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The Matrix VS John's Gospel

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Tayla Oates

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Matrix VS John's Gospel

The Views Shown in Both The Matrix and John's Gospel
In both of these stories show a world where rules are vague and life is hard (in the Matrix this portrayed to the extreme). The underlying messages for both these stories is Hope. The Matrix is a story that starts as normal everyday life and changes drastically throughout the film leaving back in a better world. The bible is quite similar is this way although the middle section is quite different. They are two different genres of storytelling one is Sci- Fi and the other is non-fiction. Both Neo and Jesus were born again, Neo rose from a kiss of Trinity and Jesus rose from the kiss of an angel. I believe Trinity is supposed to be a human version of the angel. They were portrayed by someone close to them just before death as well. From this we can tell that the Matrix was loosely based off of John’s Gospel from the bible.
The Similarties Between Two Different Characters - Jesus and Neo
Neo and Jesus are similar because they are both the one and they are going to save the world. Neo was born into the Martix and brought out of it into the real world to save the people. There were forces that fought him and he had to deal with lots of struggle along his way. He also had people to help him through his journey. I believe Jesus’ story also goes along similar lines of this. He had the Romans fighting him, he was born in heaven and brought to earth to fix it, and he had support and struggle along the way.
Differences between The Matrix and John's Gospel
The Matrix is set in the future and John’s Gospel in set in the past. The Matrix is set in a time where technology has overcome humanity and Johns Gospel is set in the past where humanity is selfish and there is no modern technology.

Jesus started to show signs of being the ‘one’ at a young age but Neo lived and average life until being brought into the Matrix.

Similarties Between The Matrix and John's Gospel - Part 1
There are two different worlds one that is good (heaven, matrix) and one is bad but truthful (earth and the real world). Jesus and Neo were bought born to save this world from the bad and they both had trouble gasping it. Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? (Morpheus) This is a quote from the movie that shows Neo’s struggle to gasp the world around him. A part in John’s Gospel that I believed showed struggle was when he went to the temple and they were selling, betting and buying inside the temple. Jesus got Mad and flipped the tables leaving everything on the ground.
Similarties Between The Matrix and John's Gospel - Part 2
John and Morpheus both new they were going to find the ‘one’. Morpheus was told by the Oracle that he would find the one and John found out in vision that he would find the Lords son, Jesus. These are both very similar and the Oracle appears to be taken from the sprit in Johns Gospel.
The Matrix VS John's Gospel
Thanks For Watching!!!
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