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taylor sapp

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Psychology

"'But he paid her not the smallest attention, till her grandfather's death made her the mistresss of this fortune.' 'No--why should he? If it was not allowable for him to gain
affections, because I had no money, what occasion could there be for making love to a girl whom he did not care about, and who was equally poor?'" (Austen 139)
Pride and Prejudice
Taylor Sapp, Leah Toney, and Sam Willequer

Quote 3
"All Meryton seemed striving to blacken the man, who, but three months before, had been almost an angel of light...Every body declared that he was the wickedest young man in the world; and everybody began to find out, that they had always distrusted the appearance of his goodness." (Austen 294)
""My dear Mr. Bennet ,"replied his wife,"how can you be so tiresome! You must know that I am thinking of his marrying one of them.""
an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors.
This quote is a good example of Revisionism,and what motivates people in their judgements. Darcy was said to have a lot of money, so before anybody knew him, he was already "an angel of light." This is because money is the biggest reason people marry, and Darcy could be a secure companion. But come to find out, he is really shy and comes across as "wicked," and prideful.

Quote 1
JStOR Quote 3
"...no wealth of observation suffices to
prove a general truth. But deduction is certain and swift; it springs like a mouse trap." (Deresiewicz 506)
This quote shows what motivates people to judge, and what this prejudicing is really worth. According to the article, no amount of observing a person can tell what is inside. But sadly, in that time in history, judgment was quick and lasting, and was based on prior knowledge.
Pemberly, Darcy's estate, is a
perfect example of what women coveted during this time. Because women were portrayed as inferior unless married, the only way to be powerful is to marry a powerful, rich man. Darcy is very rich, as seen by his luxurious living style, so he is overall a powerful man.
In this video, Charlotte portrays a typical women of that time, one who is struggling to find the right man. At this point, she has given up finding a man to love, and settles with a man who has money. Elizabeth's shocked reaction symbolizes her thoughts on the meaning of marriage, which in her case, is for love rather than money.
JSTOR quote 1
JSTOR quote 2
This quote is an example of what Moms of daughters thought they had to do to make sure that their daughters had wonderful and luxurious lives. This quote also shows the mindset of most women in the era that Jane Austen rote "Pride and Prejudice". The mindset was that no one married for love, instead they married for social class and money.
"Character development and change are prominent elements in each of Austen's novels, but their formal place differs considerably from one to another" (Anderson 371).
Pride and Prejudice
, characters change most in the way they view society. Most people in the book act according to the pride they have of themselves, and the prejudice they feel towards other groups of people. Characters such as Elizabeth and Darcy have a change in their perception of others and how they behave after finding out how wrong their opinions were.
What motivates the characters in Pride and Prejudice, and who are two examples?
Fanny Mendelssohn
In order to rise higher in status in Austen's time, most people married for wealth, especially women. This quote is part of a conversation between Elizabeth and Mrs. Gardiner. These sentences in particular are about Mr. Wickham and his behavior towards a woman called Miss King. This quote states that Wickham had never paid any attention to Miss King until she had inherited her grandfather's money, which was natural for most people. If you didn't have money, you married someone who did, not someone who had money as little as yours. However, people who were rich normally avoided those of the lower class with less money, so having a lot of connections helped.
" Each couple seems to be
yoked because both partners achieve the same moral rank, and
thus are fit mates"
In this video, the controlling mom represents Mrs. Bennet. She wants to take the reigns, and set her daughters up for a successful marraige so that they have a good future in a good house. The super mom in the commercial, in the same way, wants the best for her child. Each mom is trying very hard to help their young children, but maybe they just should have had a Super V.
"Price Tags" is a song about the fact that money is irrelevant, and that life needs to be full of happiness. This directly correlates to Elizabeth's beliefs about marriage, that it is supposed to last and be for true feelings, rather than the money, money (Jessie J).
This quote is an example of the psychological mindset of the people in the time that this book was set. It shows that love did not motivate people, but having the same social rank and maintaining your reputation in society motivated many marriages during that time period.
Fanny was an amazing pianist and composer who wanted to make a profession out of her talent. But at this time, women had other duties, and her father was very strict on making her follow them. This piece is one of her most famous, "Lied ohne Worte" (Song without Words). (Fanny Mendelssohn)
Quote 2
(Austen 2)
(Weinsheimer 406)
Capri Sun Super Mom 2012
Capri Sun Super Mom 2012
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