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Plot Diagram For House of The Scorpion

No description

Valerie Paul

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Plot Diagram For House of The Scorpion

Exposition Eduardo and the cells: the creation of Matt.
We meet Matt and the house in the poppy fields.
Matt meets Steven and Emelia.
Matt escapes the house and is taken to the Big House.
Matt is put in a 'cell' for Rosa to take care of
Rosa treats Matt very badly and fills the cell with chicken litter because she thinks that it is healthy, as well as neglecting Matt to flirt with Willum, the doctor.
The exosition is not very long; not many are. Falling Action Matt heads to Aztlan and 'meets' the Farm Patrol, then is found by Raul and another guard.
Matt learns about holo-games and other 'present day' things, as well as meets Chacho and Fidelito.
He moves from table to table, working and learning about the orphanage and Aztlan, with other important things.
Raul teaches the orphans "How Individualism is Like a Five-Legged Horse" and offends him by mentioning putting computer chips in the horse's brain so that it will do it's best for it's master and everyone.
Chacho, Fidelito, and Matt board the hovercraft to San Luis and on the way, Fidelito 'fouls' a bag of plastic strips.
Matt and Chacho are forced to scour the entire hovercraft so that the driver(pilot) is pleased with the smell.
Carlos gives the boys a tour of the factory, then they have a lunch of "delicious, nutritious plankton". Pg 282
Fidelito tells Matt and Chacho about his past and how he arrived at the orphanage in the first place.
Jorge tells a bedtime story to the boys about "Why Minds Gather Dust Like Old Rooms' and Matt offends a Keeper once again, and the other boys criticize him to "help him see the error of his ways."Pg 293
Fidelito, Chacho, and Matt discover the bone yard with the whale bones and discuss it going back to the factory.
Jorge beats Ton-Ton with a cane and he has to go to the infirmary; Jorge did it to scare Matt into confessing.
Fidelito confesses for Matt and then Matt is beaten with the same cane that Jorge used on Ton-Ton.
Matt learns about the Keepers taking laundanum every night and where San Luis is so he can escape.
Ton-Ton gives Fidelito, Matt and Chacho valuable information about San Luis and how to get there.
Jorge tries to beat Fidelito and Matt and the other boys attack him and then Carlos tell them about the writing on the bottom of Matt's foot and that he thinks that Matt is a 'crot', or a zombie, or an eejit.
Chacho and Matt are brought to the boneyard and thrown into it, then Matt finds a way out and they are saved by Matt's quick thinking and Ton-Ton and Fidelito with the shrimp harvester.
Chacho is sick and so Fidelito and Matt head towards San Luis so that they can get him to to a doctor ASAP.
Guapo and Consuela rescue Matt from the river after Fidelito went to get them (someone) to help.
It is El Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead, and there is a celebration going on in the city. House of The Scorpion My Plot Diagram Rising Action and Mini-Climaxes Tom comes and shoots Matt with a peashooter after Matt hits him with a rotten, wormy orange.
Celia and Maria come to see Matt through the bars on the window.
Rosa takes Matt to El Patron and they speak for a long while
Matt meets the Alacran family and they dispise him, but he meets Tam Lin and he does not.
Tom and Matt get into numerous fights and Maria always gets Tam Lin.
Matt gets sick and Maria leaves for boarding school soon after.
Teacher, the eejit, comes and goes and Tam Lin takes Matt to the oasis and teaches him about eejits and clones.
Felicia plays the piano in the music room and Matt listens, then finds the secret passageway and begins to play piano himself.
Matt excels in everything, hoping to make people forget that he is a clone.
At El Patron's birthday party, Matt humiliates Maria and makes her give him a birthday kiss.
Tom then brings Matt and Maria to see the clone of Mr. MacGregor, making Maria forget about making up with Matt.
Matt steals the laundanum, intending to poison Furball, Maria's dog, to get a chance to speak with Maria alone.
Felicia kills Furball (although you learn that later) and Matt is blamed.
Maria leaves again for boarding school and El Patron leaves for 'buisness' as well.
Celia tells Matt how she met El Patron and he understands El Patron's greed and protectiveness.
Matt gets information that Maria has been sent to a convent to turn her into a proper young lady, and Rosa has been turned into an eejit.
Matt goes back to the oasis and finds the things that Tam Lin has left for him: food, water purification pills, a first-aid kit, pocketknife, matches, lighter fluid, pots, blankets, and books and that is everything that Matt would need to survive. Rising Action and Mini-Climaxes Continued Matt goes back to the oasis and finds the things that Tam Lin has left for him: food, water purification pills, a first-aid kit, pocketknife, matches, lighter fluid, pots, blankets, and books and that is everything that Matt would need to survive.
El Viejo dies and Matt is present at the funeral and the priest gets very angry, nearly kicking Matt out.
Matt shows Maria the secret passage with the peepholes and they figure out about Felicia killing Furball.
Maria and El Patron leave Matt all alone again and he is left alone to his thoughts and a St. Francis book, along with a book on 'A History of Opium', by Esperenza Mendoza (Maria's mother).
Matt reads 'A History of Opium' and learns some very interesting and surprising things and Matt visits the wastelands and the garbage piles and meets the guards who treat him like royalty once they know who he is.
Matt learns about what Tam Lin did to get to Opium. He killed twenty kids by a bomb outside of the Prime Minister's house. El Patron gets sick and Matt throws up on the bodyguard's arm because he thinks that he knows why he is needed.
Matt suggests that El Patron might give things away, and he is well awakened because he becomes furious.
Matt's voice cracks and he realizes that he is growing up and he knows that 'clones go to pieces when they get older.'
Matt realizes what is really going to happen to him(or he thinks); that he will be turned into a human organ donor.
Matt gets a fever and feels sick; he visits the oasis and continues to read 'A History of Opium' and understand it.
El Patron talkes about the oasis and is delerious, thinking that Matt is Felipe, his son, who died over eighty years previously.
Steven and Emelia's wedding comes near and many people arrive, including Maria, although she comes with her sister on the day before the wedding at the place at which it is happening and she is immensly happy to see Matt and they discuss things.
Matt learns that Maria is to marry Tom and is appaled, so they discuss it much further and talk about Maria's mother.
El Patron becomes very unstable and has a heart attack in the middle of the wedding, leaving Steven and Emelia forgotten.
Matt and Maria attempt to escape in a hovercraft, but Steven and Emelia send Matt to the hospital to help El Patron.
Matt speaks with El Patron, but then Celia reveals that she poisoned Matt so that his heart would be too unstable to use.
Matt is taken to the operating room, but El Patron dies before they can operate on him, so Tam Lin offers to 'kill' him.
Really, Tam Lin is helping Matt to escape to find Maria and Esperenza and live a full life of happiness, adventure, and love.
Tam Lin brings Matt to the oasis and then tells him that he needs to escape and gives him a story to tell about his 'past.' Resolution The resolution is that everything is well again. In this case, the resolution is pages 353 through 380. This is from when Matt and Fidelito are brought to the Convent of Santa Clara to see Chacho to the end. What happens is...
Matt and Fidelito are brought to the Convent hospital where Chacho is recovering.
They meet up with some Keepers and there is a fight.
Matt and Maria see each other again and celebrate.
Matt and Maria go back to Opium to terrible news.
Everyone who was at the wake except for Daft Donald died of poisoned wine.
Matt visits El Patron's tomb and thinks about his future with Maria, Chacho, Ton-Ton, Fidelito, Celia, Mr. Ortega, and Daft Donald. Climax The climax is when Matt runs away, and escapes from the Alacran Estate, intending to head towards San Luis, so that he can meet up with Maria and hopefully Esperenza. This is after El Patron dies and after Tam Lin proves how much he cares for Matt by helping him to escape, a feat that had never yet been acomplished because El Patron always kept what he had earned and sometimes stolen. Actually, most usually recieved as a gift or stole from someone or something, like his life from God.
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