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Immigration Prezi

Government 5

Karina Cardenas

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Immigration Prezi

By: Karina Cardenas
Pros of Immigration
Cons of Immigration

Finding a job
Having no money
Lack of knowing the language
Being scared to get deported, if caught
Barriers that immigrants face
& Monika Malecki
What is Immigration?
Americans get less money on taxes
American schools loose funds for the property
Lack of knowing the amount of immigrants coming in.
a little bit hard
when it comes to
Naturalization: Process in which an "alien" becomes a citizen.
Refugee: When someone fless to another country for safety.
Quota: A numerical limit on a tyoe or race of people that can come into the country starting 1924.
Illegal alien: A person who has enter the country against the immigration laws.
Green card: Allows illegal immigrants to work temporarily
Push Factors are the reasons
why people leave an area
Pull Factors are the reason why
people move to a particular area
When a native person comes to a foreign country permantely without permission for a better life.
Business get cheap work
Helps immigrants send money to their family back at home.
Business don't have to pay taxes
Business don't have to pay for healthcare
How it all began ..
The first immigrant was said to be from Asia, (Asians, Hispanics and North Americans, were the first race to immigrate)
Many African Americans slaves were brought here and forced to work
Immigration started as early as 1619
Finding a job ?
getting recognzed, or good feed back from others
57%- 73% of immgrants have difficulty finding a job
Ages 24-34 have a 32% in getting a job
Men have a higher chance in getting recognized, 33% vs a female only has 23% chance
Make border line more secure by hiring moe troops
Deport all the legal immigrants that are here without permission
Give immigrants an oppurtunity to be a citizen because they are doing jobs that most American's refuse to do , and get paid minimum wage.
Let immigrants stay but have to go through a process to become citzens.
Arizona Law
Law enforcemenst have the legal right to ask for indentification if "Probable Suspicion" is used. If any officer believes that a person is an illegal "alien" they have the right to turn them over to ice and deport them .
Dream Act

Reform Amnesty
Will benifit 12-2o milllion illegal immigrants
Will forgive them for working and coming illegally , and will allow them to get a green card
It will secure the borders
Help people come foward who are illegal to want to become citizens
& improve immigration system

Allows illegal minors to have the oppurtunity to stay in school and go to college.
Allows illegal minorities to obtain citizenship after completing higher education or 2 years of military service
This process should be within the 6 years from applying for the Dream Act
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