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Ebola Project

No description

julian gorostieta

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Ebola Project

Ebola is a virus that causes severe bleeding, organ failure, and can lead to death most of the time.
technology and medicine
There really isn't a medicine to Ebola because its a new virus discovered last year and scientist haven't yet developed a medicine to cure it FYI there is no cure for now but later in the future we will have advanced technology that can help cure people with ebola and with every other disease.scientist are working on a medicine but there are no specific therapy for Ebola.
Ebola isn't like a regular disease that can be transmitted easily.
The major way Ebola can be transmitted is by bodily fluids,which means if there is an infected Pearson sitting next to you and they cough on you and their spit lands in side your mouth then you got infected.
scientists believe that the first patient became infected through contact with an infected animal, such as a fruit bat or primate (apes and monkeys), which is called a spillover event.
Treatment options
there is no FDA(food and drug administration)-approved vaccine or medicine (antiviral drug) is available for Ebola.

NAME: Ebola
ORIGIN: Ebola devolved in west Africa in 2014
Why did i choose this disease?
The reason why i choose this disease if because i find it kinda amazing how a Pearson can get infected.
I also choose this disease because i think the way the disease is shaped its not like a ball or a rod like all the other disease its more like a piece of string floating inside you.
Thank you for your time :) :)
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