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Geography Prezi

Case Study Review of Grade 8 Geography

Mark Bunten

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of Geography Prezi

Geography Case Studies: Grade 8 Mexico Maquiladoras The "Hollow Core" Push Factors
Poor soil (subsistence)
Lack of employment
Lack of services
Pull Factors (U.S.)
Employment opportunities
Availability of services
Intervening obstacles
U.S. customs
Legal requirements
Family Concerns Manfacturing plants that assemble parts for export to the U.S.

American companies like Mattel set up close to the border region to take advantage of proximity to the U.S. and availability of cheap labour to make profits.

Maquiladoras are now under pressure from China and NAFTA to find even cheaper labour either in poorer regions in Mexico or overseas. Sao Paulo Bali Cuba Communist society Mega City Urban Sprawl Shantytowns United States Command Market vs. South America Africa South East Asia Europe Delhi Costa Rica Eco-Tourism England Eco-tourism 10/10 Government control of the economy
State provides all jobs and ensures equality of access to resources
Production is centrally planned by the government

Advantages: Social equality, harmony, strong programs like education and healthcare
Disadvantages: No incentives to work hard, little productivity, infrastructure is of poor quality
Founder: Karl Marx
Examples: China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea 0/10 Government control of the economy
Consumers and producers manage the economy (supply & demand)
Production is guided by the "invisible hand"

Advantages: Entrepreneurs are encouraged, innovation and productivity are high, individual freedom is encouraged
Disadvantages: Poverty, income inequality, lack of social programs causes hardship for disadvantaged groups
Founder: Adam Smith (wrote about it)
Examples: U.S. Tourism that supports the local environment,
communities, and is economically viable. Panama The Panama Canal Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador Guatemala Belize Jamaica Haiti Dominican
Republic Puerto Rico Maquiladoras traditionally employ
female workers at low skill and wages
They cause environmental damage
and ignore labour laws. It can be successful as long as it brings social change and prosperity to local communities Central America & the Caribbean French/Creole speaking country Brazil Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Chile Bolivia Peru Ecuador Colombia Venezuela Guiana Suriname Guyana Cultural Hearth of Judaism, Christianity Israel (Jerusalem) Saudi Arabia Mecca
Amazon Basin Home to subsistence agriculture
Traditional tools & low level of technology
No surplus produced
Vulnerable to commercial agriculture & economic activity like logging and mining Folk culture vs. Popular culture Hinduism is the dominant religion Cultural Hearth Region
Hinduism South Asia Urban Sprawl National Capital Region Plan Dikhatpura Irrigation Rural Development Green and White Revolutions Disputes over water
Boggy soil
Poor management of the canals Plant more than one crop
Buy more nutrious food
Animal husbandry Advantages Disadvantages Resort Hotels

Traditional Landscape What to know of these realms
Country Names
Religion Cultural Hearth Region of Islam China The most populous country in the world
Communist country North Korea

Still a command economy ruled by this guy. Japan The most developed country in Asia Most populous megacity (Tokyo) An archipelago (i.e.
Many small islands) Phillipines Malaysia Singapore Thailand Myanmar Laos Cambodia Vietnam Indonesia NAFTA Partners EU France Germany Spain Portugal Italy Switzerland Greece Albania Czech Republic Austria Ireland Norway Sweden Finland Poland Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg Slovakia Hungary Ukraine Belarus Romania Bulgaria Former Yugoslavia Moldova Lithuania Latvia Estonia Iceland Russia Mongolia Kazakstan Military Dictatorship A predominantly muslim country Great situation as a major trading hub Somalia Look out for pirates! What to know of these realms
Country Names
Religion India Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka It's a little tight in here!... We're here.
Grade 8 Geography at SCS! We've been to a lot of regions around the world this year.
This prezi aims to review some of the material from our journey that's specific to places.
Enjoy the trip! Toronto Mesa del Norte Remittances
Sending money home to family members The majority of migrants to the U.S. are temporary. North
Agreement Close knit indigenous communities They are unlikely to migrate because of intervening obstacles Distance to U.S. Culture differences & language Mixed Economy Socialist Conservative Prefers government intervention Prefers less government 5/10 government control Areas of control are:
Health Care
Instrastructure (roads, power) Is it fair to make traffic ticket fines proportional to your income?
In Finland the answer is "YES!" Countries have the following:
A common passport, money (Euro)
Workers and products are free to move without tariffs or quotas Member countries must give up some amount of sovereignty to join the EU. The U.K. is a member of the EU, but, stills uses its own currency (Pound Sterling) Ranks #1 in terms of HDI Land of volcanoes Denmark Turkey Afghanistan Iran Iraq Uzbekistan Tajikistan Krygzstan Turkmenistan "The Stans" Australia New Zealand Bhutan Canadian soldiers involved here. Economic barriers Free Trade vs. Protectionism Tariffs & Quotas Increased GDP & access to goods and services at a lower price For a review of trade go to the international trade prezi... Practiced in isolated rural settings. Practiced in large urban centres. Spread via technology and mass media (TV, internet...) Values consumerism Values tradition Eastern Europe
Formerly command economies Cornwall Sustainability Project (Coast) Government debt has Greece in economic trouble. A major vanilla producer Madagascar Forced Migration
The country was originally settled by British prisoners Ethiopia Home of coffee Brazil is a major producer of commodities grown in a plantation system such as these... Remember when you can to buy fair trade certified products. They guarantee that workers are paid a living wage and that they are produced in a sustainable way that protects the environment and invests in local communities. English speaking former colony of Britain South Africa Kim Yong Il The communist regime was founded by this man. Chairman Mao Iguazu Falls Portuguese is the main language. Christianity (Roman Catholicism) is dominant. Spanish is the dominant language is all countries but Brazil and the Guianas.. Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam is dominant. The Business Cycle Boom (Prosperity) Bust (Depression) Recovery Recession You've gotta love 'em! Follow the path or navigate around on your own. There's information on and off the path.
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