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Firearms, LLC

Marketing Plan

ashley blum

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Firearms, LLC

Entering the market at a critical time with weapons sales rising 3% to 5% annually
Personal protection has increased 10% over the past couple years in FL
Americans are becoming more comfortable with firearms
Family's are seeing the need to engage their children with pistols


We have passion towards firearms giving us competitive advantage
We offer weapons safety classes, state-wide gun shows and competitive shooting events
We know what our customers want when it comes to personal protection.
Customized pistol

Limited selection-9mm pistol only
Lack of customized accessories
All can change with amount of revenue we bring in
Firearms LLC Marketing Plan
By: Nanette Henderson, Ashley Blum and Kevin Pitts

Product Description
9mm pistol

The frame and slide are from 440 steel made in the USA providing exacting tolerances for machined precision.
Natural grips and weapons design make our weapon ideal for concealed-carry,
Personal protection
Enjoyment for the day at the range.
Its lightweight is designed to satisfy the novice user or seasoned marksman.
A precision weapon with increased accuracy and control when employed in a real-world situation
Practice for the moment you and your loved ones’ life depends on it
Satisfy your needs as a practice range weapon.
Hillsborough County
What does our customer look like
“We will provide our customer with reliable precision firearms designed for personal protection as well as enjoyable safe family shooting”

Mission Statement

Legislative and personal
Marco-level legislative arenas’
Micro-level concerns with federal laws
Cannot mass-produce in high quality at lower cost

Approximately 150 square miles

A demonstrate of the geographical dispersion of our target market is shown in the next slide

This will not infer with others within or outside the zip codes

Sale of a pistol is to an undifferentiated market and technically

One only must be of legal age

Data supports that 1-20 floridians have a concealed permit or weaponry experience. Which will four out of every five consumer

Safety, Belonging and Love, Self-esteem, and Self-actualization

Population: 1,126,920
Between the age of 18 and 65: 65%
Median wage: $15.46
Mean wage: $20.20
Mean salary: $42,230
Median household income: $50,195
Bachelor’s degree or higher (25+): 29%
Average travel time to work: 26 minutes

Quality firearm
sought by an understanding consumer
Precision engineering
Functional design

will not seek an off the shelf Wal-Mart or neighborhood purchase of a weapon

value is important and ultimately drives our profits

$350 to $525 dollar range

Industry average- $125 to $200 per weapon.

A laser focus on manufacturing costs staying below $200



Hillsborough County
Starting with those retailers in zip codes
Florida has 44 authorized Federal firearms dealers.
be responsible to ensure anyone selling our product
discreet, personal visits to validate the retailer
select retail outlets

Answering the “need”
5% off gift certificate on the purchase of a weapon
guerrilla marketing during the customer visit
solicit their specific needs
recommend identifying a Hillsborough County public law enforcement
provides publicity through the presentation
Secondary to the award is an audience

Firearms LLC

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Any questions ?
A consumer with an income of $35K
Two or more personnel in the household
Selected population shows disposable income for our service
They have competing lifestyles challenges, and will see value in our services
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