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Lab safety

No description

Oskar Cymerman

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Lab safety

a little presentation on HOW NOT TO
BOOM!!! A.K.A. Lab Safety
by mr. c The following rules exist for your safety.
They are not optional
These rules help to prevent accidents in the lab and allow for more efficient work to occur.
When first entering the science room, do not touch any equipment, chemicals or other materials until you are instructed to do so.
Great Lab Habits 1. Stay focused &and pay attention to all written and verbal instructions. 2. Ask questions before proceeding if you are unsure. 3. Know what you are to do before you do it.
4. Remain standing during all lab activities unless told otherwise.
Perform no unauthorized experiments, and mix chemicals only according to instructions. Study the procedures.
Did I do that? Familiarize yourself with the safety equipment in the room that the teacher will point out to you:

fire extinguishers,
fire blankets,
eyewash fountains,
fire exits,
spill control materials, etc.
Use the safety equipment provided for you. Safety goggles must be worn when dealing with (1)flame 2. glass (3)irritating or caustic chemicals, (4)moving objects (5)when the teacher tells you to REMEMBER!!! EYES DON’T GROW BACK Handle all chemicals carefully and in the proper manner (chemical spoon, glassware, paper towel etc.).
Equipment and chemicals should be used only in the classroom and only when the teacher is present. for example... Waft, don’t sniff Mr. President!
or which way is correct??? Oh Yeah, FOOD RULE Deposit waste materials in the proper containers.
Sinks and drains are not wastebaskets; don't put any solid material in them. Hmm... Unlabeled test tube... I bet it's KoolAid! Misbehavior CANNOT and WILL NOT be tolerated!
Don’t monkey around!
Immediately notify your teacher of any unsafe conditions you observe.
Work with your group at your station only.
Failure to comply with safety guidelines may result in your removal from class and loss of credit for work that is done in your absence. and now.... your safety quiz... Find 15 Bad Lab Practices
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