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presentation on D.A.O.W.

Angy Higgy

on 13 June 2010

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Transcript of D.A.O.W.

D.A.O.W. By: Angy Higgy D.A.O.W. is an aid organization. They have many different projects such as: Food, Education, Habitat, and medical care/hygiene. D.A.O.W. stands for Disaster Aid Organization Worldwide. D.A.O.W. has an office in the capital of each country. They help any country that is hit with a natural disaster. A natural disaster is a disaster that is caused by weather or earth. On January 12th 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. After the earthquake struck Haiti, D.A.O.W. decided to step forward. Introduction Haiti needs some short-term and some long-term needs. Short-term needs are needs that they need immediately. D.A.O.W. plans to give Haiti water supplies, food supplies, medical care, and more. Long-term needs are needs that they can wait for, like rebuilding houses. People who have lost their jobs, have to wait for their offices to get rebuilt, so they can get back to work. D.A.O.W. plans to get with other organizations to help Haiti with their needs. D.A.O.W.'s supplies for Haiti D.A.O.W. has many steps involved with helping patients. First they start them off on antibiotics. They then take them to the operating theater to see what kind of operation they need. After a few days, they bring the patient back to examine and clean the injury again. Sometimes things go wrong and they have to do extra things to cure the patient. Sometimes it goes perfectly well, and they don’t have to do anything extra. Steps involved with D.A.O.W. D.A.O.W. responds to people at risk in a certain way. They have 4 different projects, and 5 employees for each one. Once they hear about the disaster (they have a special plane that can take them anywhere), they get in the plane and fly to the disastrous place. They only send the employees for the certain needs that that country needs. For example, if Haiti needs food, the 5 employees that work for food will take the special plane to Haiti. Responding to people at risk The earthquake in Haiti affected people in many ways. One way is with injuries. A lot of people were injured after the earthquake. Some of them even died. The people that were injured had to go the hospital to get cured. D.A.O.W.’s medical care / hygiene group is working it’s best to help the injured Haitians. Another way people got affected is starvation. This time D.A.O.W.’ s food group is doing its best to help the starving Haitians.
Over 1.1 million people are homeless. Because of the earthquake the homeless people have to wait until new houses are built, so they can have a house to live in. D.A.O.W. is terribly sorry for the homeless people in Haiti. That’s why the habitat group is going to go to Haiti, and will do it’s very best to help the homeless people in Haiti.
Affected people in Haiti D.A.O.W. works very hard to help people with basic needs. They donated supplies for 130,000 people in Haiti. They also saved many Haitians lives after the earthquake. D.A.O.W.’s food group is now ad has delivered food for Haiti, and has fed about 1.2 million in the capital, Port-au-Prince. D.A.O.W. is and has been working hard to support families who have lost everything. D.A.O.W. helping with basic needs Haiti is extremely at risk. First of all, it is a very poor country. After the earthquake it got even worse. Second, a lot of people got injured and have to go to hospitals to get medical care. There are still hundreds of thousands who are hungry and desperate for proper shelter and more help. There were at least 10 after-shocks after the earthquake which made the country even worse. Haiti at risk On February 27th 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile. Now D.A.O.W. has 2 challenges to face. Both earthquakes were really destructive. The Haiti earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0. That means it was very strong and there were a lot of casualties. The Chile earthquake was even stronger than the other one. This means that there were a ton of more casualties than the Haiti earthquake. Solving 2 problems Photo Gallery
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