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All about me

No description

Megan Albrighton

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of All about me

My family Tree Debbie (My Mum) Alex (My Dad) Megan (Me) Becky (Step Mum) Jack (My Brother) Dave (My Step Dad) Olivia (My Sister) Lily (My Sister) My Family I Wasn't born in Norwich, I
was born in Plymouth.
Plymouth is in the south
west of England. I lived
in Plymouth untill i was 10
- then i moved to Norwich
in January 2011. Alot of my
family live there and i don't
see them much - just 4 times
a year. Plymouth Norwich Plymouth to Norwich Takes
approximately 7 hours
in the car. Where i'm from All About Me! This is Lily (My sister) This is Olivia (my sister) This is Jack (My brother) Lily is 1. She is an active baby and she's very clever for her age. She was born on the 11th of november 2010. Olivia is 4. She's has a very jolly spirit, and sings and dances all day long. She was born on the 17th of August 2008. Jack was born on 29th of January 2012. He can say; yes, no, mama, dada and me me me. Things i enjoy!!! I enjoy alot of things.
I enjoy art, days out, trying new things , I enjoy ride's and I'm a real dare devil with them, and I also love to be Loud! I like to go out with my friends, climb
tree's, and ,most of all enjoy life and
be thankful for what i've got! This ride is brilliant. However, be prepared against the extreme forces! You hold onto your handles as tight as you can and before you know it you are hanging over the edge of a gigantic terror. Don't--Look--Down!! You drop at full speed into a steaming pit of nothingness, and before I knew it my hands were in the air and I was screaming for joy! Finally we speed along the track, and into the station I love this ride. I get butterflys every time I ride it even though im not scared of it. When you go over the loop the loop its so weird that you can see most of the park but in fast motion and upside down! I hope you've learned more about me
and who I am. Thankyou for
By Megan Albrighton Who I Think I Am I think im quite a loud person, but most of the time in class im not that loud.
With a lot of noise i can't consontraite - it destracts me.
Im not a girly girl, but i do like my hair straighteners (My mum's hair straighteners).
Some times no one undrestands me because i talk to fast (it's a habbit).
I couldn't live without my family and friends because they mean to much to me.
My mum would say im quite forget full and she see's me walk into a room and forget what i've gone in for.
My friend's say that im supportive, funny and entertaining. Fact File Of Me! Name: Age: Birthday: Megan Frances Albrighton 11 8th Febuary, 2001 Like: ubble gum because i love the way it tastes and i can blow really big bubbles.
My Phone because I can listen to Music on it. I have a Blackberry so i have BBM and i can message people by texting.
Shopping because I love trying on loads of new clothes and i can pick what i want (if it's approprite). Music because I can sing along and just be me. I can also just relax and listen to music.
Making people smile because when I make people smile i feel happy inside and it doesn't only make my day but someone else's to. My favourite holiday was at Alton Towers! At Alton Towers my favourite ride is Oblivion! My secound favourite ride
is Nemesis. My beliefs and values Why where I live and where
im from are important to me. Where I live Where I'm from I live in Dussindale and
this place is not just
my home it's much more...
Half of my childhood is going be here and has and been here. It's also important because my sisters are being brought up
here. I'm from Plymouth and
this place is not just
where i was born It's much more...
It's a place i will never
forget. Half of my
family live there (My dads side
and some of my mums). It's always going to be my special place to go because I get to see people and places i don't get to in Norwich. My beliefs I belive that someday you will find that one specil person, who will love you forever.
I also belive that you should be thankfull for what you've got because others don't have as much as us. My values I belive that you can make a difference if you really really try. I belive this because my mum made a difference with her life. She pushed herself to get a education studies degree and now shes pushing herself to do a childrens nursing degree. Aswell as that she's got 3 healthy children all girls. I value my family. I value them because their really important to me and I couldn't live without them. Were not a normal family were better and exciting. we know each other like the back of our hands. I value my friends because I couldn't live without them and my life would be boring. With friends life is fun and exciting! I value everything that helps us to live because without them we wouldn't be here. I think my beliefs are different to other people because people care about their phone's and computers when we could live without them.
I think my values are different to other peoples because I care more about the people and things that i couldn't live without instead of something like a computer and phone (unless it has meaning).
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