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How Volcanoes Pwned the World

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Jonathan Herring

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of How Volcanoes Pwned the World

Volcanoes Have far reaching effects. Volcanoes can affect atmosphere. Can affect society Tha Laki Eruption Started 1783
lasted 8 months Released 122 megatons of Sulfur Dioxide
Into Troposphere and Tropopause Some The sulfur dioxide mixed with water vapor, which caused acid rain. Some was returned to the surface by subsidence
creating a 'dry' fog over europe. The atmosphere was warmed because of the fog, causing
severe thunderstorms and hail in Europe. The winter was severe, in all the northern hemisphere. + = Krakatoa Erupted 1883, sent aerosols 80km up into atmosphere. These made a belt of particles around equator which eventually dispersed into the northern and southern hemispheres The aerosols made for spectacularly colored sunsets, which inspired the artists of that time. Mount Tambora 1815 This eruption changed the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere so much it was known as "The Year without a Summer" During this time the poet Lord Byron invited some friends to his summer home
the weather was so bad they were froceds to stay indoors. To entertain themselves
they posed a writing contest. How Volcanoes Pwned the World How does This guy... and this... Equal this? Hello! To own, beat, kick butt, and otherwise be more awesome than.
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