. In appreciation for this, Akbar decided to start building a new capital, which lasted 15 years. Akbar, the most time spent in Fatehpur Sikri, but after a while left the city forever. The main reason for Akbar left the city is still unknown. Perhaps this was due to lack of water. But, most of all, the reason was that Akbar suffered a military base and started a war against Kabul. Tourists should visit the Royal Palace complex, where you can see several amazing buildings. In the palace has 2 inputs. In the Royal complex you can visit the two-bedroom premises of the former Treasury is Ankh Michauli. Attracts the attention of tourists Anup Talao Pavilion is Turkish Sultana House. It is believed that it was the palace of Akbar's favorite wife, whose name was Rukaiya. This amazing building is decorated with carved balconies, and is in itself echoes Turkish, Persian, Chinese influences.

What to take to the road.

Embark on a journey, do not forget to bring the necessary documents (passport, health insurance etc.). Despite the fact that the climate in the area is very hot, 30 degrees with the plus sign in the shade, going on the road, bring pants, a jacket with long sleeves, terry socks, warm blanket,since the night in Fatehpur Sikri can be cool. Shoes take a comfortable, modest, for example: sneakers or loafers. India is a Muslim country, so be sure to take a head piece (scarf is for women, hat is for men), as at the entrance to the mausoleum or other sacred places you will be forced to wear it. You may need to water on the road.

Possible additional costs.

Tourists who plan to visit Fatehpur Sikri should be aware that admission to all attractions in the city are available for a fee. For example, the cost of the ticket in the palace complex is approximately 260 rupees. Tour: *For two clients is from $ 1,365 to $ 1,497 My clients are a young couple is my sister and her husband INDIA buffet casual setting pastries currency tip monks honor founder largest courtyards crafts jewelry temple sanctuary mild goggles proposed possible sunbathing advisable prevent sunburn stone cutters
premises health insurance sneakers loafers
approximately буфе

непринужденной обстановке
ювелирные изделия
темные очки
солнечные ванны
предотвращения солнечных ожогов
медицинское страхование
приблизительно Unintelligible words Sources: 1)http://warps.ru
5)http://www.turpravda.com/in view from outside view from outside romantic dinner (a la carte) room on the bay view from outside Receptionist restaurant (inside) restaurant (outside) view from outside view from outside hall restaurant Questions:

- What was the main topic of your project? - The theme of my project was to promote the country India

- Why did you select this topic and who do you think would be interested in viewing it? - I believe that in order to sell the vouchers, you must first make advertising

- What software have you used to finish your project?
- RecForgeLite

- Describe the major challenges you faced in creating this project and if and how you overcame them
- The main problem was the fact that I can`t properly plan their time, then I overcame it and was able to do a project on time

- Discuss the most significant things you learned from completing the final project- The main thing I learned how to properly advertise your tour, in my opinion is the most important

- Report: the project provides 25 photos, 2,500 words, written dozens of takes my voice) generally spent 25 hours on a project and study view from the bay view from helicopter Bagurki Haveli (museum) Jagdish Temple mountains ricefield view from helicopter bottom view Taj Mahal temple places of worship one of the courtyards of the city drawbridges My clients Performed: Azaryonok Leonid Music:
1) Can you see this Light between us (Armin van Buuren feat Christian Burns)
2) Hanste (Revenge) ВакцинаVaccination (depending on the area):

HepatitisA (jaundice) typhus
vaccination against yellow fever

* Doctor's advice
вакцинацию от желтой лихорадки
рекомендации вр ТуристическийTourist flow: 6.5 millions (annual growth of 30%) The departure is from
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