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The Early Byzantine Empire

No description

Brendan Murphy

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of The Early Byzantine Empire

Hagia Sophia: watch the following video
The Rise of Constantinople: visit the website below and answer the following questions
Disagreements Split Christianity: Visit the website below and answer the following questions
1. Why was this location picked to be the new capital of Rome?

2. Why was the hippodrome politically important? What were the Nika Riots?

3. While its location was good, Constantinople still faced the threat of invasion. Identify three groups that threatened the city.

4. What was the Plague of Justinian? How did it impact Constantinople
1. What was the first step that led to Schism of 1054?

2. Where where the two centers of Christianity located? What were some of their differences?

3. How did Emperor Leo III respond when Pope Gregory excommunicated him from the Catholic Church?

4. What where the four major areas of conflict between Popes and Byzantine Emperors

5. Summarize the events of the Mutual Excommunication of 1054.

6. Describe some of the reconciliation events that have occurred since the Schism of 1054
Lesson 3
Thursday, October 16th 2014
Chapter 2
The Rule of Justinian
Justinian Builds a New Rome- Visit the website below to answer the following questions:
1. What is the proper name of the Justinian Code?

2. It is broken into three parts. What are the names of them and what was the purpose of each one?

3. What did the Justinian Code say about religion?

4. What is heresy? What does the Justinian Code say about heresy?

5. What did the Justinian Code say about Paganism? How did this help support Christianity?

6. Describe the impact of the Justinian Code on the Western part of the Roman Empire

7. What is the historical impact of the Justinian Code?
The Early Byzantine Empire
1. What is this an image of?
2. Why would it have been important for Constantinople.
3. Why is its construction so impressive?

1. What do you think was the biggest impact of the schism of 1054? Why?

2. Identify an example of another religious schism.

3. Identify an example of a political schism.

4. Identify and describe some of the similarities and differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church

5. Where can people from the Orthodox Church be found today? List 5 countries and find the country that has the most followers of the Orthodox Church

6. Where can people from the Catholic Church be found today? List 5 countries anc find the country that has the most followers of the Roman Catholic Church
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