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A Problem in China

A Project for History Class

Prezite Fakera

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of A Problem in China

A Problem in China a presentation by Marley Finley An overview In 1979 the Chinese government inducted a policy limiting its citizens to have no more than one child. This aptly named "one-child policy" was put in place as an attempt to prevent the country's population from reaching a chaotic level, one with great poverty and famine. Though there has been success in this area, many other problems have occurred. Examples of corruption in China that have resulted from the one-child policy Injustices the abandonment and murder of young children (predominantly girls)
forced examinations of women
forced sterilizations
forced abortions
the imprisonment and mistreatment of women until they consent to abortions
the extreme fining of those who violate the policy
the mistreatment of children in orphanages Human Rights Violations the right to life don't discriminate no unfair detainment the right to privacy no one can take away your human rights the right to play food and shelter for all we are all free and equal What part has the UN played? The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) The organization defines its mission as follows: "UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, delivers a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person's potential is fulfilled." The UNFPA has been working with China for over ten years, setting up so-called "Modern Birth Control Counties" where they promote controlled pregnancies. In addition to this, the organization provides funding for "family planning" programs. Each of these contributions to the country are in favor of its one-child policy.
It is unclear how the UNFPA has operated and whether or not they have partaken in forced abortions and/or sterilizations. Though they claim not to, investigators have accused them of overseeing and carrying out these actions. Whichever is true, the UNFPA does provide funding for China's
"Family Planning" program which has been known to abort babies and sterilize women without consent. The UN Charter claims that one of the organization's roles is to promote human rights. Though there are clearly very strong human rights violations in China, the UN has not worked to fight this. Why? Perhaps there are conflicting objectives or political dilemmas.
Whatever the reason, I believe that something can and should be done. What should the UN do? confront the Chinese government about the numerous human rights violations in their country
suggest that they change their methods of enforcing the one-child policy affordable, but large fines and/or reasonable jail time
tax benefits for those who have one child
long term payments required for each additional child
friendly, harmless family planning services encourage them to improve their promotion of gender equality propaganda
tax benefits for daughters suggest that more funding is provided for safer, higher quality orphanages
encourage China to inspect orphanages and fine inadequate ones
suggest that they make forced abortions and sterilizations illegal Without resolution, these horrible violations could continue. In addition to this, with a boy to girl ratio of about 7:5 for children under the age of four, experts have predicted a future filled with violence and crime. This is based on the idea that with so many unwed men, a lack of settlement could lead to unrest and revolution. The End Perhaps with these changes, China can look forward to a brighter tomorrow. If nothing is done, the injustice will continue. In addition to this, experts have predicted a future filled with violence and crime due to the great imbalance of boys to girls under the age of four (a ratio of about 7:5). In as little as 15 years, the impact of this, whatever it may be, will affect China.

This is the United Nations' chance.

Defending human rights now can promote peace in the future. The End UNFPA An investigation of the UNFPA in 2001 states that it found evidence that at least one branch of the organization operated under the following methods. Mandatory use of IUDs.
Mandatory quarterly exams.
Fines of 50 yuan per day, and 2,000 yuan per month imposed for non-compliance with mandatory examinations.
Forced sterilization after six months of non-compliance with exam.
Mandatory registration of child within one month after birth of child, punishable with forced sterilization for non-compliance.
Forced abortion, forced sterilization and 10,000 yuan fine for pregnancy before age 20.
" " This evidence complete contradicts the UNFPA's statements claiming to grant women the ability to schedule their pregnancies and to discourage abortions as a method of birth control.
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