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Cell Analogy Project: Amusement Park

No description

Jake Brady

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project: Amusement Park

Cell Analogy Project: Amusement Park
Cell Wall
Cell Membrane
This part of the cell is what separates the inner part of the cell from the outside world. It's function is to basically protect the cell from harmful surrounding substances. The entrance gate of an amusement park is like the cell membrane because they both are what separate the inside of the systems from the outside.
Nuclear Membrane
The nuclear membrane is what regulates what comes and goes from the nucleus, thus protecting the nucleus. The nucleus of an amusement park is the park manager; therefore, the nuclear membrane would be his bodyguards. This is the perfect analogy for the nuclear membrane because the park manager's bodyguards help protect him and only let certain people into his office to speak with him.
The main function of the nucleus is to control the activities of a cell through regulating gene expression. The nucleus of an amusement park would be the park manager because he has power over all the workers and other people in the entire park.
The chromatin of a cell is what carries all of the DNA instructions. They also strengthen the DNA, pack it up smaller, and prevent any damage to it. It relates to the map/rules handout in an amusement park. Theses two are similar because they both contain key information for their systems.
The primary function of the nucleolus is to make ribosomes for the cell. The ribosomes of an amusement park are the rides, so the nucleolus of an amusement park would be the power circuit to all the rides in the park.
By: Jake Brady
Period 6

The cytoplasm of a cell is the gel-like substance that fills the inside of the cell and helps provide shape/structure for the cell. This is similar everything inside an amusement park. This is a very simple analogy but it is accurate because both are what fill the entire space.
The mitochondria of a cell is better known as the "Power House of the cell. It contains a double membrane and is used as chemical energy. This is similar to all the electricity of an amusement park because without either one, their systems could not run effectively at all.
A vacuole in a cell can isolate unwanted substances that can harm or cause any threat to the cell. They then export these unwanted substances from the cell. They are similar to the janitors or people in charge of cleaning in an amusement park. These two are similar because they both get rid of unwanted things for their system.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Body
The cell wall is vitally important to the entire cell, without it, there but be utter and complete chaos. It is located outside the cell membrane and it acts as a filter for the cell. It is similar to the outside fences of an amusement park. They are alike because they both help to keep unwanted substances or people out.
The primary function of ribosomes is to make proteins. These proteins drive the cell. The whole idea of amusement parks is to have fun, so the protein of an amusement park are the rides because they are the main thing that provides fun for everyone.
The ER is the way of transportation for proteins to the Golgi body. In an amusement park, this relates to the walkways for citizens and segways for workers. They are similar because both are used as the primary sources of transporting in their systems.
The Golgi Body primarily modifies proteins ("Packages") transported from the E.R, but can also transport lipids through cells. This is similar to the gift shop workers in amusement parks because wrap and package gifts for customers.
The lysosomes in a cell are known as the "suicide sacks", they mainly break down cellular debris. They are similar to the garbage cans and decomposers of amusement parks. They relate because they both get rid of waste for their systems.
Chloroplasts are the site of photosynthesis in the cell and it also consists of a double membrane. it relates to the solar panels of an amusement park because both things take energy from the sun and use it to provide energy for their systems.
This is where the instructions for the proteins are being produced. When the cell splits, this determines what it will be next. They are similar to the main offices in an amusement park because the main offices are where rules, guidelines, and ideas are kept for the park.
These are straight tubes of protein that give a rigid shape to the cell. They are like the rails of the rides in an amusement park because both provide structure and are the layout. The rails are the layout of the ride and the cytoskeleton is the layout for the cell.
The plastids of cell help store specific things, they are only found in plant cells, not animal cells. These would be the park's storage containers because they both contribute to the storing of their systems.
Cilia are the microscopic hair like structures that extend from the surface of the cell. They too help the cell move more smoothly. These are similar to the soft and comfortable seats on the rides because they both provide comfort and a "smoother ride".
Flagella has a function of enabling some cells to move. They make s-shaped waves which propel the cell. They resemble the dividers inside the lines for the rides. These dividers make the lines neater and more efficient and the flagella help make the cell move.
The centroile of a cell is to help in cell division but only in animal cells. They are like the lines of the rides themselves. These two relate because they both help divide up certain areas of their systems. The lines divide up the people waiting for the ride and centroiles contribute in cell division.
Thanks For Watching
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