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The Hardships of the Great Plains

No description

Tracey Carson

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of The Hardships of the Great Plains

The Hardships of the Great Plains
The Hardships
There are a lot of reasons why the Great Plains was not good to live in.For example, they had to burn manure for fire,they also had to build sod houses,and finally they lived in isolated communities.
Sod House in the Great Plains
As you can see the sod house looks like it is covered in grass.But it is not.It is actually covered in sod.Sod looks a lot like grass,as you can see.So it blends in well,as you can see.
Building Material
One reason why the Great Plains was so hard to live in was because of sod houses.Why?Because,bugs and other creatures dug and lived in the walls.Water also leaked
Inside of a Sod House
Isolated Communities
Another problem in the Great Plains is isolated communities.People had 160 acres so their neighbors were 30 miles away.So the people felt isolated.Isolated means lonely.Settlers were very lonely.
Another reason why living in the Great Plains is hard is because they did not have any wood for fire so they had to hurn manure.For example,they burned cow pies.Be careful these are not real pies!
Burning Manure
Natural Geography
The natural geography is another problem in the Great Plains.The land was dry so they could not plant crops.There was also no water so they had to build windmills to pump water
Dry Land
Climate Conditions
The climates were very hot and humid.This is a reaon why they could not grow crops.A lot of the time they did not have rain.Therefore ,they did not have water and had to build windmills to pump water.
Hot and Cold Climate
Lack of Revenue(Money)
They barely had any money.One reason why is because there were no jobs,factories,and stores.So they could not earn any money and they could not pay for any food or supples.
No Money In Sight
Before and After the Settlers
Before the settlers came to the Great Plains,Native Americans lived there.When the settlers moved to the Great Plains,they pushed the Native Americans out of their land and
Indian Land
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