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Introduction of biblefresh

Kent Anderson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of BIBLEFRESH

2011 where how 2011 King James Bible how where who why www.biblefresh.com "The Baptist Union encourages Christians
everywhere to engage with the Bible as the
life-giving Word of God. We fully endorse the
Biblefresh initiative and its aim to re-connect
the Church in the UK with the Bible."
Ian Bunce, Head of Mission, Baptist Union 1. bible reading 2. bible training 3. bible translation 4. bible experiences 1 in 7 40% 200+ million 2300+ Burkina Faso "Anything that aims to unite us in
getting into God's Word in a serious
way is something tht needs to be
embraced and encouraged in every way.
Biblefresh is just such an initiative. We
wholeheartedly support it and are deeply
challenged by it!"
Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor nearly 100 Spring Harvest, New Word Alive,
Keswick, New Horizon, Soul Survivor,
Summer Madness, Pentecost... "Confident communication of God's word
has never been more needed -- make sure
your church is part of Biblefresh as it gets the
church hearing God's word again."
Stephen Gaukroger a movement to help the church
gain appetite, confidence and
passion for God's word discuss! Q & A the bible changes lives the year:
January: Coming
April: Cross
May: Communication
Autumn: Cultivation
December: Chistmas
"When God's church hears and obeys God's
word, the Spirit is at work, lives are changed
and communities are transformed. Join the
Biblefresh initiative and let's see what God
will do amongst us."
Terry Virgo, Newfrontiers
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