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Vietnamese Wedding

No description

Thu Nguyen

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Vietnamese Wedding

My Great Aunt's
Big, Fat Vietnamese Wedding

The broom's parents will give the bride gold necklace, bracelet, earrings and sometimes money as gifts.
The Summary
The traditional Vietnamese wedding is influenced by Confucian and Buddhist ideologies. Vietnamese culture was also somewhat influenced by other countries. One example is the Vietnamese wedding.
It is very crowded and loud because the host invites musicians to play at the wedding. (bring your earplugs!)
People bring money in red envelopes or in form of checks as gifts for the new married couple.
The party is usually taken place at the broom's house.
The Tea Ceremony (Le an hoi)
The Fortune Teller
Both sides will decide on a good date and time for the couple to get married. They usually go to the fortune teller and ask for advices.
The fortune teller also will let the parents know if they are a good match.
The broom's side will come over to the bride's house with presents such as fruit, candy, areca nuts, betel leaves, tea wines covered with red cloth carried by some boys and girls (usually unmarried) to ask for permission to marry the bride.
Red is a very important color in the wedding.
This is because Vietnamese people believe in the Chinese zodiac compatibility.
The broom will usually wear Vietnamese traditional silk dress called "áo dài" in blue. The bride will wear the silk dress also called "áo dài" in red while holding the flowers given by the broom.
The bride's parent(s) will ask their ancestors to watch after the new couple while holding incense.
The couple will give tea to the parents of both sides with their heads bowed to show respect and to receive good wishes.
The Wedding Ceremony ( Le cuoi )
The bride will appear from inside the house.
The broom's side come over the bride's house to pick up the bride. This step is called "ruoc dau".
Most couples choose to wear modern dresses like suits and white wedding dresses on their real wedding ceremony.
One respected man of the family or town will confirm them as official. The broom then will put on the earrings and ring for the bride and his other half will do the same. This will make them husband and wife.
A reception wedding will be held, usually at a hotel. This is a party for the new married couple and guests are invited.
Guests sit at round tables usually with their age group or family. A lot of food and beer will be served so it's best to come with an empty stomach. The table will hold their beer up and count "Mot, hai, ba, do!" or one, two, three, cheer!
The married couple will cut their cake and announce to everyone the good news.
Then they are off to a happy life-long journey together!
Thank you
for watching and listening!

Guests usually arrive one hour later than the stated time on the invitation. This is because they believe if you arrive at the time specified on the invitation, you are obviously hungry and in need of a meal. Now if you are that hungry, you are obviously lacking some wealth.
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