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Engineer - Culture

No description

Jules Hudson

on 30 April 2017

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Transcript of Engineer - Culture

What an engineer is?
Daily-life Engineer
Device Maker
Satisfy human needs
Professional Engineer
To be a professional engineer , two things are required:

Proper academic basis
Enough time to get practice experience with a tutor.
& Culture
How does an engineer solve problems?
"Darwinian" Term - Perma Apprentice
During problems solution, engineers don't come up with any any suddenly, it's due to an incremental process.

Furthermore, engineers should be afraid of incompetence because tech-knowledge is exponencially growing.
Engineers have to face a huge variety of solutions , it means they have different ways to solve a certain problem.
However, they have to keep in mind they will have to maintain oral, written and graphic communication.
Engineers cares
A covenant between society and engineers.
It's main purpose is to find creative solutions to guided business purposes.
Natural Risks
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