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SunPower: Focused on the Future of Solar Power

No description

Abbey Douglas

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of SunPower: Focused on the Future of Solar Power

- Founded by Dr. Richard Swanson in 1987

- Goal was to commercialize solar technology

- Worked with Honda & NASA
Major Issue

- Innovation has a time frame
- Leader in Solar Innovation

- Based in Silicon Valley

- More than 200 Patents

Buy business services or products that will benefit the company and save money.
Innovating Through Strategic Entrepreneurship
Recommendations and Justifications
Central Divisional to develop, produce, and sell standardized products world wide
SunPower Corporation is a global leader in high efficiency solar technology.
Implementation Plan:
Use Strategic Acquisition to acquire company that provides cleaning products and services.
Integration and Recommendation
SunPower: Focused on the Future of Solar Power
Industry continues to grow
Must keep up with growth by finding the right strategy.
Right mix will ensure furture growth and continued success.
Joint Venture with South African Government's Independent Power Producers
Partner with GE Energy Financial Services to provide financing solutions
Something New
New Service
New Way to Present Service to Market
Decisions made at divisional headquarters
Worldwide divisional structure
Joint Venture
External Environment
China/California, high population
Very expensive, not very popular
Gov. regulations for new "cleaner" world
More "green" awareness
Technology advances, more solar uses
Global market and use
Competitive Environment:
Power of Suppliers- heavy demand with little suppliers
Power of Buyers- not much demand, no bargaining power
Threat of Entrants- constant with new technology
Substitutes- constantly being developed with new technology by other companies
Rivalry- Sun Power is leader, but many competitors, SunTech and Sharp Solar
Internal Analysis
Strategic Leadership- creating partnership for resources and intelligence
Resources- silicon from Cypress, intelligence from internal staff
Competitive Technology- new panels with less microns and increase 20% efficiency
Swot Analysis
leader in tech advances
cost comparison
Merge with Cypress
Cypress back out
Cypress take over solar
Competition with European business
More advancement with solar technology
More use in homes and USA with advances
More efficiency = Better Cost
New companies with solar power
Current Electricity competition for cost
Lack of environmental awareness
Business-level and Corporate Strategies
Differentiation Strategy- Sun Power produces the latest product in solar energy- high quality
Cooperative M-form strategy- integrate product in company divisions and with Cypress partner
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