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No description

victor rivera

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of GLOBAL

WORLD WAR ONE Franis Ferdinand was killed in 1914 many fights broke out in Eurpoe eventually. . . Germany declares war on France US helps after Russia droped out brooke in to two sides Allied Powers Central Powers Great Britian Russia France Belgem United States United kigdom austria hungry ottomum Empire The Bolshevik Revolution Vladimir Lenin Joesph Stalin created a 5 year plan that would industrial russia took over completely his plan made russia do much better econimically took land from nobles to give to pensents put people in charge of factories, so they would own it, and not the governement National Movements in 1919 Mexico and Latin America didnt like what was happening, so they tried to create there own country peasent were starting to do well, haveing monuments and things made after them Turkey the fall of the otterman empire turkey industrilizes. but idians didnt like the idea because it was too much like europe in the end of this movement they wanted there own empire South Africa protest against loseing there land many africans are getting kicked off in the end became independent Germany and Hitler Italy and Musolini took over by fear northern eurpe was the greatest people ever dictator from 1933-1945 he controlled everything created combat squades world war II causes italy and germany decalred war on US Germany was angry that they were blamed for everything Pearl harbor made US declar war on Japan hitler was in charge Atomic bomb ends war
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