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Author's Purpose and The Canterbury Tales

My students always have trouble when studying author purpose. To help remedy that issue I created this Prezi to focus on author purpose and The Canterbury Tales. It is meant to supplement my teaching of the subjects. Hope you enjoy!

Roseanna Perry

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Author's Purpose and The Canterbury Tales

One of the tale's told in Geoffrey Chaucer's
Canterbury Tales.
Told by a woman known only as the Wife of Bath. She has been married multiple times. This has given her an extreme opinion of men.
Highlights qualities of relationships and the challenges that go with them.
Has a moral.
Author's Purpose
Author's Choices: Why They Matter
The Pardoner's Tale
One of the tale's told in Geoffrey Chaucer's
Canterbury Tales.
Told by a selfish Pardoner* in order to scare those around him into giving him money in exchange for "forgiveness."
Highlights sin and the consequences of committing a sin.
Has a moral.
The Wife of Bath's Tale
Frame Narrative
The Canterbury Tales
by Geoffrey Chaucer is what we call a frame narrative. What this means the story is really a story within a story (much like
The Matrix
). The main story is about the journey a group of pilgrims are taking. Every person in the group of travelers tells tales throughout their journey and each tale has a prologue, or introduction, told to put the audience in the right mindset for the tale. Finally the tale is told. You will be listening to, watching and reading two of these tales and their prologues.
Notes for You
Answer these final questions about the stories before you take your quizzes.
What sin is the downfall of the 3 friends in The Pardoner's Tale?

What someone chooses not to show and/or tell you can often have more meaning than what they do show and/or tell.

What they see as important may not be the same as what you see as important. That's when we must "read between the lines!
Identify areas of the text where the author choice made a difference in the story's outcome and/or progression.

Analyze the author's decisions regarding the structure of the text and elements of the story including setting, mood, and characterization.
Assess how a change in author's choice would change the text.

Analyze how point of view shapes the content and style of the text.

Demonstrate the ability to make predictions based on the textual evidence including author decisions.
*pardoner-person of the church who raises money by selling pardons (forgiveness for sins)
The Pardoner's Tale done in rap
Copy of prologue and tale to read. (Not required)
Animated version of the tale.
Copy of prologue and tale to read. (Not required)
After you read/watch:
On a sheet of paper write 3 choices the author made in this tale and how they would affect the story if they were different. (ex: It takes place during the day, what would happen if it was at night? How would it change?)

Explain, in a few sentences, what the moral of the story is and why you believe it is an important lesson to learn.

Explain, in a few sentences, what you think happens after the story ends and why you think it happens.

Write one paragraph about how you would change the story to make it more interesting without changing the moral.

Author's Choice:
choices an author makes about a text that affect the plot, characters, etc.
the place and time in which a story takes place.
Mood- the feeling that a text brings out in the reader and/or characters.
Moral Lesson-
a lesson concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior
Theme/Main Idea-
the main subject that is being discussed or described.
action in the story
Choices an author makes:
Characters' personality, appearance, and abilities
Main idea
Language used
Main Story
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