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Global Warming

By Amber, Raina, Elyjah, & Julio

April Showers

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

~In Walnut Creek~ Climate Change What Is Global Warming? Global warming is a natural issue, but the fossil fuels that we humans send up in the atmosphere are causing climate change and temperatures to rise around the world.

All the daily things we do, like driving our cars, contributes to making Earth a greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Effect is where the Sun's rays get trapped in the atmosphere and cannot be released, so they get recycled and make the climate all around the world hotter than usual. What Can We Do To
Stop Global Warming? Global Warming: By Amber, Raina, Elyjah, & Julio Human Influences or
Natural Causes? Studies show that with the rising temperatures, more habitats and species are becoming extinct every year.

Seas are rising because glaciers are melting and getting warmer, which is effecting the things living in the ocean.

In the future, more floods will occur, and many homes will be destroyed. If we try to reduce fossil fuels from going into our atmosphere, we may be able to stop Global Warming before it gets too bad. Remember to turn off your television, video player, stereo and computer when you're not using them. Save some money on your electricity bill! Can't walk? Then carpool! Save the money and the gas! Dangers & Risks Effects on Earth The Do's And The Dont's Do Don't Install Solar Panels! It saves money and the environment!

Bring your own bag to stores. Whenever you bring a reusable bag, think about the tree or animal you saved! Don't use plastic bottles! They are bad for the environment and for you! They have a chemical in them (BPA) that can be very bad for you and cause serious health problems. Don't drive your car! It pollutes the earth and is one of the main causes of global warming. If you need to drive a car, carpool, take public transportation, or get an electric car! It saves you money and saves the Earth! Lights out! Turn off all lights, TVs, stereos, and computers when you leave the room. Save money on your electricity! Take a walk! It's healthy and fun! Want to step it up? Go with a friend! Save electricity and reduce global warming by turning off lights when you leave a room, and using only as much light as you need. Into the future Temperatures are rising world-wide (hence the name "Global Warming")
Ice caps are melting, so sea levels are rising and polar animals are losing their habitats
Higher temperatures are making it impossible for certain animals to survive.
More floods are occurring because of the rising sea levels on the coast
More droughts occur inland because of the high temperatures
As more CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other fossil fuels go up into the atmosphere, we're polluting the air around us By the year 2100, sea levels will have risen about 20 ft., which means that San Francisco and many other cities will be underwater! Embrace the Sun! Use solar panels! If your electricity bill is $200, then you could save $1,200! Think of the possibilities! Paper or plastic? Neither! The best solution is to bring your own bags, which many grocery stores sell. Plastic ends up in the ocean and paper pollutes our planet by using trees for processing. Plus, reusable bags can be very fashionable! In less than a century, this will be San Francisco hi
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