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Quantum Entanglement

No description

Osman Osman

on 28 June 2014

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Transcript of Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Weirdness
What is the color of the electron?!
Do we have Free Will?
The EPR paradox
Quantum Computing
Quantum Teleportation
Can we teleport people?
Copenhagen Interpretation
*Matter exhibits a wave–particle duality.
* Electrons are not real until we observe them.
*A system is completely described by a wave function
*The description of nature is essentially probabilistic
The Many Worlds Interpretation
*The wave function is real
*MWI is a realist, deterministic, local theory
Quantum Entanglement has a huge impact on our world
It deepened our understanding of reality
It costs an enormous amount of money to be tested experimentally
*According to Quantum theory, all microscopic behaviors are either
Counterfactual definite

Question: does it worth spending billions of dollars on the applications of quantum entanglement?
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