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No description

Sara Vacca

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Maryland

They came to America because they thought it was heaven and they thought it was freedom.
Who was the leader?
The leader of Maryland was the governor who was the brother of Cecil, Leonard Calvert.
Describe the land, climate, and resources.
Maryland's natural resources are water and different types of seafood.
Where did most of the setters come from?
Most of the setters came from England
Why did they come to America?
What was the relationship between the
Native Americans and the settlers of Maryland?
The native americans in Maryland were very unappreciated.
Did they have rules or laws? Who
was in charge of enforcing the laws?
There were very few laws in colonial Maryland. A few included: religious freedom, obeying your master [ for the slaves and white workers], and for the women, obeying your husband.
Home life
Children became employed from as early as
age 7. Many families were farmers. Each member of the family had there own role and job to do.
What did they eat?
They would eat corn, lobster, fish, clams,
rabbits, bear, and deer. They drank milk, water,
and beer.
Fun facts about Maryland
state gem: Patuxent river stone
state folk dance: square dancing
state sport: lacrosse
state drink: milk
state bird: balaomore
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