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A long Way From Chicago Richard Peck

No description

Scott Winningham

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of A long Way From Chicago Richard Peck

Richard Winningham 17/10/13 First Period
Joey is a boy that lives in Chicago. In the book he is scared of everything. He has brown hair and is not very tall. Joey is older than Mary Alice. He dressed up as the brakeman ghost once in the book. He did that to stop a train so that two people could get on and run away. Joey helps friends and family with things. At the end of the book he was in the Army. Joey is a kind loving person that loves cars because he thinks hes a man. Joey is scared of some of the people that lived in town.
In the beginning of the book Mary Alice was seven years old. She hated going to grandmas house. Marry Alice would bring her jump rope to entertain her self. As Marry Alice got older she brought her tap shoes to practice. Marry Alice started liking the house.Marry Alice was braver than her brother Joey. Marry Alice has red hair she is small and over exaggerates to much. She is nice kind and sometimes funny.Narry Alice hates doing things she does not like. Marry Alice won the cup at the talent show when she was thirteen.
Grandma is a old woman that has grey hair.Grandma breaks the law for the good of the people. She is nice and hates going in to town to talk to people. Grandma is fat round and heavy it took three men to their knees to get her out of a plane. Grandma is so big people do not want to sit behind her. Grandma entered the pie competition to make a good pie. She lost so she lied about having a blue ribbon so that joey could go on the plane so that Joey could ride all over the fair. Grandma stole a boat to go cat fishing she feed a old woman named Aunt Puss Chatman she gummed food for days.Grandma feed some hobo's some fish to survive. At the end of the book when Marry Alice and Joey were leaving to go back to Chicago Grandma was sad but happy for them the whole time.
The time period was in 1930s. There was very few cars back then. The buildings were old they were not very big ether. They used privies to go to the bathroom. It would not be good to live in that time period. You would haft to walk if you did not have a car. The great depression was bad we would have little to no money at all. I would be bored if I lived in that time. There's no TV's during the time they had radio's. The food was gross the worst is probably liverwurst the sounds really bad.

Point of View
The conflict is character vs. character. Because the great depression was back in that time.It was hard for lots of people back then.
The book is told in first person point of view. Joey tells the story in his view. "I didn't mind going because we went on the train, the Wabash Railroad's crack Blue Bird that left Dearborn Station every morning, bound for St. Louis."
The theme is don't judge a book by it's cover.Grandma was fat round and people did not want to sit behind her people think she rude and mean.But if you get to know her she's a nice person that breaks the law to give happiness to the community.So the town has good people and a good community.
Exposition: Joey and Mary Alice live in Chicago. Joey is nine years old and Mary Alice seven years old. They visit grandma every year on summer time.

Climax: Mrs L. J. Weidenbach ask grandma to enter the pie competition and grandma said yes I will. when they got there they set up and the Judges came by but Mr. Rupert Pennypacker that made really good pie's was there.Grandma tried to take her sign and traded it with his sign but grandma lost. Grandma lied to the pilot that they won the pie competition. Then grandma got on it took awhile but they got her in the plane. the plane couldn't take off and they had to turn around then grandma said Joey could go on.Joery was really excited he got on they flew all over the fair when they came down they went home and had a good time.
Rising Action: Grandma was luring the Cowgills when she was trying to get them. When they broke into grandma's house she let off a cherry bomb and grabbed the shotgun and pointed it at the Cowgills. The mom and dad came over and said we are very sorry about the incident. The Cowgills got in trouble by there parents and grandma said that she found a mouse in the milk bottle.(Grandma put mouse in the milk). Then the Cowgills said we will be better and take care of the milk more.
Falling Action: Grandma told Joey about a ghost that was named Phantom Brakeman. A train was carrying firefighters and the Wabash train was coming the other direction. The trains crashed into each other and every one died in the accident. After that night Joey heard a voice that was weird it was coming from Mary Alice's room when he went to her room the door was lock. She said it was a dog and it followed her home she named it Skipper.
Resolution: Joey was fifteen the last time he went down to grandma's house.Mary Alice was thirteen years old when they where in the Centennial Celebration. Mary Alice won they dancing part of the talent show.They went to a old man's house that was still there it was old but there was animals and a garden growing they went inside and got a old man named Uncle Grady Griswold. he was 103 years old they took him to the parade and people to see him a different old man got in a fight with him after all that it was done.At the end of the book Joey was in the army he was on a train that was going past grandma's house.When Joey passed it grandma's house all her light's were on and she was waving at him.
The conflict is that grandma fight's for what she believes in.
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