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How It Happened

No description

Autumn Dougherty

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of How It Happened

"The next great story is yours..."
Jonah Sachs
Co-Founder / CEO
Jonah and Louis, Free Range Studios in Berkeley, CA 2009
Free Range Studios
The Free Range Team
Dore Hainer
Amy Hartzler
Studio Director
Director, Campaign Strategy
Cecili Thompson
Drew Beam
Creative Director
Ellen Roche
Director of Brand Strategy
Erica Priggen
Executive Producer
Melissa Roberts
Engagement Strategy Director
Tom Kennedy
Director, UX & Content Strategy
Ben Hester
Lizanne Deliz
Annie Hughes
Lead, UX Strategy
Lead Designer
Employee Experience Manager
Brad Mu
Project Manager, Senior UX Designer
Jason Hamrick
Naoto De Silva
Alexina Seedorf
Brendon Bell
Senior Project Manager
Accounting & Administrative Manager
Project Manager
Production Coordinator
Cymbeline Johnson
Marketing Manager
Darshita Mistry
Dylan Tuohy
Emily Dransfield
Hannah Hess
Visual & UX Designer
Web Developer
Engagement Strategist
Kevin Okulolo
Leila Andrews
Myoki Stewart
Ruben DeLuna
Juliet Unfried
Animation Director
Executive Assistant
Project Manager
Kathi Bahr
Tan-ya Gerrodette
Freelance Creative
Office Dog
Louis Fox
Free Range Clients
Corporate Clients
Educational Institutions
Autodesk: The Design-Led Revolution
The Story of Stuff Series
The Last Stand of the Orangutan
"Great stories make great change possible."
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